Desktop Dungeons - The Interior Decorator visits the Den of Danger

Desktop Dungeons – The Interior Decorator visits the Den of Danger

hello everyone and welcome back to desktop dungeons okay we're doing something a bit different today taking a quick break from the low unlock play for because I wanted to share something this is just it's a weird little strategy that it came up with it it's it is just a lot of fun and I've already shared it on the from for forums what I've wanted I wanted to make a video of it um when one of the forum members tinker caught called the interior decorator and i love it i think that's a perfect name so I'm stealing that and the reason it's weird and unusual and why I find it so fun is because it at the first the at first glance it sounds like it just shouldn't be polished shouldn't work it doesn't make sense because you're preparing a Titan guitar which for those of you who don't know it just has the slight side effect of destroying every single wall in the dungeon as soon as you enter it so no while still release so you're preparing that and you're relying on knock bag damage and and so obviously that raises the question why why why rely on mog bag damage when you've destroyed all the walls since that's a big source of knockback damage you know obviously you can like knock monsters into each other at all but the idea is that you're also preparing the earth mother who gives you a free i'm alois glyph and this is also a fairly little-known fact although it's actually part of the glyphs description if i'm not mistaken i'm a while you can cast it on an empty tile and create a wall you don't need to just petrified monsters with it so so so now that I've said that I'm sure that the strategy is starting to take shape we were an orc Tran theater because the orc transmuter center is very well with the Titan guitar with the Earth Mother and knock back the idea is trifling guitar explodes the wall so use let me see to scout out the entire dungeon and that means that everything that we see like the alters the glyphs the bus cetera we can reach from the start so this gives us also free access to the secret sub dungeon and we get a glyph I'm a wall that we can cast on any tile we want repeatedly and because I'm a while when he casted on the tile instead of on a monster or plant it costs only three instead of five which is to say actually classified but then refunds to you can spam this glyph to really quickly build up your inner focus trait so you start off with a glyph that you can spam cast and very easily build conversion points with which means more spirit swords and spirit swords are base damage boost which means that they're boot which means it's it's x not back and as a transmuter we're going to get a lot of conversions which means that as an orc we're going to get extra base damage even more than usual so a ton of base image plus the strength potions that we're getting all boosted by bit by the bear mace means a lot of power and we can use the earth mother's early booms to give us what we need to overcome the earlier levels when we're when were weaker and entanglement for that fruit in that free for a strike and all so yeah did it kind of combines all these elements and puts them together in a way that's actually very reliable to use and that's why I like the strategy so much and to show off its power we're going to be going in the den of danger but with vicious token because although I don't play with the vicious token very often this is a strategy that that accommodates it's all very well aware of it it's very powerful and so we've already established that we're preparing these things so we'll just get a fairly standard prep loadout compression seal because i always like some more inventory space although translocation dread that sorry translocation seal or transmutations it would also be quite valuable the extra attack boosters because as an orc transmuter there's really nothing better there's no point in getting flame magnet because if we want fireball then let me see is going to tell us where it is from the start apothecary because the earth mother's plants have a tendency of covering shops and if we need a potion and one of the potion shops is covered then we'll have a few extras you know it could be anything but I like apothecary just in general it's a very strong prep and black market because we're going to be one we're going to want to buy stuff from the shops a lot and a typical high level potion loadout including the burn self because if at some point we decide we want to convert from year further and we can convert and immediately Disick rate her altar and cure the corrosion we get with the burnt self um so yeah that's that's the gist of it now let's go in dungeon and see how it plays so let's get out oh this is your you're my genders or bus that's an easy boss really no problem here that's what kind of glyphs do we have we have pissed off fantastic because that lets us use our base damage warning though if you have a spirit story use piss off it consumes it because obviously it's a one-time strength-based base damage boost it's not going to let you piss off forever at like 30 30 base damage level one that would be ridiculous so don't use it if you have a your spirits or unless that's exactly what you want to do and this was also very nice because that'll let us petrify plants and then clear out and and then clear them off if they end up appearing on stuff on shops or earth lifts that we want to use we have Jorah Jehovah and tiki tiki here ahora won't be really interesting at all for us but tiki is very nice because we can we can convert into him later and grab a bunch of his boons like like the reflex reflex pots which is very nice for us and then convert back in and one good thing about the strategy and is there any other stuff we want to oh yes the the secrets of dungeon and regular sub engine check does knows that immediately because it could be Glenn Rick and that should be all you need to hear to be convinced so yes pissed off and end as well are very nice lifts here we get an emo wall here that will be able to convert without any problems for first spirit sword so orb is nice because it's a lot of conversion points let's worship York mother grabbed hers her and as well her I'm a while sorry check what this shop is badge of honor that's very nice ten percent damage is always good and that def protection is also very nice for a vicious dungeon especially oh that's that's that sub dungeon that has the level 5 blocking the way for an extra booster so our secret dungeon is over here we're going to want to check that right away we have a level 3 Gorgon so we might want to start getting some vine form petrify this plant for some earth mother pi D level two goblin could also be a good target but I'm a level three level 1 is fantastic and earth mother and and this strategy gives us just enough power that that's actually quite viable I'm setting up walls to just build my conversion points down there do be careful I mean I tend to do a lot of mistakes when I played a strategy just because plants and walls cover up a lot of space in a difficult to control matter it's always you can never know where the plants are going to pop up be careful that you don't wash your self off like I'm not being careful enough for these walls here I could I could easily well myself here but thankfully I haven't as well so that's not nearly as much a problem as it as it can normally be ty booster is always nice yeah playing playing this strategy within this wall is quite different than playing it without it you get a whole lot more breathing room with the end as well and it's glenn Rick okay you know what Glenn work feels kind of like cheating so I'm going to ignore him but normally if you're playing this there's I probably don't need to explain what you really want to go and kill go and rig right away it's it's huge but to just a show to show shortest strategy off at a consistent level I'm perfectly fine with ignoring him for now I have enough to tank a single hit from this Gorgon which is perfect I will now be getting some corrosion actually because corrosion combines nicely with knockback damage since you since the corrosion damage triggers once for your first hit and then a second time i see this is it's fine I'm going to go and grab in this wall oh I've blocked my way down there all right jeez so yeah that's what I mean about the strategy you you'll find yourself blocked off much faster than you might think so do take care although although it it's strong enough that I found myself winning despite making horrible mistakes so that's good to know don't make them but this strategy is strong enough that if even if you play with my trademark sloppy full of mistakes style you'll still you'll still end up on top i live at the very least in a regular dungeon like this one I've come very close to beating naga naga city but the demonic library with vicious token with the strategy it was 300 300 damage off the avatar and if i had a better second god i'm sure i could have could have done it but but yeah do be careful but it's probably not the end of the world if if something bad happens ok so this will require two conversions and and and click end entanglement so I'm going to clear off some walls just in case i find myself Walt off just in case alternatively maybe piss off my Judah trick let's find out and we'll get an extra stack of corrosion for extra damage i'm going to set an extra wall here an extra wall here although i might in my walling up myself off from yes i am bad again be careful don't don't don't don't do these little things that will get you killed ok what i can do is put a wall here if that works does it no it doesn't of course it doesn't geez I'm really bad at this and yeah that works because then I can go okay all right sorry for it a little bit of confusion here I have a tendency to to mess up my knock back trajectories a lot so I'm taking extra time to make sure I do something noteworthy I will grab this later I i met full health and i can thank this this this end me so I'm not going to accidentally waste I want to make sure I have what it takes for uh ok so now to piss orff's excellent and I can use entanglement for that wonderful for a strike and we get a level 3 kill at level 1 on the vicious token and that's what this strategy is all about that feels very nice now we have a goat here and I'm pretty so I'm pretty sure we can take it on I I did this knowing I could pass here that being said I will want to use piss off to move it up here and don't forget that you can easily convert let me see since all of the all the black space is going to be accessible no matter what thanks to the Titan guitar um let's put another wall here now one thing to keep in mind when you're playing the transmuter especially if you're not a human is to remember how much your your glyph conversions are going to give you CP CP wise and how how you're going to reach your thresholds for instance i'm at 52 now if i convert let me see right now i will be getting 100 and conversion points so that's up to 80 and then back up back up to 72 because you basically add 20 to your to your total to get that since i'm at 80 so I don't want to trigger a spirit sword before I need it this guy's got 70 so yeah and to casting of piss Wharf are going to get me by going to get me six which is just enough to not trigger at a conversion I don't know if that makes sense but to read it to reiterate converting this will get me up to 72 right now and right so 72 so if I cast piss off twice it won't trigger the spirit sword which means that the last strike which I'm almost certain i won't need for which I won't need an extra conversion is is going is going to allow me to save that that second spirit sword for the next level hopefully that made sense if not just say so in the comments I guess I can explain better in writing maybe I'll put an annotation okay so it lets cuz that gives us done now another consideration here I could be casting piss off twice so I don't waste my mana before I convert because when you're a transmuter and you convert stuff and you can and you as the spirit threshold it's not like a strength potion you actually get your full mana tanks worth of base damage boost no matter what and but pissed off is relies on base damage and our conversion gets us extra base image so I'm putting I'm erring on the side of caution here and I'm going to only use piss off no no no no converting that jeez only use only use piss off with my slightly boosted base damage not sure if it'll make a difference but it's it might be worth considering so we're at 16 all right and a single piss or phys exam which raises the question is there any target I want to use this piston this last piss off charge on before I actually you know what I'm going to just use end as well to build up some some physical resistances so I can potentially tank a hit from a stronger enemy later ok so that's a level 4 dead and we have our spirit sword now that's good miss Duvall 5 Gorgon might just be due to trick although I wonder if there's a level 6 that I could just level 7 is snow is most likely out of my reach this level 5 Gorgon or just leap of five goat either one would do the trick um actually I can i'm going to set some walls down here to better benefit from piss off now my understanding of nog bag damage and piss off is that a knock-back damage you get full value of it and regardless of whether it's a wall or an enemy but piss off the damage is toned down to fifty percent so I'm not entirely sure if that's true sir I'd like someone to confirm if they can but something to keep in mind trying favor walls in general I guess basically yeah I'm pretty sure we're fine here oh we're one Corran short of making network that's fine entanglement again so as you can see this is a pretty straightforward strategy overall you you find yourself a nice target you set up some walls around them taking syd and consider your your conversion points total I'm short of tanking this guy but that's fine I can let's see is there a target that I most likely won't be killing that's a consideration for for petrification targets especially since we have taquito he has our second God we're most likely going to want to keep as much popcorn as we can so avoid petrifying some low-level monsters when we could manage them for piety later well and sagar is an excellent fine because it's a cheap high a conversion rate again although for now i'm going to 0 try sword excellent for four base damage boost which is great that being said we're going to want to get rid of tide and guitar soon but i like to use it to pop the conversion threshold so i'm just going to boost myself a bit of my evo paidhi so I can take your head from this guy or I can just use end as well that works too actually don't forget your options I i was spending this entire time completely forgetting that I could use in this wall to tank it's from storms and monsters so that's good well it's a good fine i guess is what i mean i'll go ahead and convert this I'm wall that I won't be using yeah this is a bit part of my reach I think that said an extra shot of that and I all be able to use clearance ones to get extra mana so i can use more pissed off on this guy and then convert the titan guitar that is going to trigger my conversion thanks to the fact that it's so high and pissed off is going to make it climb higher alright so we've got a we've got ourselves a nice chill planned out uh he is at 53 yeah I'm I'm going I'm going to take the precaution here and land a few other you ok so now now I don't even need to convert something else awesome so what next this guy is too beefy day even if I boost myself up my damage i don't think i'll be able to take him down curse isn't really a problem because of how much popcorn i have but that said this guy over there might just do the trick um yeah right now if this isn't clear we've got what is arguably the best set of possible or one of the best adopts possible for this strategy Oh actually I can take on dis Gorgon without oh wait no this is my spirit sword never mind just wish I had a low health level 8 to kill I might I think I'll just have to settle for this guy very inefficient exploring right there don't do that normally I'm just being lazy because I we've basically got this down at this point I'm not worried at all get some extra I really should be exploring in direction of the bus as well we're Garbo's another excellent conversion fighter I might want to take a second boosts of clearance not to worry about preserving it because we'll be able to take this guy out mostly with the combination of Quicksilver dodge that we might get for ticky ticky debts and that's my hope for now anyway okay excellent entanglement for the win I'm just going to rid myself of a few of these cursed x yeah doesn't actually matter yes yeah I'm going to sit up the sauce here use piss off to position in here m I think I can take him on it's a bit of a I'm being a bit cocky here I think but I want to try it out I'm sure that I can pull it off somehow might need a clearance I might need some extra stuff but it'll pull through sure so we will want to convert this uh which one are we converting I don't foresee needing burned areas at all so I'm totally fine with converting it obviously if the bosses go or something then you keep it but I'm fine with with converting it at this point it's do a bit of knocked back oh you know what let's stop here simply because we were just about to tip crossover yeah just I I didn't plan this well and it's mainly because I i just got just used entanglement and died damn it really because I should have I should have waited take a space or what I should have done is gotten my spirit sword filled up my man cast piss off a bunch of times that would have been more efficient now I i am paying for my lack of foresight but will be fine I promise we will we have an extra point of piety here that we can use for oh but of course if I if I use my piss off now it'll it'll be fine see there we go so yeah that was obviously quite sloppy I don't advise using that as an example obviously but let's get ourselves some extra so let's I want to start preparing both to take on the bus and to convert into T key to key so I'm going to convert these guys here this guy is going to be a good level of target so I'm going to hope the residual is another excellent item to convert for further ratio of conversion points to cost and we can knock and not get knock things into this snake just fine do you want to keep this one up I'll petrify this guy and said okay the black space is clear it's fine because we've kept both our sub dungeon and the secret sub dungeon secret son dungeon up so in fact I'm going to want to convert something right away fill up my mana and then get started uh alright let's do that using piss off a little bit it's easy to forget just how incredibly powerful this glyph is when you boost it with base damage there we go and now I just need to petrify one extra monster Who am I not gonna kill here I discovered them i guess that's good enough so how am I going to do this well well first of all I'm going to nuts actually quite get quite nice I'm going to convert to heat okie off of this and get some extra pie d by killing the Scout not him the goat and we get an extra help booster that's very nice i'm also going to cast in this wall to make sure that will be able to thank it hit the bus ah alright I mean there's no question thanks to end as well it will be able to tank a hit from this guy but we're also guaranteed since we have 13 PI D I'll just grab a shot of dickies edge because we'll be using the popcorn we have left over when an amazing thing about this strategy is just how much popcorn it leaves to consume that's very nice actually going to use my black space left over to create a bunch of walls since obviously we won't be returned fighting this guy I'm pretty pretty confident we can get this parched if we get lucky enough on the this is a great sub dungeon to lots of black space in fact just 42 for triggering the spear sword might not have much left over though that's fine are we really want George that's annoying yeah we aren't we oh no just enough that's good so oh yeah also I totally forgot but this spirit sword is completely wasted because of Lopez don't forget in fact one thing I could have done is grabbed there's a there's a try sword in there somewhere i think it's covered by that curse curse plant so i never mind grabbing this I'll smash this that's why I thought try sword very nice and now we kill popcorn and it's very rare that in a vicious talking run you get just this much popcorn but it's that's one of the great strengths of this strategy is just how much leftover bonus experience yet and you know tikkis learning lets me benefit off of that even more I don't have a health potion that's why it's not like me so I'll just grab a set of reflex pots where was arias there we go thanks to heap sorry about that I'm not going to use them now I don't think because and there we go I didn't even need to convert back to earth mother have a lot of popcorn left over no black space but that I you know I i I've done full I've done double boss dungeons with the strategy it you can see just how much stuff you have left over what the efficient leveling that this lets you do very very strong if you play it well as you can see I'm I tend to make a few silly mistakes and it's quite easy to do when when you get a lot of unexpected plants everywhere and all that but I hope that was fun to watch it's definitely a lot of fun to play it's a bit really close let's see if I can get to a two level 10 i usually get thing max with this there we go and we didn't even touch Glen Rick like I think he can imagine just how ridiculously strong it would have been if we got in Glen Rick as well but there you go that's the interior decorator sorry gee who barges in the dungeon decides it looks terrible he's going to make some nice stone cultures and gardens to live into place up and kill the boss while he's at it she's added in this case and yeah I certainly hope you enjoyed that in fact for some extra for some extra efficiency shall we called it let's just get some extra gold because we can oh just barely enough when you can it get a run grab all the techie boons you can for the extra gold that was nice oh and since we're talking about a circle okay this is completely pointless at this point but this is my kingdom has 90 thousand gold in it but you know if if we're going to be this absurd about efficiency yeah I sure that mana potion somewhere is being locked away but anyway that was my strategy I hope that was fun to watch I strongly encourage you to give it a try it's surprisingly fun I I find myself enjoying it a lot it's just it it changes the way you played a dungeon so much and it makes vicious token really quite doable so long as you do it you know just with a minimum of care so that you don't wall yourself out it's but it's actually really forgiving in spite of all the annoying little mistakes you'll make doing it you can still come about come off on top I mean ding max vicious token feeling parched yeah I think that speaks for itself alright so that was it for tonight I hope you enjoyed that and I will see you guys next time where we continue our low and lock play through

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  1. Devs changed up WHUPAZ a bit to fix the Zot interaction. It now does 25% of max health damage on top of your normal damage, so it's never wasted anymore (and also doesn't break in half with Zot).

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