DIE TIM & SOPHIE OUSRI “Het was STRAK daar” – Bedroom Secrets S2 #7

DIE TIM & SOPHIE OUSRI “Het was STRAK daar” – Bedroom Secrets S2 #7

I’ve been ignoring you on Whatsapp for a while now What’s up Young Dreamers Fam! Welcome to a new episode off Bedroom Secrets. The program were you will find out all the never before told bedroom secrets from your favorite famous dutch people. In this episode we have got a youtuber who used to be known for doing bad things. I think he is a great guy and he is on his way to clear his name. I’m talking about Die Tim. We matched him up with a youtuber with a lot of dry wit. But she is an awesome girl. Sophie Ousri. I hope you guys are ready! I am! Let’s get it. Bro! We are here! We are here. You know! Are you excited? I’m very excited. And i must say i’m kinda nervous about who’s going to get in this bed with me because… I don’t like surprises and stuf. Suddenly i’m in bed with a random girl and i don’t know who she is You don’t like random girls in your bed? I do but i do like to know a little bit about her past to see who she is. Not random random. I think you know each other because just now behind the scenes we were talking about some things and she said something like; I do know Tim! So i think you know her! But it could get very akward and you do not know her and she is just pretending to know you I hope not..or maybe i’ve done things with her But then the questions are going to be easy Yes true. Or it’s even more akward. i’ll see. Are you used to talk about your sekslife? Are you open when you talk about it? Yes i am honest about my sekslife. Do you have anybody that if she walks in you’ll be out the door? i’m out of here..i’m gone I don’t no..i don’t have people who i hate, girls or anybody.. everybody is welcome. Yes? So everybody can come and lie next to you? yes everybody! Cool man. I’m going to leave you to it then. Bro. Good luck and i will see you at the end of this..you know What’s coming at the end of the episode right? I will go home.. O No! What’s up!? Are you good? Fist pump. No man you guys are hilarious! This is so fucked up Did you know? No No! and i’ve been ignoring you on Whatsapp for a while now so that’s really.. You’re right. But it’s not like i got rejected or something It was about recoring so not that you are thinking things How are you? i’m fine how are you? here we are.. you’re boyfriend is not here. okay okay so bad seksquestions i’m curious about you ‘i want to go home’ Silent or loud during seks? Silent. Silent. Are you dominant or submissive? Dominant. Me too. Are you in love at this moment? Nah. But what does ‘nah’ mean? That i’m not really in that situation.. No you are in love. What do you mean i’m in love? Because you text me all the time í’m in love i’m in love’ Will you be back? i’m still in the situation, nah. Are you in a relationship? i am. no. Have you ever cheated? Yes. I haven’t. Kinky or loving? what is loving? Kinky. Next. Both. Do you snore? Yes. No i don’t. Lights on or off? Off. Off. In de morning or in the evening? In the evening i’m not really a morning person. Same Handcuffs or blindfold? Handcuffs. Yes i think so too. Never having seks again or never having social media ever agian? Never having social media. Never having seks. Rather be drunk or sober during seks? Drunk Not like really drunk but like..tipsy! When you are drunk you will do things..i don’t know it’s different. Not with you girlfriend but when it’s a random chick being drunk is beter. Onenightstand or friends with benefits? friends with benefits you can do it more often Yes allright That’s a wrap. How about you? i also think friends with benefits. What has been the most emberrassing moment during seks? I don’t have one accually. I’ve had a moment not too long ago. Tell me? No i can’t throw the whole story out there. Yes you can. I was.. i don’t know. I was at a hotel once.. and it stank.. i was with this girl and i got hungry because i already had seks with her so i went out for KFC. It was like a 5 minute walk. Listen to this story..it’s a true story i went out for a bucket. KFC So i place the bucket with chicken in the hotelroom. And it suddenly smelled so bad..like really bad You know like fish, like codfish It smelled really really bad So i said to my friend who also was in the room with us; it smells so bad. He says no it’s the airco No it’s not the airco is working fine. This girl goes maybe it’s the bucket I walk over to the bucket and thought since when does KFC chicken smells like codfish. There is not a rat in there or something. Since when does KFC smell like codfish, there is not a rat in there.. I walk over to the bucket, i smell it it does not smell nice..so i walk back My friend is next to me with his girl doing you know what.. there having seks and stuff There talking to me They keep saying things like why are you not doing stuff..do something, But it was annoying because this girl was right there and i was right here. Yes. So i send him a text and i say. I send him a text right while he is right next to me And is text him; Bro it’s the girl man. He says it can’t be so i go like this and it was the girl but by then you have already had seks with her. Yes i did in the bathroom. But you know i was completly wasted i was drunk. So maybe it was you! No it could not have been me. i did it again and no..i could not and she still wanted to have seks with me I said to my friend i want to go home i want to go home, i want to grab a cab Because she stand, she smelled problaby just like fish. I don’t have anything like that and it all happend not to long ago! And i told my friends and they tell me they have been trough it before it was the first time for me.. What is your biggest seksual fantasy? What you really want to do during seks or a place You are not telling me that you don’t want to do it in like an airpane? No absoutely not Have you ever seen a toilet on an airplane?yes there gross I’ve done it on a plane before i don’t now i think more something like sleeping with a celebrity With who? With Shawn Mendes. Who? Or Ariana Grande. Are you also into girls? No but i would not reject her. My biggest seksual fantasy? I do not know. if i’m honest. 6 girls or something 1 guy Yes That’s the only thing i can think off and a place a place i don’t know a place It’s nice but not special or something But you want 6 girls by yourself? Yes. Nice Put you name down below.. the link is somewhere in the description, i’ll check you later. That was so good With what celebrity would you like to have seks with? I already answered that. No i already answered that not you! You are right..who Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes. Selena or Alissa Violet Why are you laughing? You think Selena Gomez is ugly? You have got a wierd taste.. Her name is Alissa Violet not Alisia Vijolet. You know i can’t speak english so You i can not speak but who is this guy of yours He is a singer. With the guitar? Yes. Ed Sheeran? Discribe your first time having seks. Discribe your first time having seks. It was akward. I believe everybody was at home How old were you? 15. Okay. Yes everybody was at home my mom my dad everybody. I don’t want my mom and dad to see this.. You should have tought about that before you came here. But just like that. Everybody was at home. But discribe your first time ‘everybody was home’. Well it was fast too Maybe 3 seconds i swear it was 3 seconds. really like 3 seconds. and you? i never told this story before yours is so bad Is yours really that bad? someone came in! What? could’nt he get it in? it was to small Tell us! Okay I was at this party..No are you that type off girl? Are you really like that? The kind of girl who goes to a party, loses her virginity and after that i don’t know is name Your not like that right? No it was a party with my class So i did know him Yes well it was at the home off my former best friend and i was 16 What happend? What’s so bad about that? At a party. In her parents bed. dirty spots everywere Gross dude but we could not make it happen You could not? but were you trying to get it in or did he? Yes he did. So he could not get it in? It was so tight ‘nice’ and after that he fell asleep. He fell asleep? Yes Try to guess the toy blindfolded Do you have the toys? Were is the blindfold? who is going to wear it? You. Yes is will allright at least it.. Are you going to give them to me? I think this is for in somebodys pussy Yes i think this goes in your pussy. Oh there is more They belong together. Okay now i know I think you have to put them together. I don’t know Take of your blindfold What’s this? Nooo really?? I don’t know what it does. Does it suck you nipples? yes it sucks on your nipple oh wait you got to go like this and then you have to pull it up.. gross i will never use something like this Do you like licking nipples? no do you? no i do not No i do i do Have you ever faked an orgasm? You absolutly did! Yes i did. But why do you think that? Because every girl has doen it before Well it’s true. How about you? No…yes i did..once! Why? well i was not feeling it anymore sometimes you just don’t want to..but i really am wondering What does it feel like for the girl? If you fake is..is it not good? are you not feeling it anymore, are you tired? all of it! All of it? yes. then you girl fake all the time, and good too! and good too! Thanks very sneaky because as a guy your thinking you know i did it, i fixed it. and then you are telling all your friends and then it’s fake assholes Have you ever made a sekstape? No You did! Yes true But would you want to? Whre is your sekstape? where it is? it’s just.. do you stil have it? I got it saved..somewere in a map at the far back in my house. Really? Yes..no offcourse not well i do got it but just You say offcourse not but..well i got it you know on my Phone. ICloud Isn’t that normal when you are in a long relationship. It just happens! when you are drunk.. the camera turns on by itself.. Yes and you save it en tell each other that you will never let it leake out But you are going to.. No i’m not guys guys guys guys what did you think? It was fun! Are you going to sleep or something? Are you done? All she does is sleep, she just told me but i think it was fun. I knew Sophie a little bit before this It was not that akward, it was fun. What do you think? I was glad it was somebody i know too bad it was Tim but.. So sweet, i still love you guys it was fun.. I think you have done a great job It was fun that you knew each other allready. I think you were the only ones we had who knew each other already Really? Yes.. We had souhaila and Justice who knew each other a little bit. I think they know each other pretty well All love! Mezdi and Laetitia but on to the next subject They new each other and that was it. I think you guys have done a great job! Thanks You both watched an episode untill the end right so you guys know what is coming I heard ladies go first! You go first. Do you know what is coming? It’s bad…you can begin to undress here we go He says here we go. The last question is Would you guys have seks with each other yes or no No. wait wait hold up. That was the last question? hold up. beside the fact that you got a boyfriend Yes i understand but still no. Me neither WHY? Why not? I don’t know it just feels more like you are my sister you know what i mean right? In the brozone You just said no too! yes but…it’s not bad that i say no then Anyway it’s a wrap, i want to thank you both for being here Is there anything you want to tell our viewers. something big that is coming or something I am going to do a new Loveshow and it’s named; Timder Timder..that’s a nice name How about you Sophie? I don’t do that much Just keep an eye on your social media What is coming? Nothing the same as always Fun! Follow these to amazing people! There link to instagram is in the discription and if you are intrested in the nippletwist I want that too! Can i have it? Yes keep it! For at home, in front of the mirror? Not on me though We got a discountcode fot the EasyToys website, you will get a 15% discount on your next buy If you think this is fun, i will place it on my nose..or somewere else, you can And i really want to look..look? Before i forget, before we close down I want to talk about something! You are not going to say welcome. Yes! What is that? Welcome that you were watching Welcome that you watching. Yes it was just a mistake i made and it stuck Did you steal it? No it was really a mistake and it became a hype so i made a song about it Welcome that your watching I did not understand, had a little mental breakdown. But Nobody noticed because he said it so fast But then it became yours Well…Welcome that you have been watching And i will see you next episode. Peace!

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  1. Zij speelt hard2get stiekem had ze op een ja gehoopt zag je niet de zaadvragende ogen van haar. Ze wil niets liever dan geknald worden door Tim.

  2. Waarom past Tim de hele tijd zijn antwoord aan? “Nee heb ik niet gedaan” “Oke toch wel 1 keer” de HELE FREAKING TIJD GWN

  3. Was dit niet Tims schandaligste moment? https://www.nu.nl/achterklap/5671745/snapking-in-april-rechter-wegens-onvrijwillige-seks-met-meisje.html

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  5. zie je het al voor je tim licht op bed komt chik aan ze zegt tim pak even wat komt ze met sttrap denkt nohhh killl ga door killlll

  6. Ik heb 3 tegelijk gehad en daarvoor al seks gehad.. Ik had geen harde meer, maar er gewoon ingedouwd als een echte man. In youre face Tim facking pussy boy

  7. Guys stop even met die haat op sophie aub :), kijk haar video's op youtube en dan zie je veel beter wie ze is. Nog steeds helemaal niet precies, maar je krijgt wel een beter beeld van haar. Op basis van 1 video kan je echt niet weten hoe iemand is .

  8. hij heeft het vocht van een jeugt puistje nog op het gezicht en weet niet eens wat wat teder is hahahahahaaha kan je wel na gaan dat zn papa en mama nooit over sex hebben gepraat met hem of nog nooit school heeft afgemaakt wat een losser slissssssking en dan maar niet te beginnen wat ik van dat sletje vind

  9. Herkenbaar. Wss heeft ze gewoon een schimmel infectie. Gaat achteraf altijd pas stinken. Na de seks. (En voor de mensen die denken dat het de sperma is. Onzin!)

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