31 thoughts on “Difference Between An Art Director & Graphic Designer

  1. How was your journey to becoming a art director? How long did it take? What incentives did you have to take? Interested because that’s what i want to do!

  2. Hey, thank you so much! my mystery finally solved 😀 like ur video, they are all useful and practical for me

  3. Im Graphic designer and i work with stubborn art director (and so much bluffing of course), how to make good communication skill to deliver the meaning of my design?

  4. Hi, it's great video content. Just wonder, if you want to create anothe video about How to create / start a start up in Creative Digital/ DIgital Agency? Should I design print agency or Digital agency.. becouse i'm getting to create one. Thanks

  5. Can you do a video on the difference between art director, design director, creative director? Also in an agency vs a large client or corporate? Thanks

  6. So what is it called when you draw and create concept designs for game characters and backgrounds (like cities or game levels )

  7. I’m from UK and I’m currently deciding whether to do Visual Communication degree or graphic design degree. I still get these confuse and don’t fully understand the difference. Would you say that Visual Communication provides a broader range of skills qualified to become both art director and graphic designer? If it’s you which degree would you go to? I’ll really appreciate your comment 🙂

  8. This is very accurate, thank you! But unfortunately, this doesn't happen in all advertising agencies, in Lebanon at least, as some agencies follow this structure while others (to save money) put enormous design tasks in the job description of an Art Director and take out the strategy part which is also an important speciality of an Art Director when creating successful campaigns.

  9. i’m really confused right now. i want to become an art director and i’m about to apply to high school. but the high school id like to go to has different magnets.

    one magnet is visual arts, and you learn about art history, design, drawing, 3D portfolios, stuff like that. in the visual arts magnet, you get different opportunities like visiting art college presentations, art portfolio reviews, etc.

    but the other magnet is journalism and communications and you learn about journalism, photography, broadcasting, graphic design, public relations, business communication, public speaking, politics, and advertising.

    which magnet should i apply to? thanks!

  10. I’m going to college for graphic designing
    Hopefully once I get my bachelors in graphic designing I will hopefully work my way towards an art director

  11. Long winded question here… I'm only about 4 years into my professional career but I feel like my role as a designer at 2 beauty brands is more in line with art direction. Developing concepts for rebrand, managing vendor relationships/working with structural engineers, overseeing photoshoots, video, going to trade shows to find gaps in our communication, delegating tasks to marketing/designers, plus all the typical design tasks like print, packaging and digital.

    If I'm looking to move up from just a graphic designer to something like a senior graphic designer should I be claiming art direction as a skill on my resume or including that wording in my case studies in my portfolio? Or will most companies see just 4 years (1.5 years at an agency while in college) of experience and immediately disregard art direction as a skill because of my lack of experience?

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