Digital nomad life: what kind of job I do?

Digital nomad life: what kind of job I do?

hi everyone! today is special day for me,
because today I want to explain you what kind of job I do. and it’s not just
a job for me, it’s really thing that I love to do so I will describe it not
just generally, I will show you step by step let’s go! right now we’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand
and do our work as digital nomads we just ordered a car by application
called GRAB, its popular application in Asia and we are going to big shopping
center, which has a cool co-working area we have only two reasons to come to this
shopping cemter: first is the cinema and second is a co-working space so here comes! what kind of job I do? I do interior design and my work is always dedicated for people I get an impulse
from my customers and go! people all over the world come to me and we create new things together. why do I say together? because without their requests, I
would never create such designs that’s why they are so unique and special. let’s see how does it work exactly, step by step step one. first of all I need to get
a request from people step two. I need to analyze the request
and I ask my client to give me full information about the space it will include: photos, measurements, brief (it’s a short description about functionality) and references (samples of interiors, which my client likes) step three. we
discuss deadline, terms and stages of work when everything is approved, we are ready to go! I can do my book anywhere! just give me a laptop and internet. And I am happy. Also music. Then my job flows perfect! My full design project contains next
stages: stage one. Concept or design idea usually I show it by a functional plan or mood boards Stage two. After the idea will be
approved, we are going to the next stage actually it’s my favorite, 3d modeling
and 3d render At 3D modeling I work on geometry and shapes. From general space like: walls, floor, ceiling, windows… and till the details like: chairs, carpets, tables, decoration and so on. After that I work with lightning, textures and materials, put cameras, choose angles of view, like a photographer and then…. I push saint Button: RENDER why is it saint button? Because after
that moment computer starts to reproduce renders or pictures from my 3d model which I was working on so hardly Stage three. Technical drawings. A bunch of details, which will be prepared for constructors The last fourth stage is
sourcing. I create a table, where collected all information about interior items so, this is what I usually do as a job I really love it. My main goal is to be
helpful for people they have their dreams and they come to me to reach them I do believe that architecture and interior design have a big influence on
people life and I am really happy to be a creator of it okay, that was it. We have a limit
time. We rent this space for one hour so… we need to go I find out this space so fun and cool,
and this is amazing design and it makes you feel like you are a kid. You can play, you can create the space is so interesting, so cool, I was
impressed at once about this place I love it that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed
this video We’re in Chiang Mai, this shopping center
calls Maya and the name of this co-working space is C.A.M.P. Library. So if you are here, come and enjoy it 🙂 I get an impuls… impuls

38 thoughts on “Digital nomad life: what kind of job I do?

  1. Сначала минимизирую количество вещей – следующий этап – закажу проект)))
    Люблю смотреть как ты это делаешь)))

  2. Cute, simple and helpful video. Thanks for that! I was wondering how you do ur job. Maybe i can choose this job for my life 🙂

  3. so you design send us the project and we give it to the working man to build it.Is it correct ? How much does it cost to design for a 17 m2 room ?

  4. If I have a lot of money one day, I will have Lena do the interior design of my house. 😊😊 Because Lena loves doing her job. 🙋

  5. Lena dan etkilenip iç mimarlığı araştırdım üniversite tercihlerinde iç mimarlık yazdım ve kazandım hayırlısı olur inşallah

  6. Which programs do you use while you are making projects? And how do you send projects to your costumer (wetransfer etc.)? For example, i want a project from you. And then, you prepare them. After that, you send me. Is it open my computer directly or i need same program, which is you use.

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