Discover Our Range of Solar Street Lights

Discover Our Range of Solar Street Lights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Schneider Electric
street lighting solutions are a unique all-in-one design
for solar street lighting. Making use of state of the art LED
technology and optical dispersion lenses to ensure even spread of
light and high output setting of above 150 lumen per watt,
a patented energy management system to guarantee zero blackouts after
installation, and most unique of all, a battery solution that is
heat resistance, lasting at least 10 years in 40 degree Celsius. The street light can be programmed
to the customer’s taste, including an optional
motion sensor capability to improve customer experience. This design ensures for a
very simplified installation, avoiding entrenching and cabling. It is as simple as plug and play. Using the appropriate
tools, the installer fixes the lamp onto the mount, tilted to
any orientation depending on location. Drops and screws the mount onto
a port four to eight meters high, and it’s done. Here in Nigeria, we prefer to
leave it with a little tilt, since the sun is often
directly overhead. The tilt is simply to ensure
that dust and rain doesn’t settle at the top of the panel. After installation,
the switch is flipped and it’s good to go in a few seconds. The intelligent energy management
system determines the output based on the availability of sunlight. After two to three days of
calibration, your streetlight is set to work for the next decade,
without maintenance or backup. Thanks to its all-in-one design,
the Schneider electric streetlight discourages theft. It’s durable, and makes for
cheap and easy installation, perfect for our sub-Saharan
or tropical climate and ideal for rural and off-grid
electrification, [INAUDIBLE] areas and roads, industrial
and residential areas. It is backed by Schneider’s local
presence and expertise, guaranteed after sale supports and services,
with a package warranty ranging from three to six years. When compared to your
conventional streetlights, the difference is quite clear. This is indeed the next generation
of street lighting solutions.

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