DIY CONVERSION VW T3 SYNCRO [part 5] making the wooden furniture

What happened ? Hi it’s nice to see you again! It’s been at least two months since we gave you any news Because we took a vacation! Yes it happens We will stay polite. We worked “our a…. off” in July and August, to make the video you will see today. So we took the whole month of September to rest And especially we are now, uncle and aunt ! That’s why we left without telling you anything Because it surprised us a bit and that overnight, we have to tidy up and leave. So we have a little nephew and we are super happy. What did we do in this video? We did the whitewash, the flooring, the furniture, we show you all that. We had a lot of help also to do small jobs. So let’s go, we hope you’ll like it And we meet up at the end of the video to talk about what will happen next. WHITEWASH That’s it, the siding is finished, we will be able to apply the whitewash that will give a whitened appearance, driftwood effect Bring a brush and go So give me your first impression? It’s white. It’s not bad, it’s not bad FLOOR COVERING For my part I cut the linoleum that will serve as a floor to the van. We wanted it wood color but a little darker. Unfortunately in the trade it sells it only by standard dimensions of 4 meters minimum So as you can see behind me, that’s all that remains. There is enough to do at least 4 more T3 floors So do not hesitate, if you want a piece, I’ll put in the description the dimensions that remain Contact us, we will arrange on the price. We have already bought it, but we will give you a small discount. If you are interested leave us a comment. Alexandra finished laying the whitewash, the siding is bleached, it was the game’s goal To have something a little less yellow, but always with the visible veins of wood. It’s going well, we finished the siding and floor, we will start the furniture. FINALLY … FURNITURE After having cut out all the planks that will be used as bases for the furniture, that we drew with Alexandra. It is time to apply the measurements on the furniture to make all the joinery. We will groove some parts to be able to stick them, make joints with wooden dowel, trunnion. Now that the wood is clean, that Alex has just sanded, we trace. Here we will use the router to remove material and make recesses and push these cleats inside the wood to strengthen the furniture. Because as we use poplar plywood which is considered light but not necessarily very strong. And that we will have to climb on the kitchen to access the bed, it must carry our weight, it is therefore necessary to make reinforcements in the corners, making a countersink using the router while relying on a guide. We finished the first piece of furniture, it’s the kitchen Now the big test is to put it in the van and see if the cuts that Alexandra make are well adjusted to the curvature of the van sidings. We’ll see that Wow, the pressure, it is always very hot, excuse her. Here it goes ! she is talented this chick !
It is almost perfect, frankly with the tool that I prepared it is not bad. Go, push on it What will fit here after? So here we are going to have the fridge, a small compression refrigerator that makes little noise You do not have to do Marseillais accent But still, it’s part of the folklore! Here we are going to have an induction hob, because we will be all electric, necessarily. Here a little storage with aromatic plants, I think it will never last more than two months But at worst we will put small cactus that will be nice. And a sink here, of course, above the fridge.
What happened ? Yesterday we had to stop making furniture because, yes we do things a little dangerous and that Alexandra cut her hand. When we tell you that we use dangerous tools, look at that one it is naughty As always, it’s a stupid accident Removing the blade from its guard that was damaged, she cut her hand We put you the little video because I was filming So you have to be careful and do not work when it’s late, you’re tired. We work every day, after 4pm we should stop using dangerous tools. Right now we have long days and it’s very warm And it’s hard to stop because we’re having a good time But there are small accidents that happen, we went to the emergencies, they treated it well And so three days without using the left hand At least she can do video editing … In the meantime, we allow ourselves to make this wide shot to show you our work environment So we have Nano behind us, this is our cutting space, it is here that we make the furniture. We have the electric Porsche (1977 – 911 TARGA) that we use from time to time Which is a loan from a generous donor who helps us with the conversion He told us “you can not drive with a ICE vehicle while you are on a project like this !” There she is charging, so thank you Peter if you watch this video And here we are, we wanted to share with you those moments of life that are part of the project It’s just a little hot Alexandra when you fall from your horse, you have to go right back on. I hurt myself with that, it’s a Japanese saw Look, without effort, it’s quite effective I let you imagine, I hurt myself a little. SMALL SURPRISE A few weeks ago there is a kitten who arrived in the workshop and who has become a little mascot And a week later after her installation, we found out that she had given birth. Now we have two cute kittens, two more mascots and we are all gaga FURTHER ON FURNITURES We are making here the dressing, and rounded shapes for closets that will allow to better transfer the forces so that it does not break where it’s too fin. And at the same time we try to keep the material from the inside to make the cupboard doors It’s not easy by myself Even thus we have been thinking about design for months, there are always adjustments to make So we will make a countersink to fit the shelves in the 1.5 cm so that the entire piece of furniture is resistant. What are you doing I use the chisel it’s too satisfying, I remove all the remains of the countersink Which allows to put shelves in It slides a little too much shush, silence !
we are rolling AND WE ALWAYS HAVE THE CHANCE TO HAVE A SUPER TEAM Adrien how are you going to assemble this battery case? So we decided to use wood glue for the sides And then we will come to nail on this first part then on this one and we will adjust all the other parts If ever Rémi has to change the battery he can remove the lid quite easily So here is a little battery cover that will be very useful WE RECRUIT MINIONS Hey CAZ, how are you? What effervescence today, we are four And each on a different piece of furniture
And each on a different piece of furniture So we have Adrien, who is doing the bed support, ready to glue We have CAZ who works on the small furniture that goes between the front seats It’s a material we’re going to walk on so it’s slip-resistant We have Alexandra working on the dresser in the back of the van, and who made us nice grooves to fix the shelves, shows us. It does not fit, it comes in It’s going well today We are back in the van and you can say it has changed a lot. The furniture is not painted or sanded yet, but they are assembled and in position. We have the kitchen here, the dresser behind, we look for the final position to fix them And also to fix them together with this part, which is a storage area Inside here a big water tank of 60L which will give us a nice autonomy Here is where there will be the pumps, the expansion tank, the electrical panel that will be accessible from outside for maintenance. Everything must fit here, so we adjust everything, tighten everything, fix everything and once everything is in place. We disassemble everything to paint and varnish all that, so that it is perfect. We worked well huh! I hope you enjoyed this video We really had fun to make these furniture, it’s not quite finished there is still some work I’m happy because I’m about to start making the solar trailer. Thanks to NAUROTO and their financing, we have been able to buy the solar panels which should arrive within a month, a month and a half. I bought all the aluminum tubes, I’m going to welded all of that to make the chassis on the roof of the van So we’ll show you that! This trailer, I’ve been waiting for a long time since it is thanks to her that we can say that our world tour will be clean. We will create our own energy thanks to the sun, which is very present today. And we will be able to recharge Nano during the world tour, wherever we go. Expect a few more technical videos And after some pretty images around the world Do not ask when we are leaving, we have no idea It still depends on a lot of technical parameters and sponsorship. But in any case, we hang on Thank you very much for the bar of 20,000 subscribers on Youtube. It’s really a big step we are happy It is thanks to you that we manage to continue, it is thanks to you that we keep the morale up Moreover I will finish the development of the van, there is still a lot of work. And I will make you more updates, more instagram post and I hope I’ll have time, even if there is still a search for a sponsor that takes a lot of time, to make you more regular videos, I promise you that I do everything I can. The goal is really to take you with us !! We also had the chance, in September to do our first “professional training” We shared our know-how, our experience on the conversion of gasoline vehicle into electric We will do other tech-sharing like this, it’s part of the project to transmit what we learn. We’ll tell you more in the next videos It’s going well for us, we’re happy, it’s taking shape, we’re always happy to take you with us, it’s thanks to you that this project exists so thank you very much And do not forget … We all have the right … to pull out our fingers !!!
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