DIY Customized Shed (w/ Solar Lights!)

DIY Customized Shed (w/ Solar Lights!)

Shed… here… Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today
we are in our side yard because we have a lot of room here that we’re not using but
we’re running out of space in here. So today we’re gonna turn this space into
a shed. This is… how big it’s gonna be… I think. Yeah like this, combine this. Hahaha. So hopefully you guys saw the paver base video
we released a few weeks ago and ever since then we’ve been patiently waiting for our
shed to be delivered. Alright guys the shed is finally here. Can’t wait to show it to you and neither can
Katelyn. Can you see me? Yes, oh my gosh. There’s black stuff on your nose and on your
face oh this is a dirty box? 🙁 It’s a dirty box. Haha! So it’s a cedar shed that comes partially
assembled but we’re gonna add some solar lights on the outside, solar lights on the inside,
we’re gonna paint the door – ooo that looks nice *sniff* oh it smells so good *sniff*
oh mah gah. We considered building a shed from scratch
but because of all the various materials we would need to buy it seemed…inefficient. It’s hard to buy like a few roofing panels
and things like that. Plus time, this made more sense with time. Do you need help? *lifts* Ahhhh! So before we start assembling everything we’re
gonna paint some stuff so that it is ready to go by the time we get to that step. So one is we’re gonna paint the doors and
we’re using the same navy that we use in all of our projects – haha! – our pantry door
and our laundry room. Because we have it and we’re lazy. And we like the color! And we’re painting this downspout extension
because the number one comment on our last video was how we’re going to flood everything
and destroy our foundation! Ooooo so fancy! It’s getting – it’s getting pretty cold guys
but before we wrap up for the night, the painting is looking good, it’s time to add studs to
these walls to make them strong, then these should be good to go to assemble to be all
the sides of our shed. I feel like most of our shed has been in the
dark – yeah – our shed build. Yeah a lot of the pavers, a lot of the shed. It got dark, it got cold. It’s time to call it and see ya tomorrow. Alright guys, today is when it starts to get
real. We’re actually gonna start assembling the
wooden pieces. It’ll start looking like a shed. Yeah. So first up we need to put the bottom piece
onto our paver patio and we will find out if it is level enough. Oh I forgot about that – yeah. *rewind noise* We might actually have to do
a little bit of shimming. We have a couple tiles in the front that are
like a little bit higher than the others and we were like what the heck, we leveled the
crap out of this. Hink-a-dink-a-dink-a-dink. Yeah. I think that’s good! Well we gotta put a level on it. Hey!!! Wow! I thought it wasn’t. Alright. First step, take off more clothes. Bow bow bow! Place this right here. Let me get a hammer so I can boop boop. Ruh-roh. Your t-shirt’s on inside out! No it isn’t – I can see your tag! Oh no! Now is the time to apply caulk. Ok. Yeah this step is optional but we might as
well build it the best we can. Watch your butt – oh! – you almost caulked
it! It’d be hard to do this with one person. Before attaching the last piece you’re supposed
to make sure that with all this in place, this opening is 41 inches for the door. Let’s see if we did it. Ehhhh… 41 on the dot first try *ding!* Dangit this
lookin’ good! Yeah! Lookin’ like a shed! *awkward silence dancing*
*Evan singing* So now we are doing the shelves. Let’s do both shelves on one side I think. Yeah that way we can do tall items on one
side – yeah. Adding shelves, adding shelves! Ready? Time to install…the roof! Need to get shingle nails! Shingle nails, shingle nails, shingle all
your nails! With two nails, nail 8 inches from your butt. This is the first time I’ve ever done shingles! Let’s learn together! Uh oh…. Heh heh heh. I might need to put it on the ground. I think we were supposed to put it on the
ground. Like it says in the instructions? Should we just glue it back together? Let’s just glue it back together. That was our fault. We should have followed instructions. What if I can just like super glue it back
together? I would wood glue it. But WOOD you…? I’m leaving… You know, I thought that things were just
going too smoothly. We needed to add some drama to the video? I’m not saying that IS what happened, I’m
just asking what IF that IS what happened… I don’t know if that was a like nice wink
or a weird wink. It was weird. Is that weirder? Ah that’s weirder! These shingles have been the unexpected bane
of our existence. Not because they’re like that particularly
difficult we just keep doing it without reading the directions. Or just using tools in a sleep deprived state. Yeah Evan didn’t sleep last night. Get a wide shot of us like putting it on top? Don’t listen to me now. Ready? Yeah. Errrgh! Oh! It’s lookin’ like a shed! It’s lookin’ like a shed! We come bearing doors! Done. Oh we’re done? We can stop here? Yeah. Alright, see you guys next time, bye! Time to attach the hardware. So we thought that we had the doors – whoa!
– poopy. We thought we had the doors all ready to install
but then we found out that there’s a center piece that goes down the middle. Is that nice looking or bad looking? That looks bad… We have to paint that. Ok so we don’t want to wait for this to dry
so we’ll set it aside, keep moving, and then we’ll paint this later tonight and then reattach
it. But don’t let me forget. Are you talking to me or the audience? Both of you – Leave a comment telling me not
to forget this later! I have a shim holding it on one end. Oh yeah that looks nice. Look at that. Alrighty it’s the next day, and we haven’t
forgotten about you little piece that needs to go in the middle of our doors. So we wanna screw from the back side of the
door so the screws aren’t visible so I’m just gonna…go in here. Close me in! Goodbye. Oh you got to wait! No I’m not ready yet go back in! Alright I’m gonna screw right in the center. Good thing that screwdriver had a light on
it. Yay! This one’s right at 14… ooo!! Oh jeez what happened? I’m sorry! I got freaked out I thought it was a bug but
I think it was the keychain, I’m so sorry! Ahahaha! Oh that oh yeah yeah you’re good ok! We just have lights and gutter left right? Yeah I think this might have been the most
common concern from the last one, flooding our little paver base, so we’re just gonna
bypass the whole thing. It seemed easier than turning it. Should we just extend it all the way to the
curb? Haha yes. So we’re doing inside lights and outside lights
and they’re all solar. Originally we were just gonna do outside just
to look nice but it makes a lot of sense to do inside ones. What if we need something from our shed and
it’s the middle of the night? It probably will happen. Boop let’s do it. So it looks really nice right here but right
behind this is nothing heh. So, we’re gonna add some 2x4s to the back
right there and then screw into that. Cute! We’re also gonna install some lights on the
inside so that when we come for tools in the dark we can see what we’re grabbing. You don’t wanna grab that bug, that’s just
like – I thought you were gonna say butt. That’s where we store our extra butts by the
way, we weren’t gonna tell you guys but Katelyn – Butt Shed! – gave it away! So we’re gonna install this guy back here
and we’re gonna wire these up on the inside. Woo! That is nice! As we were starting to put stuff up we just
realized that pegboards would work really well on the inside of the doors so we’re gonna
try that. Alrighty guys time for a shed tour! We added some pegboard right here which we
really like, we’ll probably add more over here. We have our little lights. This little shed has freed up more than 10
feet of wall space which is really valuable to us and it has even more room to go. So spacious. We done! We done! So I wanted to share some lessons learned. One: I’m really glad that we went with a pre-fabricated
shed – partially pre-fabricated. I just don’t think I would have thought of
everything that went into this like all of the trim pieces, how the roof went together,
and I think that we learned a lot through assembling it. I feel like if I had to build a shed now from
scratch, I’d build a much better shed. Yeah. I’m also glad that we went with a small shed
and I know a lot of people are saying that this shed is too tiny! We don’t wanna accumulate a bunch of stuff,
we wanted something just big enough to fit the things that we need but don’t need on
hand all the time. So I think it’s pretty perfect for us. I’m also really glad we went with like a real
wood shed instead of a plastic one and you know plastic ones might be perfect but I liked
that we were able to add 2x4s in between the braces and add lights and kind of know how
that works because we’re comfortable with wood and I felt comfortable modifying this
and we may modify this again in the future -mmhmm. Hope you guys liked this video and we’ll see
you next time. Bye, bye! Hopefully you’ve seen our video about how
we built this… base…paver thing… You can do better than that. I don’t, I don’t know what this is. Cut! Cut that. Hey guys I don’t why I’m suddenly waving now
hehe hey hey guys hey! Let me do it! Come in, come into our abode. Nope nevermind, Hey! Do do do do do! Do do do do do… that part right there that’s
the hard part. Ya whoo!

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