30 thoughts on “DIY Desk + Home Office Decor Ideas

  1. Talk about being created!!!!! Great work! I'm gonna try the painting pots,the hanging rope looks complicated ☹you sure are gifted,praise the Lord 🤗God bless you😊

  2. Hi Christine, I just looked at the date you posted this, and I’m a bit late! I enjoyed all your DIY’s, but the macrame plant hanger is great. It brings back so many memories as I used to do a lot of macrame back in the day! I’m going to have to give it a shot. I tried to connect to your blog, through the description box but it didn’t go through. Anyway thank you so much 😊

  3. The only downfall of this particular spray paint is once it dries it has a very metallic smell, like pennies, which I particularly don’t like. But if you’re not sensitive to metallic smells, it might not bother you.

  4. Omg. I love you lol I'm at a loss for words, about to binge watch all your videos. Can't believe I have gone so long w out them.

  5. Great DIYs getting kinda tired of everyone else doing dollar store DIY you'd just throw away after one season.

  6. Hello Christine love your videos🙂 I was very inspired to start my channel so I wanted to invite you to check it out & give me your feedback🥰 keep it up girl 👌🏼

  7. Do you use anything on your nails to keep them strong? They are long and look really nice. Mine tend to break once they get too long. Then I have 8 really nice long nails and two little baby nails. lol

  8. I'm speechless. Mind blown. You should have a show. Oh, and a class. And, you should have a store where I can buy your stuff. You are the real DIY deal. You are amazing!

  9. it's great! but I would suggest slowing down a bit bc a lot of people haven't done anything like that

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