1. I wish I had your talent. I made not do some of your project because I do not have talent lk you but I enjoy watching your talent goes to work

  2. Wow do you make some gorgeous things and I think this would be really simple to do. Thanks so much!

  3. Wow your imagination is out of this world. I'm not just saying that. This came out beautiful. You have me up watching your videos…. lol. I should be sleeping.

  4. Love it love it love it!!!! You are amazing! !!!!! I need your help, I want glam in my bathroom light fixture. Is the kind that is 30" L horizontal and 6" High vertically and lights bulbs show up and I want to do something to cover up the lights bulbs. Please help!!!

  5. They are absolutely beautiful. I am going to make some for more than on of the rooms in my space.

  6. I can use 4 of these in my foyer. I oh so love you and the Bling….I would do anything to get a set or two❤😘

  7. Hello I love your video and DIY Dollar tree Home DECOR WAll ELEGANT Sconces June 2018 and it's cool and amazing and gorgeous and you did a great job so keep it and I enjoyed listening and watching it so keep it and you or my favorite person because you are a amazing person. 😇🙋‍♀️❤🤘 I'm a lady.

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