DIY Easter Wreath|Wreath Tutorial

DIY Easter Wreath|Wreath Tutorial

Hello, I’m Jennifer with Jennifer decorates and today’s video is all about making an Easter wreath. So stay tuned. So, I don’t know about you but when it comes this time of year when we begin to have a few warm days and I see daffodils blooming, I know I have made it through another dreadful winter and I am so happy. I am ready to get some color on my front door, and I am going to make a spring wreath. Now, I chose a grapevine wreath. So for my ribbon, I don’t know if this is a new product out, or I’ve just missed it, but I found it It’s cheesecloth on a roll and I got a very very very pale pink and a white. Now normally when I’m making a wreath to go outside that’s gonna stay out for a long period of time I always say choose ribbon with wire So it will uphold the bow look. But in this case, I really want it to look kind of droopy. Now I have a video on how to make a bow, so I’ll link to that. But essentially I’m just going to undo both of them and make a bow as if I was just tying a bow on a dress. So Right over left and left over right. I’m just gonna make one big bow. It’s gonna take a lot of fluffing but it’s gonna look really pretty – so I’m just gonna take it and pull out each loop. Just to see how big the bows gonna be. Once you get it on your wreath and you’re done adding your flowers and you’re completely finished and usually after I hang it. That’s when I really do a lot of fluffing with the bow. But what I love about this is just how soft and droopy this is. This would make a great bow if you guys were making a bow for a baby shower. Alright, I’m going to put this on the wreath Since it’s just such a light- weight bow. I am actually just going to hot glue it straight on to the wreath. I’ve got my ribbon glued on to the wreath and I’m going to – actually for this design have a ribbon in the middle and then I’m gonna kind of build up from there and Then just for the whole top of the grapevine wreath, I’m just gonna leave that totally alone. Now I like to start with my largest flowers first and then I go to medium and then small. I’m gonna start with this beautiful pink cabbage rose, and at the end of the video I’m gonna tell you how many flowers I used and on all the different kinds so you don’t have to keep Up with that at the moment. Now I’m ready to add my medium-sized flowers – now You want to remember when you’re doing a wreath, to kind of remember to do the top right here- Because sometimes it seems like everything is in the way and then we go to hang it on the door and we’re like, ah I should have put flowers there. So we’re gonna do that now. Right in there and let it sit now you’ll notice I have a cutting board on my desk It works perfect for any glue that kind of falls through the grapevine and it keeps from damaging my desk. So for this left over flower I’m going to cut it kind of long On both of them And what I’m going to do is I’m going to stick each of them on the end Like this and one over here and glue it in and then that’s going to kind of trail out the rest of the design in the wreath. Sometimes I like to keep it a little bit full in the middle and then as we come out to the edges We’re going to use the smaller flowers. Okay, I’m going to turn my wreath around Alright and now sometimes really what you want to do is kind of hold your wreath up just a little bit and you can see how it’s Going to hang on your door and now I’m ready to add these white flowers in between. So I’m going to glue one white flower right about there and Then another one right about there – and sometimes it’s really good to place it first just to see how it looks and I’m thinking you know what? That one needs to go a little bit lower. All right, I’m going to glue them in place. Now I’m just ready to add some really small dainty flowers to just kind of fill in the rest of this wreath. And I thought being springtime these yellow flowers will be perfect. The trick is to not over clutter adding the small flowers. So I’m going to add them pretty sparingly And like I said before when I have a lot more flowers grouped here And I really like to scatter it out as I go up That’s when I do the smallest flower Pretty high above that last one and that’s kind of a last thing I’ll add at the top. So one thing that helps me make my wreaths look really good is I actually when I’m almost finished with my wreath – in my craft room I have a big nail where I just hang my wreaths up and then I kind of step back in and take a look at them and then if there’s some smaller flowers I want to add to it I just go ahead and glue it very carefully onto the wreath. So for the very last flower that I want to add I Love these little pink flowers they come in a bundle so I can take Each piece off and what I like is if it’s going to get a little bit of a wispy look. The last thing I want to add to the wreath are some Easter eggs. And I chose some that have the really light pale colors. Not really bright because I kind of want it to go with everything else I’ve got going on in wreath. I’m going to add the eggs, and I’m finished. The last thing I’m going to do is just trim the tails on the bow at an angle. Well, that’s all it takes to make a beautiful spring wreath. I hope you enjoyed this video. 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40 thoughts on “DIY Easter Wreath|Wreath Tutorial

  1. That is gorgeous Jennifer! I love those colors together! Those little pink flowers just added the final touch. I love it 🥰

  2. Really pretty! I am very picky about faux flowers and wreaths. You chose beautiful flowers and arranged it very well. I love the bow too!🌺

  3. Oh that is so lovely!! The wreath just all came together! Thank you for all the wonderful videos you do!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! It's stunning in its simple, timeless beauty! Each flower is exquisite! I hope the cheesecloth bow will not be sullied by windblown pollen n dust. I'm not sure I can find the same fabric here, but, I think I'll have to skip glue so I can freshen up the bow if necessary. I'll try to fasten it discretely with floral wire. I'm watching from the countryside in France. We live in the Oise River valley, about a 1 hour train ride from Paris. Spring is here too and this morning the birds were singing very early in the morning n we could hear the neighbor's chickens who were so glad to be alive. Loved yr wreath and your video at the end.

  5. Love the simplicity of the wreath. So pretty. And WOW the ending showing the beautiful daffodils and cute animals. I can’t believe you y’all have daffodils already in bloom. Cant wait for Spring!🌸🌷 Great video. Take. Care and God bless!

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