DIY Fall Decor|Decorate with Me

DIY Fall Decor|Decorate with Me

Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
Decorates and today’s video I have three super easy Fall decorating ideas, so stay
tuned. This first idea is how to decorate a
planter or an urn. First thing you’re going to need is a wreath. Choose one
whatever you like and whatever makes you happy.
This one I have is just pretty neutral the second thing you’re going to need is
a large pumpkin. Now you could do one of the plastic ones that they sell in the
craft stores. They have them in white and have them in orange and quick sidenote
they look really fake but I figured out a way using some paint to make them look
real. I’ll add that in the description and that’s an easy thing to do. For my
pumpkin, this is another choice you can make I chose one of the grapevine
pumpkins that lights up. So I’m not really crazy about these plastic leaves
on the top. So I’m gonna gently take them off. What I want to add is a bow and so I
really like this striped ribbon so I’m gonna make a first loop like so, come
over and make a second. Now I do have a bow tutorial, so I’ll link to that. This
one’s gonna be just a real easy. I’m just gonna do four loops like that, and then
just make a teeny little center loop right there. Then, take that floral wire
go in, and twist and you’ve got it. Now we’re just going
to attach it to the grapevine pumpkin, twist it on there, and again always
choose ribbon with wire. Holds it better in the outdoor environment and shapes up
better next year. Now I’m just going to kind of make it pretty. Now for this super easy part. You’re
gonna put your wreath on top of your planter or your urn and place my lighted pumpkin, it’s gonna sit right in there, straighten my bow and, you’ve got a
beautiful outdoor fall decoration. I wanted to share with you something
that a vendor showed me that I thought was absolutely brilliant. so I’ve got a
Fall garland here with pumpkins and a little
bit of hydrangeas and berries. He took two cedar picks like this, I wired him
together, slide them under the garland and split them up and fluff them up so
they give some height to the garland. What this also does is add a lot of a
natural look and the pine is just pops off of the orange. I’m just gonna pull it up because they’re
wired and then again I wired two together. When you get to about half of
whereever your garland is, you want to go the opposite direction. And then I’m going to add one more at the end. So look how the cedar added, not only it
gave this garland a natural look, it also added contrast to the orange so that the
orange wasn’t quite so vivid. This next idea is a fall decorating idea
for your door and instead of using a wreath I’m gonna use a basket. Here’s the
basket I chose it’s a little oblong. Great thing about it- it has a hook on
the back. Let me show you the florals I chose there’s three of these. I did two
in this yellow color and one in this beautiful orange color. Then I chose two hydrangea stems, little bit off white, little bit of a kind of a brown-purple color. and then I have two pumpkins picks. One in a beautiful orange and then another in just an off white. First thing I need to do is,
because these stems are a lot longer than these, I want to get all the same
length so I’m gonna snip them shorter. Kind of about right there. I want to stop for
just a second to share something with you. I do a ton of florals and wire
clippers, while they work great, they don’t work really well on florals that
are really really thick. My husband bought me these and these have been a
lifesaver. Now, if you’re just doing florals once in
a wire- ha, if you’re just doing florals once in a while,
wire cutters are great but if you’re gonna have a business doing this or
you’re going to be making a ton, these clippers are a lifesaver. They’re a
little pricey so that’s kind of why I’m saying only if you’re going to be using
wire cutters a lot. You’ve got to trim the other two. Here’s what’s gonna make
this assembly so easy- tie wraps. Gonna take the first
three tall stems, gather them together, and I just go ahead and tie wrap those
together first. Snip them. Next, I’m going to put my hydrangeas on and I’m gonna
tie wrap those on. Now I’m gonna add the pumpkins and I
don’t wanna put the white pumpkin against the white hydrangea because I
really want it to contrast so I’m gonna put it next to that one and the orange
pumpkin next to the white hydrangea. And I tie wrap those together as well and really
tight, and trim it. Now I have a pretty arrangement together. I’ve made a bow for
this arrangement what I’ve done is I’ve also wired it so I’m going to actually
wire it and attach it to the basket and the reason instead of hot gluing it to
the basket is because I can use this basket at Christmastime with a whole
different arrangement. So I’m just threading that wire through the basket
and once it’s in, flip it over. I’m going to twist that wire pull it through, twist
it, and it’s attached now I’m just gonna hang my basket up and I went just a
little bit lower because I know my florals are gonna be kind of tall. Then
you’re just going to place your florals inside, and kind of fluff them out a little bit and then if you
want for added security and I’ve already snipped a little piece, I’ll just wire
one of the floral stems to the back of the basket. Now if a big storm comes
it’s not gonna blow out. So this was another super easy fall
decorating idea and when fall is over, you take the florals out, they’re already
tied together ready for the next year. I would put them in a bag to store them to
keep dust off of them, then you can totally repurpose this basket at
Christmastime popping a Christmas bow on it and then putting Christmas stems. I
love projects that are easy to do. I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know which
one of these decorations you liked the best and be sure to subscribe to my
channel because I’m gonna have a lot more fun videos coming out. Have a
fabulous day.

86 thoughts on “DIY Fall Decor|Decorate with Me

  1. I loved them all! Not a bad one in the bunch, but the door basket was probably my favorite bc I learned how to best set the florals best! Thanks, Jennifer! You’re awesome!

  2. I loved all of the ideas. I think my favorite is the door basket, but I am not sure as all three are beautiful. Thanks for the wire cutter tips — inexpensive cutters can be found at Harbor Freight. The zip tie idea is wonderful — thank you.

  3. I absolutely love your decor, it is just my speed. The fall decor is beautiful and would be easy for someone like me to replicate. Thanks for sharing your ideas and talent. 🌺

  4. Hey Jennifer. They all are beautiful. Great ideas. I do have a basket very similar to the one you showed and I had put it on my door with flowers in it for Spring and Summer. I have a Fall wreath that i made for my door but I’m really liking the Urn idea. Oh what a girl is to do. 🤣 I really like how yours is looking so i may have to copy yours and put Fall in the basket and wreath and pumpkin on an urn. Thanks for sharing. Take care friend! 🤗

  5. You are so creative! Unique ideas!
    I just wish the final result would be shown longer and at a wider angle. I would have loved to additionally see a distant shot of the door with basket design on it. And also a shot of what the urn looks like from a distance. Just sayin'

  6. I loved them all but I believe my favorite was the urn! So quick and easy that I believe even I could do it! As always, thanks for sharing!!

  7. I loved them all. I have a door basket I used for a couple years and now you have made me want to use it again. I think I will look for some fall decorations and make a great arrangement in my basket this weekend. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing Jennifer.

  8. Jennifer, that was so inspirational! Thank you for making it look easy! I would never have dreamed I could use a wreath on a planter. It looks so good!

  9. Loved them all as usual! I love the urn but I don't have any so I won't be doing that one. The mantle one is very pretty and doable. But the basket is such a nice idea switching up from the usual wreath on the front door. While the urn is probably my favourite, the basket is the most practical yet striking in contrast to the usual fall door décor. Thank you for these pretty ideas!

  10. I love the door basket. You make it look easy. Now, off to Michael's to see if I can find wonderful looking florals. Thanks so much for this video.

  11. The urn was my favorite. I don’t have a outside urn but I will be on the look for one. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your talents.

  12. I liked all the arrangements except when you got to that ribbon.  I don't think it added anything to any of the arrangements.  I think a fall colored ribbon would have been much better.

  13. Everything is beautiful. Love the more traditional fall colors. I believe that is where we get the beauty of fall. Love your videos and your creativity!

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