DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas 2018 | Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas 2018 | Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

hey guys welcome back if you're new here welcome don't forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so you can be notified every time I upload a video for today's video I'm doing 3 affordable home decor DIYs sharing some fall ideas that I have for you guys let me know which one you like best and let's go ahead and get started for the first yeah why you will need a paper plate a paintbrush for pumpkins from the Dollar Tree any color paint of your choice I have black and white from Walmart also jumbo glitter and these gem beads from Hobby Lobby for me it's so much easier to pour the paint on top of the pumpkin rather than dipping the paintbrush on the plate over and over again but you can do this step however you feel more comfortable I started by painting the stem white and then I will be painting the rest of the pumpkin black to give it some contrast some of you guys have been asking me where my wedding ring is and honestly ever since I had my baby I don't wear it in the house anymore I just don't wear it because I don't want to scratch her I'm with her 24/7 and if I'm doing DIYs you know sometimes mommy Duty kicks in and I'm filming these videos and I just don't wear it because I'm constantly holding her before I had her I never took it off I even slept with it but now I put it on whenever we were going out of the house I just wanted to clarify that for those of you asking before the pumpkin dries I'm going to add the Jumbo glitter so that it dries in the paint next he's in the hot glue gun I wanted to add more blanks so I used the gems and glued them all over the top of the pumpkin it's hit by half for you if you're gonna be hot gluing some gems on here is that the glue will be sliding off the pumpkin so just make little swirls like this and it'll be good to go for this next pumpkin I use the paintbrush without cleaning it to mix the black and white to make this color I just added a little bit of the white on the pumpkin and use the black paint left on the brush to make this color I'm adding some more glitter on the top then I'll make a different pattern using the gems and here we have the finished glam pumpkins you guys I love the way these look let me know what you think what color combination would you do I personally wanted to do black and then shades of grey I think they're just absolutely stunning I haven't seen anything like this in the stores and for the Dollar Tree you could definitely make these affordable and super glam you can style these anywhere that you want in your home and here I styled them on my dining room table as well you can definitely have a lot of fun making these pumpkins so let me know what color choice you would make and if you would make these for this next DIY you will need an 8 by 10 solar frame a metal word a circle mirror gem beads and a hot glue gun and a 50 count of the maple leaves so here I'm taking the back part out and setting that aside also taking this piece of paper out that came in there and setting this part right here aside grabbing the cardboard back that was in the back of the frame I'll be detaching the circle mirror and placing it on top of the cardboard so I just laid the mirror on top without gluing it then place the maple leaves all around the mirror so I could see how many leaves I'm going to need to hide the cardboard back now that I know how many maple leaves I'm going to use I can remove them and outline the mirror so I can begin gluing leaves on top I'm going to be painting the leaves white but if you want to leave it this color choice you're more than welcome to or you can even do black or red or paint it whatever color you want this color is also beautiful to actually have the fall colors but I wanted to go ahead with the white I turned the cardboard around so I can cut the leaves that we're sticking out so I can be able to stick it back in the frame now this step I'm just gonna place some of the paint on top of the leaves and begin painting now that I actually painted the leaves white the color was trying to come through with the orange and the red so I definitely recommend using a white spray paint to hide the color in the leaves I want to have some sparkles so I got some of the glitter that I had and went over the leaves I did notice that the color kept coming through so when the leaves are dry I added another coat and it was good to go here I'm adding some hot glue in the center so I can place the mirror on top taking my metal word it's the word harvest and I couldn't find my welcome one so I had just this one on hand that I decided to glue down I probably added around four or five coats of white because the color just kept going through so definitely use spray paint and here's the finish result you guys I also added some of the gems outside of the frame to give it more glam and I just thought it came out absolutely beautiful and if you wanted to hang these on your wall you can definitely add welcome and grateful words on there and you can make two more you can make however many you want I just thought this was absolutely stunning I'm going to be doing a fall home tour soon so make sure you turn on the bail so you can be notified when I upload the video and you don't miss it for the last DIY you will need a paper plate paint this gemwrap from Hobby Lobby that I got for three dollars it was 50% off in a Dollar Tree vase so this last DIY is super simple and easy to make because I wanted to make something that just makes my hydrangeas pop out at the end I'll show you how I styled it and some of the Dollar Tree flowers of the red peonies this is what the gemwrap looks up close and I got it from Hobby Lobby for $3 it was 50% off and honestly you can get the Dollar Tree one but this is for two dollars more so worth it gives a beautiful impact and it's just a statement I already measured it around the vase before I put it on here to make sure it fit then I just put the other one right under it this is how I styled the hydrangeas with the burgundy peonies and I think that this just gives it a beautiful bold statement look and I love the gem wrap around it just looks so elegant and bling and glam so I love how this came out let me know which DIY was your favorite I really liked all of them because they're just super simple and it's so affordable you just can't beat that so thank you all so much for watching this concludes my video let me know in the comments what you want to see next and I will be doing my baby girl's room nursery tour soon I'm so excited to share it with you guys because I know it's been a highly requested video and I finally finished it I put so much love into it so I will be posting that soon thank you so much for all your continued love and support and never goes unnoticed I'll talk to you all in my next video

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  1. I'm just viewing this video and ABSOLUTELY Iooove your home decors. I'm glad I watched this video because I see that you have the exact kitchen granite as I have and I always wanted to know what white looked like up against the granite. My cabinets are dark brown and I want to change the color. I will be painting them now. So you have inspired me unexpectedly outside of your DIY projects πŸ˜„. Have a blessed day.

  2. Beautiful! What I like best is the Harvest picture and if I were to do the pumpkins, I think I would put them in gold.

  3. I love the bling you nailed it 😍so subscribing hope you can subscribe to my channel as well

  4. Love your presentation of your DIY projects. πŸ™‹πŸΏπŸ˜˜πŸ’– I really like all of them, especially, the 2nd DIY. 😘Very Glamorous & what a great idea to display your DIY projects. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ’–πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ₯‚πŸ’―

  5. Nice job quick question where did you get those tiny paint to purchase this is my color theme for my Christmas table decor

  6. You are a very creative girl, I love what you do beautiful πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ‘

  7. Im an new MOM to be and was wondering if u had any baby girl room designs but love your taste so simple n elegantπŸ€—

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