DIY Pallet Headboard with Dimmable Lighting and Floating Shelves

DIY Pallet Headboard with Dimmable Lighting and Floating Shelves

Hi, welcome to the Handyverse. Today we are going to show you how we made
this pallet headboard with dimmable lights for less than $100. Stick with us. Ok, so these are the plans. This is the bed, shelving. The plug is actually going to go below the
shelves, so you don’t see it as visible. Umm, lights. We are considering a shelf here but Jason
is kind of against it, so I don’t know. And then the headboard but, umm. This is probably not going to actually go
right to the ceiling seam. But we will see. I can’t actually use that as my cutsheet. It’s not quite down to that detail. You can see why that shelf on the top is hard. We have a sloped ceiling here. We are limited to about this high with the
headboard. We have two of these lights. We are going to put one on either side, as
per the diagram. With the shelves, like Suzanne said, we are
going to put the dimmer switch underneath. We will have a shelf on each side and an outlet
there to charge any devices. So, that’s the plan. We are going to try it and see what happens. We have a couple of pallets, we need to break
them apart now. That’s the first step, to see what kind
of wood we can get. We are going to frame it and build it right
on the wall. And we are going to have to do it here because
our staircase is very narrow. So, once we make this it’s not going to
fit. So, once it’s in, it’s in. So there are a lot of Youtube videos out there
on how to take apart a pallet. I’m not going to go into to detail on this. I’m going to show you how I did it. I found this pretty quick. If you are doing a lot of pallets, in my opinion,
this is the easiest way. I’m going to use a reciprocating saw to
zip along and cut off these nails. Then do that on both sides and just pull out
the ones in the middle. You need a special blade for it. One with a mix of smaller teeth and larger
teeth. This allows it to cut through the nails as
well as the wood. You could have a finer tooth one if you wanted
to, it would just take you longer to cut through the wood. Then of course, you have to take the nails
out after you are done that. Ok, I brought in the expert again. We are going to frame up the headboard, the
foundation for it. We are going to put some 2x4s together and
strap it together and put it on the wall. What are you doing? Showing them the tools they need. Alright, that’s the next step. Clear the room and put the frame on
the wall. We’ve got this up on the wall. The next thing we want to do is run the electrical. We are going to take the power from the plug
here. We are going to run it to a switch and an
outlet on each side. Then run a box up here for the lights on each
side. So, up in this corner, then in the other corner. We saved quite a bit of money by using pallets
for this project but you should be aware if you are using pallets it saves you money but
it’s a lot of work. So it was a lot of work to pull the pallets
apart and sanding and cleaning them up. So just bear that in mind. If you think the idea of a pallet project
sounds very glamorous, just know it’s a lot of work. I’m going to do this electrical. Dad, he is down there doing a lot of that
work right now, sanding and getting the pallet boards ready to go. So, we are really happy with the headboard. The lights are going to be great. Suzanne is not going to keep me up at night
now when she comes home from work and wants to do some reading. I can get some sleep. I am going to put some plans together for
this. I am going to put them up on the website. I don’t have them done yet but it should
be coming soon. If you hit subscribe, I’ll let you know
when it’s coming in a later video. So if you like this project, hit like, hit
subscribe for more and we’ll see you in the next video.

20 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Headboard with Dimmable Lighting and Floating Shelves

  1. We're debating whether we should go with a darker stain so we didn't seal it yet. What do you think? Should we go with the colour as is or stain it darker?

  2. Really like your channel, watched a bunch of your older videos so far, just subbed. BUT……. man your killing me working with bare feet lol im surprised your father let you get away with that. my dad would have stepped on my foot purposely and gave me that look that says ''put some F'ing boots on''.

  3. It looks like a lot of work. The need for good lighting while in bed is so great,makes you wonder why they don't make more headboards that have lights already built in..

  4. How did you do the wiring? I am doing this exact same thing coming off an outlet, making a switch to a light fixture and also doing another outlet. But I only want the light switch to work for the light. Not for the other outlets but they are all connected so I feel like the switch would trigger the outlets too?
    Maybe I'm just over thinking of maybe it won't trigger the outlets but I feel like if it's connected to it it would.
    Please help me out anyone!

  5. "Oy……This is not fun". Too funny! Such a good job. Looks great with the lights. That said, I think I'll go the easy route with Stikwood. I think I'm more the peel and stick kind of guy. LOL!!!!

  6. Yooo I just built one of these and it’s amazing dude, thanks so much for the idea! I want to post a pic but YouTube won’t let me lol

  7. This might be a silly question, but, is it possible to put the charging outlets and lights on one plug so it's not hardwired in and can be moved around? Or will all that draw too much power? Headboard looks great btw

  8. This build is just what I was looking for in the room we are renovating. I think I want some natural cedar instead of pallets, but it looks great!

  9. tried to go on website for blueprints for this amazing headboard you guys made but it says the website is down.. any chance theres another place I can find them?

  10. Hay how did you wire your headboard lights because I did the same thing with a dimmer switch and my light balls sometimes Flickr or dims down at random times

  11. Thank you for the idea! I have been trying to figure out some details on some projects I have in mind and you just gave me some solutions! Thank you thank you!!

  12. You should have put Recessed lights above on the ceiling facing down…. that way you won't hit your head on those lights sticking out right by your heads……

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