hey guys what’s up it’s Laci and today
I’m going to be showing you my very own small bathroom makeover music so this room was
done on a really small budget and I’m going to show you guys what I did to
make this look like this before/after (music) music there several issues with this room and why it
wasn’t working for us so the first problem was the toilet paper holder was
all the way across on the other wall across from the toilet and that was an
issue because my daughter couldn’t reach it so I always had to keep an extra roll
of toilet paper on the sink or behind the toilet the other issue was that the
towel rack was way off centered and it was too high my daughter couldn’t reach
it and it just wasn’t functional for us at all
and as you could probably tell by my pictures there was no space for any of
our stuff we have so much stuff like makeup skincare haircare sunglasses
necklaces a bunch of jewelry and accessories and hello we’re girls like
we need space for all this stuff so I was actually using like a plastic
Tupperware with you know one of those rolling bin things and I mean let’s be
honest it just didn’t look nice and there’s apparently no shame here because
yeah I just took the pictures as is I didn’t want to sugarcoat it for you guys
like this is how it was and it’s so bad it’s so embarrassing but I mean this was
temporary and I knew that something had to change as you can see this whole wall isn’t
being utilized it’s just plain walls there’s no storage of any sorts and with
this much wall space it was super easy to find ways to make more storage
without taking up a lot of floor space so I wanted to find a linen cabinet you
know to keep all my towels and makeup and all that kind of stuff and I wanted
it to be tall that way it can store a lot of stuff and then
that mirror has got to go and then I also wanted to add some more storage
above the toilet you know like little medicine cabinet or some sort of cabinet
you know for extra bars of soap and q-tips and stuff like that so after I
had all this planned out what I wanted I took the measurements and then I got to
work on the room I removed all the old towel racks and the toilet paper holder
and patched up the holes and then I started painting the room all white and
of course I did my dalmation spot walls that I have a video on I spray-painted
the toilet paper holder and then also my shower curtain hooks since we already
had the measurements already planned out we headed to Habitat for Humanity
ReStore pleasantly surprised that we found an old medicine cabinet that we
could kind of redo a little bit was all black and we painted the cabinet’s white
with some chalk you paint this we just painted it up and then we put it back
together and then we hung it up on the wall and I love the contrast that the
black and white I think it’s so pretty and before we only had just a regular
shower liner but I actually wanted some shower curtains through the outside so I
got two pairs and then I just diy’d them and I’ve a video for that as well
and these beautiful pink Betsey Johnson towels at Burlington I got these anchor
hooks from Target and I really like them because they have so much personality
but they’re still neutral so it doesn’t necessarily have to be in like a marine
themed room and love how neutral they are but they still have so much
personality on there and it’s really easy now because Jayli can reach them it
is a lot more convenient this way most of the artwork here is by a local tattoo
artist here in Indianapolis and then the good vibes only is actually free
printable that you can get off my blog that I made and I really like that I
have these their picture frames from Walmart they’re 11 by 14 but they’re matted
to 8 by 10 and I really like them because I can just easily change out the
artwork whenever I get tired of it it took me quite a while to find a linen
cabinet that I liked because most of them were either really cheap looking or
they were really short or they were really really expensive or they had
glass in them and I didn’t want anything that you could see through because the
point of a linen cabinet to me in my bathroom was to hide all my stuff and
just throw it in there and for it not to be seen so I found this one on Amazon
and I really liked it I like the height of it and it fits everything in there
perfectly you know I can store extra towels in there and basically all of my
stuff and jayli’s stuff with no problem and I found this gold Victorian style
mirror at Walmart for really really cheap I think it was like $20 and then the
rest of the decor is just stuff that I had laying around that I just kind of
filled up filled in the empty spaces with all right guys thank you so much
for watching I hope that this inspires you in some way shape or form um I love
the Hollywood Regency style that’s really it’s really my personal favorite
so if you really like this look you can go on my blog and get this look and I
have a design board put together for inspiration and also links to where you
can purchase some of the things that I got thank you guys so much for watching
I’ll see in the next video


  1. looove it!
    if you can click my name and check my channel!
    I'm a small youtuber and is hard! You will make my day! <3

  2. This is not my style but I think it's really beautiful for your own personal style…thanks for sharing….

  3. just found your channel.Your bathroom is beautiful. .. .I'm super excited to see this video.👌 it was a heaven sent I want to re do my new bathroom but had no idea.Thank u a million I brought tht same linen closet on amazon n I love the pic art on the wall omg I'm super inspired thank u thank u thank u…. New subbie 👌👍💞✌

  4. love it. my bathroom is smaller than yours and its colors are earth tones. i dont know where to start and it looks so masculine i want it to look more feminine. where do i start.

  5. if I cud take pics of my bathroom for u n u cud help mi with what I can do n on budget I'll love u to death btw first time viewer love your videos u gain a follower 😍

  6. Im in love with the dalmation walls. It's a little bold for me but I am going to try it. Change is good sometimes. Love love it

  7. Gosh thanks for the video! My bathroom looks just like the beginning stages!!! Frustrating…..Great ideas though!

  8. Your personal style is fabulous, Darling. I LOVE how you changed things so dramatically on a small budget. It’s inspired me to tackle our bathroom. Brilliant! Love it!xx

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