DIY Spray Bed Liner for Jeep Wrangler Interior Tub (U-POL Raptor Liner)

DIY Spray Bed Liner for Jeep Wrangler Interior Tub (U-POL Raptor Liner)

so it’s time to do some maintenance to my 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander the Jeep is in great shape with no rust on the frame however the interior floor or tub had rust along with small holes especially on the driver’s side and passenger side floor so I decided to install spray in bedliner on the interior floor to start I removed the seats seat belts carpet and all door hardware removing the bolts was not easy I ended up breaking a few and throw-in all of them away be sure to visit my blog for bolt sizes and additional useful information the link is in the description next I use my grinder with a grinding disc and a 40 grit metal sanding disc to remove the rust the loose debris and to knock down any high spots I also use my rotary sander with 80 grit sandpaper to scuff up the smooth areas and remove the embedded dirt [Music] I sprayed adhesive remover on the tacky areas around the Jeep that were used to hold the carpet in place then I scrubbed the area with a scotch brite pad I spent a lot of time preparing the surface for the spray bedliner to make sure I don’t ever have to do this again just spray it in the degreaser I’m gonna let that sit for about 10 minutes while I beat my son in a game of horse then we’re gonna come back we’re gonna rinse all this off and put in the metal etching [Music] [Music] I decided to use por-15 which is a product that bonds to us and makes it a paintable surface this stuff spreads very easily and it goes a long way I only use two small cans be sure to remember to wear gloves and a respirator when applying this stuff the smell is a bit strong [Music] [Music] next I use painters tape and a painters plastic tarp to cover the areas I didn’t want to get sprayed with bedliner I read this stuff is very difficult to remove once it sets I purchased the 10 scible bedliner kit and hoped I could get two coats out of this amount I followed the mixing instructions and quickly realized there is not enough room in the bottle with the tint added which caused me to spill a little when I put the spray gun in the bottle there is a workaround to this issue which you will see in a later step [Music] [Applause] [Music] then I determined the consistency by spraying the material on the plastic painters Torah the consistency of the material that I liked best was when I had my air compressor set at 60 psi also I forgot to mention earlier that I lightly scuffed the por-15 with 80 grit sandpaper by hand and removed the dust with the tack cloth por-15 is really smooth and I was concerned the material wouldn’t adhere to it well I focused on the horse to reach places first like behind the gas pedals around the base of the wool bars and in the corners I installed two air vents in my workshop and these did a great job at removing the fumes [Music] [Applause] [Music] I wanted to make sure to get a thin coat on the entire interior of my Jeep when I felt the bottle getting lighter I sprayed the outside edge of the Jeep [Music] I was very surprised at how much area I covered with one bottle [Music] [Music] once the material dried I could clearly see where I needed more material [Music] so there’s not enough room in this bottle to mix the tint and a hardener or the activator whatever you want to call it so I’m going to pour it all in this container and then I’m gonna mix it pour it in here and spray I have my air hose mice where you gun and it’s set to 60 psi I find that’s the best for me and my environment I encourage you to test yours on a scrap piece of board piece of plywood or what have you to ensure that you get the consistency that you’re out there so I’m going to pour all of this inside of the container but first I’m gonna make sure that it’s mixed up [Music] and I don’t have a stir stick that’s why I’m using the chip brush [Music] I sprayed the second coat the following day I focused on the areas I missed and then applied an even coat on the rest of the interior of the Jeep then I removed the tape and allowed the material to set for three days before installing the seats seat belts and door hardware [Music] [Applause] [Music] I was able to remove rust reinforce the interior floor replace all of my interior screws and bolts and replace carpet with a more durable floor that is visually appealing and easy to clean I think all in all it was a win-win [Music]

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    Thanks for watching!

  2. Quick way to clean your gun put the tube into acetone and spray it until it's clean use carb cleaner for the rest works great ,I use raptor a lot great stuff,did my tundra and 3 other SUV with it

  3. Wouldn't recommend mixing in your Jeep. If you make a mess or knock it over good luck with the finished product! Overall, decent video. Also, wire brush wheel for overall scuffing usually gives a better result.

  4. do you think it would look okay to do a black jeep with the tan liner, i think it would make dust and sand less noticable than my black interior does now

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