Hi my name is Aitor and I’m Laia.
We are The VanEffect. We are a couple from Spain. We live in Catalunya. This is
our van. I’m an illustrator and I studied graphic
design. I make websites and I’m working as a waiter. 2015 we bought the van second hand with
barely nothing in it. We decided to take a trip to Portugal
and we completely fell in love. We just thought, “why only on holiday?” We
decided to build a van so we could live full-time and travel around Europe
while working freelance and also we have an online shop. We want to make products
that help you to produce less waste when you’re traveling available to travelers.
We start working on the conversion of the van one year and a half ago. We were
working on a steady, we only had the weekends to work on it.
The total cost of the van was fifteen thousand euros with the price of the van
and the conversion. This is our van it’s a 2005 Peugeot Boxer.
We bought it three years ago and it cost five thousand and five hundred euros. We
have our water in that. It has 69 litres. We have our van
for the kitchen area, external connection for charge the electric system. Two 140
solar panels. They charge up to 190 amp hour batteries. In the back we have
two portholes, an external shower, plus connection, connection for the water pump.
We take these magnets from this side one corner in here and then we put
another one in this side. We take the hose and just connect here the shower.
Diesel heather, it’s a Webasto 2000. The hot end goes inside this, heats the five litre
of water and then here the cold water and hot water mix. Hello this is our home. The first thing
that you see is our kitchen which is very important for us. Aitor loves
cooking and I love eating so we had to have a lot of space. This is the sink, which
we bought in a place that’s called Brickellobe, it was very cheap. This is
a faucet which we love because it has a very antique feel. Some storage, things
for the bathroom, cleaning things. This is our only cleaning product which we do
ourselves. It’s white vinegar. We soaked it with lemon peels and some baking soda.
Gas for the kitchen, a pullout drawer some more storage for cutlery and
glasses and everything. We have three little drawers, coffee maker. Under here
we have the water tank. We have a little hole in it and we installed a LED light
which we turn on from here so we can see the level of water that we have.
Microwave we basically got it for popcorn and pizza. Here we have the
little fridge. We bought it in a supermarket. I think it cost us like 130
euros or something like that. On top of the cabinet we use as a pantry. This is a
bigger stove, goes like this. This fan which also works as a light. This one is
electrical. It has filters. We went for this one because you
don’t need to make a hole in the van. More storage for food. We went for a very
big mirror. We thought that we would get a feel that van was bigger and so I
could see myself completely. We have two cabinets here. We have the fuse box, all
the controls are here, and the wires for the solar panels and batteries go inside
this wall and then they go under the bed which is where we have the batteries.
Next to the batteries we also have the bedding, porta potti, that’s hidden here.
You just pull these out, you access it from here. Under the potti we have the
heater so you just pull it a bit up and then
and to you and that’s it. When we started sleeping the different parts would
separate. We put some velcro and now you just put it like that again.
Back to sofa. Our wardrobe we’ve got magnets on the doors so they
don’t open while we’re driving. It actually fits more than what we thought
initially. Most of the van is done with recycled pallet wood except for the
walls and these parts that are darker. We had a boy who was studying how to work
with metal so they are handmade with the curtains and the lights for whenever we’re
watching films. New cupboard, a little space for the backpacks and if we’re
putting out the dirty clothes whenever we’re traveling. Power stereo system. This
was some speakers that we had at home and we took out the case and we built
this wood frame to go inside the van. This is some extra fabric that we had
from the sofa. Raspberry Pi to play video games and we have the wires
and the controls here, some more storage more books, and more books. Some more
little cupboards for those things that are always everywhere and you don’t know
where to put. This is to secure everything so it doesn’t fall. A computer
screen. We connect it to the laptop. We use it to work and to watch films then
this goes connected to the speaker’s the control for the heater, more storage. We
put our shoes in here. We have some holes that we made so we could install the
table. We put this up, put this, on you put it here. Oh you have the table. We’ve had like six
people having dinner here. If we need more space for the table we can also use
that part. We have two showers one which we use outside. We use the same shower
curtains that we have for outside and we bought this little swimming pool. You can
find it as a dog swimming pool. We put these little clips in here and then you
just install them here and and then when everything is covered we pass the hose from the back then you can leave it hanging here and to take the water out
we have this little suction water that we put here and the water goes right into the sink. If you are stuck in the
same place thinking about those two days in the week that you have free or that
month in a year that you can go somewhere there’s not going to be a
right time to do a change. It’s scary. I mean we are scared to make this change.
Know what you’re going to do while you’re traveling, what your priorities
are and then just make the reel according to it. Thanks for watching this
week’s episode. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did be sure to share it with a
friend that you think would enjoy it as well and thank you most of all to the
Patrons that support the channel, I really appreciate you. You can follow
our journey of living full-time in a van @thevaneffect Instagram or through
our blog Have a great week, peace!

100 thoughts on “DIY VAN CONVERSION with INDOOR & OUTDOOR SHOWER has everything a MICRO HOME needs

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  4. Hope you still feel you made the right decision. You did a wonderful job of making the van very comfortable and cozy…..livable and practical…….right down to the toilet and shower! You just managed to make it all fit! I've seen some videos where the van is much bigger, but they just couldn't figure out how to slip in those necessities. I myself would slap those on the front page of the design work! Nothing worse than waiting till the end, getting out on the road, and then realizing….oh………I guess we really do need a toilet at the least! You look like a really nice couple and I wish you both well.

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    Congrats for what you have done, that's a very well done job you've done there.
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  19. I designed a very unique layout for a shower, just waiting for the patent. Very simple to install & use, the set-up to use the shower will involve only 30 seconds and once stored away, it doesn't take up any space. the price very affordable, the price we're hoping for $150

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