Do Blind People Turn On Their Lights At Home?

Do Blind People Turn On Their Lights At Home?

How about in this video we shine a little light on blindness? [swoosh]
[music plays] A question that’s been coming in a lot lately is this one: Do blind people turn on their lights when they’re home alone? The short answer. No. I mean, I don’t use them. Right? So, if I turn them on, what do I need them for? You know what I mean? I can get around perfectly fine in the dark. I don’t need to look at anything so I don’t need light for that. I actually have heat so I don’t need to turn on the lights to try and heat the house a little bit. The basic thing is no. I don’t turn them on. Here’s the thing. If I turn them on, I’ll probably forget to turn them off. I mean, the way I know whether or not the lights are on really is to just touch them. I mean, not to touch the bulb, but I can feel the heat coming off the bulb. Alright, so I can feel whether or not the light is on. I mean, these new bulbs make me crazy because now I really can’t tell whether or not the lights on because they don’t heat up anymore. [music plays] When people come over, I’ll often forget to turn on the lights. It’s not top of mind for me. I’m not thinking, ‘oh boy, sighted people are coming over, I better turn on some lights.’ I forget. So when I open the door and people come over they start to think like, ‘what’s he’s doing?’ ‘Did I come at a bad time? Maybe he’s got somebody in here, you know.’ ‘You getting ready for bed or something? It’s 8 o’clock at night. What are you doing?’ It’s always funny. I like when people have the awkward, “hey, can we ah… do you mind if we turn on a light in here or something?’ Sometimes it will take people a few minutes to get to that point. You know, 5-10 minutes of sitting in the dark and they might get frustrated after a little while and then ask if we can turn on a light. You know, like it’s this big inconvenience for me. Of course we can turn on the lights. Absolutely. And then they leave. And it’s a funny thing. I guess when sighted people walk out of a room or out of someone’s house they don’t think to turn the lights off. Somebody’s still in there. So, you know, a few days will go by and a cab driver will say, ‘hey, you know your bathroom light’s on upstairs?’
‘Oh, you’re kidding me.’ I remember I had the porch light on for about a week after Halloween. It’s just one of those things that I don’t know. I’m not even thinking about it. Because it’s secondary to me. I don’t care. Then my electric bill is $470. Then I care. [music resolves] People are also curious about why I would have art on my walls. Well, it’s a good question. I mean, but I put it up because people give it to me. They’re gifts. You know? Or maybe it’s something somebody painted or drew for me. You know, you’re nice enough to give it to me I’ll put it up. The truth is I don’t even understand why people would put stuff on their walls. What do you need that for? You know? Like, I don’t get it. You want to look at pictures and stuff you go to a museum or you look at them in a book or something… I don’t know. Do you need that on your wall in your house? Doesn’t the landlord go crazy with the holes and everything. You don’t get your security deposit back anymore. ‘You put up six pictures and there’s a bunch of holes in the wall, so… that’s $2500. You’re out.’ [music plays] A lot of people wonder why I have a television. ‘I mean, you can’t look at it.’ Yeah, you know what, that’s for company. That’s for when you guys come over and hangout and you want to watch a ballgame or something. We put the TV on for you. So, I listen to Television through the stereo. Right, it just sounds better so therefore I don’t need to turn the actual part on, right. The screen part isn’t even on. So people will come over and TV’s on and they’ll be like, ‘Um, hey can we out on the picture would you mind?’ But when I’m home I don’t use the TV part. I don’t need to. I just turn on the stereo and listen to Television that way. Again, what do I need the picture for if I’m alone? I always feel like the cable company should let me get off for half price but they never do. I wonder if I could get the internet for half price. You know, all the memes and stuff that’s I’m missing. Another one is books on the shelves. “Why do you have books on your shelves?” Well, listen, sometimes people would give me a book. Perhaps they’ll read it to me sometime. I one time bought a copy of the Guiness World Book of Records. It was a big, giant coffee table book. I bought it right at the beginning of the year. And I thought it would be fun for company to come over and flip through the Guiness World Book of Records. And I’m sort of interested in that odd stuff too, so that was fund for me and company. No, it wasn’t braille. They don’t sell braille books at target. Strangely enough, you can get the Harry Potter books in braille. They’re giant. They cost a lot of money and they have to bring an 18-wheeler to get it to you, but… they are available. [credits music plays] See, here’s an exception. Right, I’m talking about all this stuff that I don’t have or that I don’t do, but you know what, I do have window treatments. I have curtains and blinds and stuff on all the windows in the house and there’s many, many windows. And you know what, I keep all that stuff closed. I do because I don’t know whether or not you’re looking in and I’m sure as hell not going to look out.

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  1. I’ll stop by you have all the lights off and I’d get so scared. “What’s this guys plans lol” I thought we were having dinner.

  2. In the UK if you watch publicly broadcasted TV you need a TV licence and it is actually half-price for blind people.

  3. Why would you give a book to a blind person in the first place. I mean paintings is more of a decoration for other people but a book is just a book.

  4. So insightful. I can’t believe he actually thinks he’d get his security deposit back regardless of the paintings.

  5. I wish you can see one day hope fully in chistian faith if you go heaven there wint be no disability up there I dont shove religion down your thoart but ye

  6. Blind People who haven't seen anything before In their Life (Since The Day They Were Born), I Believe It's more likely for them to know that "Seeing" Really Isn't a Thing for them, because of The Way they are Born, that This Blindness We Call, Appears Completely Normal to them.

    It's Just Exactly How "Seeing" Is Normal to Us, just as much as Blindness Is Completely Normal to them!

  7. I remember visiting a blind person about 40 years ago. His house was dark, but he gave us light bulbs, as soon as we entered. I don't recall a whole lot of furniture……but he did have one of those huge round oak tables…..on its side, in the center of the living room. One of those really heavy antiques. The shiniest, glossiest table I've ever seen. This guy had polished it to such a high gloss, it was crazy. That was his hobby. Refinishing furniture…..just by feel….in the pitch black darkness.

  8. actually if they are holes for pictures most states consider this normal wear and tear and would not be subject to your deductible. An exception could be made if you drilled into the walls rather than using picture hangers. Holes that are too big are not normal wear and tear.

  9. I've never thought about what it would be to blind (especially from birth). Your videos are wonderful. It is great to learn about the world from a totally different perspective. You have a real gift for both informing and entertaining. I have not watched a video from you that I didn't laugh out loud for.

  10. LMAO if I walked into your house and the lights were on I would just turn them on 😂 like why is that so awkward for people?


  12. γαμω την Παναγία και τον Χριστό δεν αντέχω αλλοοοοοοοο γαμω τον αντίχριστο ααααα

  13. Imagine sitting on the toilet in the dark….

    oh yea, and how does he know when his butt is fully clean? I hope he doesn't touch or smell the paper afterwards

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