Doctor Who – Space / Time: Side-By-Side of the TARDIS Interior and Exterior

Doctor Who – Space / Time: Side-By-Side of the TARDIS Interior and Exterior

– Hey you.
– Hey! – Listen, can we talk?
– Rory! No shut up. I’ve just got
a question, that’s all. You okay up there? Yeah, fine, no problem. What are you doing? Helping the Doctor! Ahm… it’s humming,
is that okay? Yeah, it’s fine,
we’re just entering conceptual space. Imagine a banana or anything
curved, actually don’t, since it’s not curved
or like a banana. Forget the banana. Ahm… is he helping you
fly the TARDIS? Oh, test of the couplings two,
seven and eleven. Like I showed you. How come he gets to,
you never let me have a go? Doctor? Don’t. Seriously,
I let her drive my car once. Yeah, to the end of the road. Where, according to Amy,
there was an unexpected house. He’s jealous because
I passed my test first time. – You cheated. You wore a skirt.
– I didn’t wear a skirt. – That would have worked too.
– No, I did wear a skirt, – but it was any old skirt.
– Have you ever seen Amy drive, – Doctor? – No.
– Neither did her driving examiner. Actually, it was this one. It was this skirt. What was that? Rory, did you drop a thermo coupling? Sorry. How did you do that? I told you,
“Don’t drop them”. I specifically – mentioned not dropping.
– It was my fault. – Of course, it wasn’t your fault.
– It kind of was her fault. How can it be her fault? Because it was my skirt,
my husband and your glass floor. – Oh, Rory.
– Sorry. We’ve landed.
The emergency materialisation… should be fine,
should have locked onto the safest space available. Doctor, what’s happened? Safest spot available. The TARDIS
has materialised inside itself. Is that supposed to happen? Take a guess. – No.
– That’s the one. What are you doing? I’ve absolutely no idea. Okay, that is a bit weird. That is actually pretty cool. Glad you’re entertained, Rory. Now that we’re stuck here
for all eternity, – at least you won’t be bored.
– Wait! What? We’re stuck? Inside of the TARDIS is now
joined to outside of the TARDIS, worse than a time loop, a space loop. Nothing can enter
or leave this ship ever again. Okay, kids, this is where
it gets complicated. Who the hell are you? I’m you…
from your future. Tell me exactly what’s happened. Well, the exterior shell of the TARDIS
has drifted forwards in time. If you step into the box now
you step inside the control room a tiny bit into the past. I don’t understand. Neither do I. – But you just said it.
– No, I’m just repeating it. I’m just remembering
what I heard myself saying when I was standing where you are
standing now and repeating it. I’m just repeating this, too,
and this… and this. Ah, I still don’t understand. You still don’t. Okay, when does this Amy
step into the box? We need to maintain the timeline. Ah. As soon
as she’s slapped Rory. – Okay.
– Ha… No. Why do I get slapped? Because we have to stick to
the established chain of events. One mistake and
the whole timeline could collapse. We’ll end up
with two Amy Ponds forever, and then what would you do? Oh. Okay, you, into the Policebox, now. And then I become her? Yes, go, go, go. – Do I really look like that?
– Yeah. Yeah, you do. – I’d give you a driving license.
– I bet you would. Oh, this is how it all ends… Pond flirting with herself!
True love at last. – Oh… Sorry, Rory.
– Absolutely no problem at all. – Now, Amy.
– What’s the first line? – Okay, kids, this is where it gets
complicated. – Gotcha. – So, is that it? Are we okay now?
– No, we’re still trapped. What are you doing? You told us
to get into the police box. Well, from your point of view, you’re about to tell us
to get into the police box. From our point of view,
you just told us to get into the police box,
which is why we got in the police box, which is why we’re…
here. – Do I have to remember all of that?
– It just sort of happens. – Hi.
– Hi. Hey! Stop that! You two, into
the police box now. Run. So… What now? You two…
stay where you are! What are you doing? I’m setting up a controlled
temporal implosion. It’s the only way to reset the TARDIS but unless I find exactly the right
lever to control the implosion… we’re all gonna die. You don’t know which lever. No, but I’m about to find out. The wibbly lever! The wibbly lever.
Thank you! Okay.
We’re back in normal flight, the TARDIS is no longer inside itself, the localised time field
is no longer about to implode and rip a hole in all causality,
but just in case… Pond, put some trousers on.

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  1. They were not in an established line of events until both were happening at the same time. You know what the Doctor always says; Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey.

    Something similar happened when the tenth met the fifth. It's on here too, look it up.

  2. Sorry, but if you put the internet explorer twice on this video one at 4:30 and the other one 4:32 you can see a little mistake, first you see Rory pushing Amy in the Tardis and then holding the Tardis door. Oh, Rory! He could have made them get stuck with two Amys and two Rorys forever!

  3. Whoa! I had to watch this about four times and then seeing the interior an exterior simultaneously actually made sense, it's mind blowing!

  4. So at the end the doctor essentially guessed a lever and only in the timeline where he survived was he able to travel back and tell himself which was the right one
    Making it so all the other possible levers he could have chosen were no longer possible

    I love time travel

  5. 1 ways to stop you had being die in future easy way
    Get tardis and fly to time and to stop you future die that was easy and if you that future you had that too so you still alife 😀

  6. Yeah you all talking about this and that all I am stuck on is thinking of Amy Pond hooking up with herself… Yeah I would have given her the license also.

  7. Imagine a more complicated one which just has infinity of the interiors and exteriors. That would be an illusion and a half.

  8. For those of you who found this too confusing and couldn't figure out some things (I don't blame you)
    1st, The interior is in another dimension, there for, it is completely possible for the exterior to go inside the interior.
    2nd, The exterior is probably in a fragile state after going in side itself, because of that, the doctor slamming the door pushed the exterior about a minute into the future.
    3rd, The exterior may be in a fragile state, but it's still the strong TARDIS, that's why it took a few seconds for it to shift to the future.
    4th, After the Doctor slams the door, the exterior shifts about a minute into the future. If you pay attention, you'll see the amount of time Amy and Rory spend in the TARDIS with themselves is noticeably shorter than the amount of time Amy spent in the TARDIS with herself, as well, the Doctor spends even less time with himself, only a few seconds. This is because the TARDIS is more or less "intelligent", as soon as the Doctor slams the door, the exterior shifts about a minute into the future, changing the "Space Loop" into a "Time Loop". As soon as that happens, it starts to shift back to the "present", so, the longer you wait to go through the exterior's door, the closer and closer the exterior gets to the present, this is why each encounter is shorter than the last. If they had waited a bit longer, the exterior would have shifted all the way back to the present, returning the "Time Loop" to a "Space Loop".
    5th, The reason the Doctor was able to know which lever to push is the same reason why Amy, and then Amy and Rory knew what to say when they went through. This phenomenon is known as a "Temporal Causality Loop". The Doctor hears his future self say "The Wibbly Lever", so he knows to say that when he goes through the exterior. Same reason Amy knew what to say when she went through, she repeated what she heard herself say. A "Temporal Causality Loop" is a way of getting information without it ever really coming from anywhere. The Doctor saying "The Wibbly Lever" is both the cause and effect for itself.
    I hope this cleared a few things up

  9. So what happened is the same thing that happened in the Children in Need with 5th and 10th Doctor? Or am I missing something?

  10. I had a dream once where the Doctor was explaining Time/Space/gravity/frequency to me in relation to galactic co-ordinates and it looked kind of like this (but with the birthing of stars in 7D….)
    Did you have the same dream?

  11. +CrazyJoshCravy 's explanation was correct, except that he forgot to include that this whole minisode happened in all dimensions/pocket universes, so all possibilities (even the one where there are two Amy Ponds forever) happen. The Doctor gets to try out every single lever in the TARDIS until he finally gets the wibbley lever right. He then echoes the wibbley lever across the other dimensions left.

  12. and the TARDIS stopped flight and materialized inside its self before going into conceptional space so it does make sense if Rory hadn't dropped the thermal thingy than they would have indeed entered conceptional space.

  13. again, he didn't say they were traveling through conceptional sapce, he said entering, and then Rory looks up Amy's skirt blah blah you know the rest

  14. So The Doctor slamming the door slowed down the interior or sent the inside of the exterior into the future or both (i guess) and with seconds to spare before the interiors timeline caught up to be parallel with the exterior as the doctor sees himself and then staight away the doctor enters the Tardis, they wouldnt really have died…all would happened was the exterior and interior would have reset into the present and he would have to have slammed the door again to have another shot…or it could have drifted past the present into the past and then…woah…

  15. last time I check if the doctor interacted with himself the tardis would have pick up a paradox and lunch him half way arcross the control room and destroy the hull of the tardis down to like 22% almost killing anyone near the consul also an easiest way possible
    Wibbly friggin Wobbly Friggen Timey friggen Wim

  16. you made a video of the scene from the perspective of the Interior and Exterior of the TARDIS, How about one showing the perspective of above and below the glass floor.

  17. This video is so cool, confusing, but yet so AWSOME. also am I the only one who realized their is a time loop

  18. Bootstrap paradox. The Doctor wouldn't have gotten the idea to release the tardis if amy didn't give herself the words necessary in order to trip the Doctor's mind towards the right idea to release the tardis…

  19. This is proof of the multiple universes theory. Every time someone goes through the door, they are brought to the past in another universe because something else happens in different universes that leads to one universe having one outcome which means that they were probably stuck in there for ever and one person went back in time and to all associated universes to explain things but in order for them to explain things they had to have themselves from the future tell them which means that in order for them to tell the past self, they need themselves to hear it from themselves but if they need themselves to tell them, they cannot ever find out. Paradoxes are so confusing yet fun to think about. This is why I love quantum mechanics so much.

  20. As usually, i didn't understand nothing but god she looks amazing in pantyhose!… How I want to see her… skirt view….

  21. the Tardis exterior wouldn't have been the same as the interior one. It would have been the front of the Tardis.

  22. There's just one thing left I don't understand: Where and when, exactly, is the TARDIS when it crashes into the inside of itself? Did it sort of fall out of normal spacetime and bud off into its own little Klein-bottle universe?

  23. If you put the TARDIS exterior in front of the interior's entrance, would you enter the control room, or would you end up in a tiny space between the entrances?

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