Dollar Tree DIY || 💕Spring Wall Flower || 2019 Home Decor💕

Dollar Tree DIY || 💕Spring Wall Flower || 2019 Home Decor💕

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'd like to share with you this really pretty spring wall decor piece that I made using items that I purchased from Dollar Tree so if you're interested then just keep watching for this project I use one of the Dollar Tree nine and a half inch mirrors some of their motion spirals I've used some of the Dollar Tree rhinestone stickers as well as some floral foam this glitter ribbon that I had left over from Christmas as well as my East 6000 hot glue gun and glue sticks I'll leave the complete list of everything that I've used down in the description box so the first thing I did was use a pair of wire cutters to cut the motion spirals into these smaller pieces that I needed for this project I cook twenty six twenty inch pieces thirteen fourteen inch pieces and thirteen nine inch pieces for this project I used a total of four motion Spyro games in total next I bent my 20-inch pieces into the shape of flower petals next I removed the cardboard and the mirror from its frame I did not use the frame for this project I then cut the cardboard to the same shape of the mirror ensuring that I kept the hanging hook on the back of the cardboard intact I then used hot glue to attach the foam to the top of my cardboard NIC's I used that same hot glue to cover the sides of my phone with my glitter ribbon I then began inserting my metal petals into my phone I eventually discovered it was much easier to insert the metal into the phone when I used my exacto knife once I was happy with the placement of my pedals I used hot glue to secure those pedals into place I then added a second roll of the wire petals to my design as well as you can see I'm placing a wire pedal in between every two pedals in my first row I then used my wire cutters to cut away the wire pieces that were extremely long inside of my phone I also added some additional hot glue to secure the second row of petals in place I then added a third row of the wire petals using my 14 inch pieces here adding my fourth row of the petals using my nine inch wire pieces once I was done adding all four rows of ball wire petals I had something that looked like this I then used my hot glue to cover my glitter ribbon with my rhinestones next I used a combination of e6000 and hot glue to attach my mirror to the top of my soul I also added the rhinestones along the perimeter of my mirror there was a slight gap along the sides of my design so I covered that up with a additional roll of the rhinestones and to add just a bit more glam I added one single rhinestone to each petal I then began to remove the glue strings with my crafting toothbrush as well as a warm hairdryer I allowed my design to cool clean my mirror and here was my finished look I think that this super glam spring Wallflower turned out beautiful but what do you guys think let me know down in the comments have you subscribed to my second channel dazzling designs by Denise up-close-and-personal if not i'll leave a link to my second channel below I hope you enjoyed this week's video if so please like comment and share and if you're new to my channel please subscribe and be sure to turn on your notifications so you don't miss my next video remember I upload new videos every single week so until next time guys bye

42 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY || 💕Spring Wall Flower || 2019 Home Decor💕

  1. I have been on the hunt for these motion spirals since you posted this video with only finding one. I was in a discount store yesterday (Roses) and in their "As Seen on TV" section, they had the motion spirals under the name "3D Kinetic Spring"- sku RN41401. They come in various colors (pink, blue, green, purple) and they are almost identical to the Dollar Tree spirals; slightly less wide, thinner metal, and sell for $3.99 but wanting to make this, I splurged and got one (will go back today to get two more). So if you too have been unable to find them in your Dollar Tree, check out stores in your area with the "As Seen on TV" areas to see if they carry them.

  2. Denise….I am having no luck either in store or online finding the motion spiral. Help!!! I absolutely LOVE this and so want to do it but the spirals are allusive!!!! I also in my many Dollar Tree shops all over Texas, any store off I30 in Arkansas as well as the plethora of them in the Memphis TN have I ever seen a round mirror. Hmmmmm

  3. 🤗This is super cute and I adore it! You are a wizard💕I don't know how you come up with these designs but I LOVE IT💕💕🤗

  4. Ok. YOU ARE HIRED ☺ You can redecorate my home. If anyone questions your talent tell them I said ask God. He blessed you with it. AWESOME as always.

  5. Wow Denise, girl you just keep amazing me. Your designs are just fabulous. I adore the mirrored look but you just take it to another level. I love flower mirror.

  6. Your Dollar Tree Stores are SO Much Better than ours here. Very seldom can find items you get

  7. You are awesome! I would love to try this but my children have exhausted my patience! Lol God bless your talent and thank you for sharing.

  8. You are so talented and gifted. I Love every single item you have created their all done so elegant and classy .Bless you my sister keep using the gift God had given you…

  9. amazing by far i learned a lot from you my home is beautiful because of you everyone that comes to my home ask me oh where did you buy this and my husband tells them she makes it and they ask me what’s your secret

    i’ll never tell

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