12 thoughts on “Domain Driven Design Through Onion Architecture

  1. There's one thing I don't quite understand. isn't the API used to expose the data of our application? If so, doesn't make more sense to have the database in the Domain layer instead of the Infrastructure layer?

  2. When writing iOS apps, I find that most apps have no logic and most of the code lies in the UI. Am I doing something wrong and not abstracting away something that should go on the domain layer?

  3. question. as today we have spark and alike which work on streams for example. let's say you have such a continuous calculation which works on stream. how is it possible to keep that calculation totally decoupled and dependant only on the core layer?

  4. +BoldRadius Solutions I'd like to see a deeper discussion about a comment you made in this video that you domain objects don't contain primitives. I see what you're getting at, but I'd like to see more of it in practice. I saw another example in another discussion that breezed over it — currency. Instead of obj.Total += 5.5M; for example, it was more like obj.Add(Currency.Amount(4.31, Currency.Usd));

    Do you have enough to talk about there?

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