Door Knobs – How to Install Door Lock

Door Knobs – How to Install Door Lock

welcome back to Silver Eagle Locksmith Las Vegas YouTube Channel. in today’s video we’re going to talk about the different Door knobs and we’re going to show you how to install it. stay tuned. ok door knobs, there’s different door knobs out there such as entry door knob, privacy door knobs, closet door knobs and there is some other functions as well for commercial use these door knob i’m going to show here in this video its entry door knob residential and it’s been out there for very long time. everybody know what it is and basically i want to show you really quick what is the doorknob looks like from close up. ok, this door knob is a Grade 3 doorknob residential type it comes with 2 keys, come with side screws and screws to install the latch to the door frame and a strike plate, now the most important part actually is the strike plate the reason why because the doorknob Grade 3, Grade 2 and Grade 1 comes with a special security pin! this one right here so imagine that the strike plate is installed right now to the door frame, if its installed that way and it’s engaging into the hole of the strike you can slide something and just get it open, but if its installed and the actual security pin is not engaged in the hole so… you can’t open it. you can’t manipulating the latch so this is one of the most important part at the installation. just so you know. okay so you saw in close-up how the door knob look like and what is important and let me show you right now how to install on on the door correctly. the first thing for the installation is the latch so when you take off the old one you put the new latch on and taking the two screws that providing with the lock and you tight the screws make sure they’re flat as possible and that is the first part ok the next part is installing the door knob. something that you should know before most latches that you can buy the Grade 3 knobs they come with adjustable backset meaning the adjustable latch sorry you can change the function and most of the latches to be 2-3/8″ backset or 2-3/4″ depending really on the backset that you have on the door on the installation ok so installing, we install it right now I’m doing 2-3/8″ most common one on residential, just put it in, slide it just like that and remember the side screws that’s came with that, you just tight little bit and I always like to use a power drill right here you don’t have to, but just make it faster make sure it’s tight alright guys it’s installed. you can check let’s move to the strike plate. ok the strike plate that’s the strike plate that provided with the lock usually recommended to install the same strike plate with the with the same lock because they usually align better for for the actual latch and that’s the screws that provide with the lock they are a very short screws i always recommend to put at least 3 inch screws to reinforce it better to the door jamb but i’m just going to show you how to do a basic installation just for the demonstration show you how it is, so you tight screw with the second one ok there it is a strike plate now remember guys what I was talking about the security pin earlier make sure that the actual security pin is not engaging into the hole at the strike plate make sure its installed correctly if you need to move it a little bit you can do that as well if you have any questions you can write a comment and i’ll answer your questions. ok guys, thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions you can write a comment right below I’m more than willing to answer all of your questions and please, don’t forget Subscribe to my Channel right there see you next time

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  1. If I flip the thing that has the security pin to the outside you can just push my door open. Does this mean I need to move the thing on the door frame?

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