Double Decker RV – meeting SchiederSee 2018 (inside 7 more bus conversions)

Double Decker RV – meeting SchiederSee 2018 (inside 7 more bus conversions)

Welcome to Germany. Here, in the state of
North Rhine-Westphalia, there is the town Schieder – with next to it the lake, lake
Schieder, or in German the SchiederSee. What not a lot of people know is that there, at the shores of the lake, every year again round Pentecost, a small community builds a town of its own. A town consisting exclusively out of converted buses and trucks. And there, the people enjoy themselves.
They drink beer, talk to each other and have fun! We were there, with our bus, in this town. What we did, you ask? Well visiting others, and looking at their buses, of course. So
let’s go and have a look at some buses. Oh there is the bell of the first
interior tour. It’s the Mercedes of the Austrian Michael Schwarzgruber. The black and gray O404 is from 91, it’s 12 meters long, has four seats and sleeps four too. Well, there might be four official seats but
in reality there are far more as you will see in a minute. Special about the bus is that it was
converted not into an RV, but into a company bus, to travel in luxury.
Therefore the used materials are top-notch. For instance look at these
granite tiles. They are in the whole bus. The company bus already had facilities
like a kitchen and a toilet so to make it into an RV, a bed had to come in. That was fitted here
in the back where originally there were seats too. And on it goes to the next. Oh
and it’s again an interior tour. The owner of this Volvo is from the border
of Germany and Switzerland. The Volvo is a B10M of 93 and almost 12 meters
long. It is designed to accommodate two people. Do you see that big hatch at the back
the one where the rear lights are mounted on? In there, there is room for this smart car. The owner made this practically from scratch, and this is one of his first trips. On the right side we have the kitchen and
this glass plate you see is a two burner gas hob. Gas? Yes, gas! I said it was
one of his first trips and as you can see the RV is not even completely ready
yet. Here, at the dining area, the table is still missing. Then in the middle is
the shower with next to it a bathroom with a toilet. And in the back above the garage for the
car there is the bed with a fairly big TV at the side. Worth showing is the
central heating system of this bus with in the front these two Webasto heaters
and in this cabinet the distribution system of the hot water to the various
radiators. And we’re off to the next bus. Who it is? It’s my friend Charly with
his double-decker. Let’s ask him how he’s doing. “How are you?” “Oh, good!” His official name is Hans-Ulrich but everybody calls him Charly. His bus is from 92, it has nine seats and it sleeps 7. This double-decker
was once built as a driving office. Special about it is that right behind
the double doors in the middle, it has room for the Harley. Right next to the
Harley is the ‘Department of women’s happiness’ as Charly calls it. “This is the department of women’s hapiness. Here is the washing machine and that is a dryer. How is that a dryer – that is folded out, there is a hairdryer above, in there you can hang your stuff, it’s like a big bag, and with the hairdryer, in half an hour time – there is hot air blown through – in within half an hour it is dry. It’s faster than at home with the big dryer. Behind this there is the central vacuum system. Here is the hose.. when you put that somewhere upstairs or downstairs in, it starts. Here is some storage room Here used to be the toilet, as we got the bus, but the regular toilets in a bus are not.. practical, because the faeces only get flushed round and round. Nobody wants to have that. Important was the American fridge, that was really important. there is the guest room “So you can sleep here, you can make a bed? In the middle?” “You can make a bed of it, or a place to work. If you want to use it as an office.” “yeah, I already have seen this, nothing has changed here. “No, nothing We only have new flooring. That’s all.. Nothing has changed here. We have a new mattress here, therefore the round edge is not yet cut. This is the most beautiful spot in the world to wake up. “I know all about it.” “At the moment this is a construction site, here is the shower. Momentarily work in progress, the toilet is not working properly, something with the relay That I have to repair. What I wanted is realized, that the floor is on one level. That it looks like one level too. There will be two doors here, and they will be open, so that you can move around here, and here will be the sink. There is the wash-drop, where you can put in the dirty laundry, and it ends down opposite the washing machine. That’s the way it is. There is always something to do. Something of the family home will always be broken. We’ve got to rush, so many more buses to be seen, like this black one… or this oldtimer Setra, this one from my Belgian
friend, or this school bus.. Then there is this Mercedes and some
people have beautiful bikes with them too. Rüdiger has a Volvo too – and this
white bus is completely self built. This white and blue bus has a BMW oldtimer in the back – you won’t believe it, and Axel is here too with his 15 meters megaliner. Look at this fancy leveling system of this blue MAN bus. Talking about international, Luxembourg is represented too. This time with a truck, a Mercedes
Actros. It is from 2004 but it looks completely new to me It’s not the first truck that is
converted by this owner into an RV and a lot of thought has gone into it.
Windows? No, deliberately no windows. this way you can park everywhere and
most of the time you want them closed anyway. Light comes in through the
opening to the cabin and it is cooler in summer and warmer in winter this way. There is a bathroom and all in the back
under the master bed there is a garage you can access from the inside. and from the outside too. And it houses a quad. Some more buses to see – like these two Setras.. ..this Mercedes of a Dutch couple.. and can you guess the nationality of the
owner of this bus? The interior is in one of my earlier videos. Now there is the bus of Gerrit and Susanne from the Netherlands. Their bus from 82 is with its seven and a half meters not that big but there are nevertheless 9 seats and 6 beds in it. When we go in we see a couch and
opposite of it a dining area. Then there is a small kitchen and all in the back is the master bed. Behind the sliding door there is the bathroom. Now Gerrit will tell us what is so special
about this bus. Originally this is a bus from the Post, out of Switzerland, from the Wallis region.. ..and this are the original colors, as it once rolled off the assembly line. We brought it back in that state. “It was not like that when you bought it?” “When we bought it, it was white, with cheerful swirls on it.” “Typical RV?” “Yes, typical RV. And we brought it back into the original colors. “It looks beautiful.” “Thanks.” “When did you do this?” “We did that a year and a half ago.” “Did you get reactions on that?” “Yes, a lot. Everywhere we come, we get reactions.” A lot of people find it beautiful and many people know the bus from Switzerland, they have seen it driving over there, and Swiss people. We recently parked in Oosterhout, along the river Waal, and a Swiss boat passed by, and that started to honk its horn, and waving.. we did get really nice reactions, yes. “Enjoy it, thanks.” “We will.” Now let’s go and have a look at this gray and red Setra from Germany. It’s from 1990 is 12 meters long and has
four seats and four beds. Oh, how I love this beautiful door. When we get in we
are in the kitchen which shows a good level of quality. Then on the right there are bunk beds, and a sitting area. If you go through the door in the back,
you are in the bathroom, with a toilet and a shower, and through another door,
there is the master bedroom. Notice that the bed is not as wide as
the bus. That is because this hatch at the outside gives access to a place to
store bicycles or a motorbike. The whole thing comes sliding out and you can winch the bike up and down. The last interior tour is of this bus from
Belgium. The bus is from 89 is eight and a half meters long and meant to house four
people. On the back there is a motorbike. What I like about the bus, are the soft
colors that are throughout the whole bus. As you can see there is a place to sit
and a kitchen. Behind that there is this bathroom again with those soft colors. And opposite are bunk beds and in the back the master bedroom. Then it is already time to go, and here
you can see how these two Dutch guys take their cars with them, each on his own
way. Just to let you know that Peter has his Goldwing motorbike in the back too. Peter has his car on a simple trailer, but Rene does it with an A-frame. He just
pulls the car the car just follows and steers passively. You only have to
remember to leave the keys in the ignition. “Bye” – “Bye” – “Arrive safely home.” “Have a good trip.” “Thanks, thanks.” “Have a good trip.” – “You too.” thanks to all the friendly people who cooperated making this video (esp. Johan for the drone footage!) special thanks for organizers Martin & Anne for again a great weekend! (wife makes video with iPhone: lots of room for text 😉

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