Down Light | Landscape Lighting Techniques by FX Luminaire

Down Light | Landscape Lighting Techniques by FX Luminaire

Down lighting is the most natural effect that you can create for your landscape body design. In this video will walk you through a few steps and techniques that you can use in your next project, so let’s take a look Mark this is a nice landscape that you have here. Tell me what’s happening well again Well I think we found the perfect application for a JB Donnelly to highlight our landscape down here. So you’re using down lights looks like directional down lights highlighting is it just this area Or is it spreading out to the path? Well, there’s a little bit of bleed over But as we use the longer hoods on the front of the JB’s it really does centric the light slowly in this back But does give a wonderful glow to it. What I like about your selection here is you don’t need any path lights there’s no tripping hazards Nothing for anybody to kick over, you’re isolating the light source at the top it really allows the light to Transition smoothly and it makes a very inviting and comfortable look for those who are in this space. Now Mike we’re at the edge of the property in the backyard and we’re under underneath this great tree Tell me a little bit about the tree this area, and how you decided to light it Okay, what we have here is an old mature Palo Verde, which really kind of lends itself to different aspects. We certainly get the hike Which is a you know you have to take advantage of here in Arizona because not a lot of trees grow tall But when you have an instance like this we chose to put a PS hanging light here with You can have a three a six or a nine. Led in it as the tree matures, or grows larger you can certainly adapt to that aspect, but the the benefit of it is you really get your bang for the buck and For one fixture you really encompasses quite a bit of light I like your use of the PS because this is an unusual use of this fixture, right? It’s it’s typically a surface mounted down line right, but in this case We’ve put a hanging bracket mount on it and use it as a pendant, but you only used one now tell me What are the been fits of using a single down light as opposed to typical up lights that you might find? Well in my opinion. I really like the aspect of the hanging light and and Due to the fact that we have such a great amount of height that one light can do the job of Two or three other lights if they were lower Now that with that it will look very natural because it kind of moves with with the type of bracketing system that we have The hanging bracket exists ‘m illuminates the tree So it’s still even though it’s a long way away from where you know the people might be standing They still can appreciate the character of the tree And it does a really great job of aligning the you know the flora around it now Did you light other trees this same way with just a down line and no up lights? It’s kind of yes We do do that on occasion we mix it up You know to kind of give a variability of intensity on different trees and things just to give it a little You know just kind of a flowing Texture of light is basically the concept behind that. And what helps you make that decision what what what is it? What makes a tree better for down lighting as opposed to a tree better for up lighting? I think that a lot of the trees out west here are Lend themselves to up lighting just due to the beauty of the nature of the bark and the build up at the tree we try to incorporate the down lighting just to kind of give a balance and a you know a little bit of Difference between the different Lighting’s just so your eye kind of tricks your eye into seeing more than one effect You know you can go either way on that. that’s kind of What your restraints might be and what your what you can what your budget will accept. So Chris tell me a little bit about the lighting plan that you have set up over here What we’re we’re standing at the entryway into the residence We’ve got two beautiful specimen trees and Olive and a Palo Verde here What we did was we decided to do down lighting to kind of accent this along with the up lighting on the trees It kind of differentiates this residence from the other residences in the area So so what is unique about down lighting why do you decide to download a tree? Down lighting is the most natural form of light, It’s what we’re all used cien and contractors seem to always want to just up light But what it does is it just brings a different effect coming down through it helps you illuminate Plants and animals on the ground below Okay So it looks like you’ve selected two down light in two ways with a directional Down light like the JB up there and then a few pendants, so tell me about it? Yeah, what we used was the J box mount on the JB fixture up there to illuminate the inside of the tree the multi-trunk palo verde tree and also catch the Specimen plants that are below. And what is your goal when you When you a more direct that directional down light down at the tree What do you what is your goal in trying to create our first goal is to hide the source of the light what we do Is we use the limb along with this the shroud on the JB fixture? To help shield that and then our next goal is to just get the interior of the tree That’s usually not illuminated with up lights. And you’re really highlighting the branching structure are even skimming that one out with the first one all the way down. Correct, Yep. Bet that’s gonna look great What about the the pendant lights the VE’s and LE’s? We used two different types here we went with the The le which is the one led a little bit softer And then in the center here we went with the ve to kind of throw a bigger pool of light. And what is that that natural pendant light kind of create? What does it? Do it does a very nice job moon lighting Creating sec shadowing if you can get up into the secondary canopy Illuminates this area if people are traveling down up or down you know for parties and whatnot just gives them a safety feel Yeah, I bet it does is it’s very natural inviting and even I like the the smooth transitions of light You don’t get a lot of hard lines when you have Ted hanging pendant light. That’s correct Alright Ryan we’re currently standing on one of the cabanas here at the hotel There’s a about 18 of them that face the courtyard adjacent to the hotel rooms perfect so tell me about the lighting aspect here When we got to the hotel to do the initial walk through We noticed that there were no porch lights or any kind of exterior lighting on the hotel especially on these patios Okay So what lighting did have? We decided to do is we went ahead and did a hanging down light Kind of in the patio to give a nice ambient light back here Perfect now with these these pendants I noticed that you installed it right here at the edge of the Cabana as opposed to more in the center You make that decision? We brought it out to the edge for the purpose of illuminating the Differentiation between the hardscape and the softscape so what does that do for the guests here? What that does is those are traveling out to head to the path it gives them a good illumination of the hardscape in the transition to the softscape So tell me Chris a little bit about this area that we’re lighting now. This area is actually the courtyard of the hotel It’s kind of a center meeting place, and we’ve got palm trees lining both sides of the grass area. Yeah you do There’s how many with 23 there’s 23 total palms ok great so in an area as High-traffic as this area with the courtyard. How do you decide to light this area? We took a couple things into consideration We wanted to bring out the aesthetic beauty of the palms That was number one and number two we wanted to bring out the make sure it was safe to travel through here at night Focusing on aesthetics and functionality. What type of lights or categories Do you use? We’d use down lighting for the safety aspect again the higher we can get the fixture the more light output or The wider area you’re gonna get with the light, We’ve got JB’s and DE’s on the palms probably about 15 feet up shooting down onto the path Okay, all right perfect so really the the down lights are really more of a functional light Functional safety yes, so now we’re talking about just this tree in general, but it’s really not just this one tree right It’s it’s both trees along the entire side. It’s a very large area again These trees are probably 15 to 20 feet apart and there’s again There’s 23 of them, and we’ve also got across the other side of the lawn area Now we’ve got a nice wide open space and what this is gonna allow us to do is you know light the hardscape and The grass area okay now the challenge here is they got a big golden retriever right so we didn’t want to put a lot of Path lights that the dog could trip on and so what we did is we looked up. Okay and right here We have a 20-foot Eve. So we can tuck some JB Down lights up in there and we can down light and moon light from up that area. Now coming from so high Maybe close to the house How do you make the light? transition smoothly without mica our circle on the ground I think the big thing is is that the elevation that we’re coming from so we’re so high up That we can angle it just a little bit, and we can evenly wash the area Interesting now also. What about the color temperature? I mean warm light on the on the grass How is that gonna look at night? Well typically when I down light I like to use moonlight effect so what I’m gonna try and do is go away from an incandescent and with the FX Options it allows us to switch the filters so I can go from amber to a blue filter And the blue filter is gonna kind of color balance with the moonlight now Is that is it a really harsh blue that we’re talking about or something more lighter It’s actually so light that you don’t really notice it. It’s lit by low voltage, but when you out here It doesn’t look like it’s lit at all. It’s just safe and secure perfect. That’s that’s the the perfect Effect for this wide space when the homeowner wants to use it at night. Yeah exactly and there’s one other thing with the Dim ability of it we can have settings for party mode where it’s nice and lit and bright and we can also dim it down for security of evening. Perfect Downlighting is the most natural lighting technique Use downlights to softly illuminate gardens, shrubs, and landscape vegetation during the late evening and at night Down lights installed in man-made structures like pavilions, gazebos or trellises provide a nice light to high-traffic areas When you install down lights above a tree canopy you can achieve a very dramatic moon lighting look with shadows You can also use down lights to illuminate walkways or areas with changing elevation Use the full range of FX luminaires down lights to create many elegant looks Thanks for joining us with this video on down lighting I hope you learned some new techniques that you can use on your next project. For more information go to

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  1. Nice video, just want to know how to get a uniform lumen output in any interior project having 2-3 types of lighting fixtures like downlight,linear etc.

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