Driving Tips Traffic Lights – Quick Tips on How to Handle Traffic Lights

Driving Tips Traffic Lights – Quick Tips on How to Handle Traffic Lights

In this quick tips video, I’m going to give you some basic tips to give you a greater understanding of traffic lights and as usual with these quick tips videos, please stay tuned until the very end and I’ll give you a link to some of my other videos on lights that will go into a lot more detail So let’s get started, the red light means stop the green light means you can go provided it is safe and the amber light means you should stop unless it’s unsafe to stop, so unless you’re too close to the line to stop safely You may also have some arrow lights as well like this green arrow light here that means you can go right provided it’s safe to do so, so you should be ok to go right if you have the green arrow but just double check to make sure, and if the arrow light is flashing amber that means you can go in the direction the arrow is pointing provided there’s no traffic on the adjoining road or the other road up ahead and if you have a flashing amber circle light like this here but flashing on and off every second or two that means you can proceed but you must be aware and give way to pedestrians who are crossing or about to cross You also have to be very aware of a stale green light when you are approaching traffic lights a stale green light is a light that has been green for a long time so as you are coming up to the junction perhaps the junction might be empty or very quiet and the green light has been shining for quite a while it could go amber and red so don’t speed up maybe just ease off the accelerator and give yourself more time to react in case it suddenly changes to amber and red Watch out for the road markings as well always aim, like the yellow car here, to stop at the first white line, because the second and third white line could indicate a cycle bay or perhaps a pedestrian crossing here and I don’t advise stopping right up at the line I usually advise people to stop metre or so back from the line like the yellow car just in case one of the lights is broken, so if this light is not working but the lights situated here are working, by staying a little further back like that you’ll have a better view of the near side lights here and another reason to be a little further back is just in case a big bus or a big truck needs a slightly wider turn like this by staying a little further back it just plans ahead a little bit better in case someone needs a big wide swing Also to be aware of at traffic lights is the rule for turning right now I’ll go into this in a bit more detail in other videos but once you have a full green light you don’t have to wait for the arrow to come on especially for the first car so you should roll up into the middle like the blue car and give way to on-coming cars and then proceed once it is safe as I said I’ll leave a link at the end that will go into more detail on that but the main message is if you have a full green you don’t necessarily have to wait for the arrow to come on So that brings us to the end of this quick tips video on traffic lights coming up on screen you’ll see more videos that I’ve made quite recently on turning right which includes information on the yellow box and some more videos on traffic lights so please have a look at those for a greater understanding and a more in-depth demonstration of traffic lights and the rules around them Thank you for watching and I’ll see you very soon.

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  1. Hi Dane, I failed my driving test😭 This is because of the junction box but not the yellow box. The traffic light was grean, I approch the box and there is no incoming cars and I turn right without waiting for the grean arrow. Is that permissable in the test?

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