55 thoughts on “Dulce Vida Apartments in Valencia – Negros Oriental, Philippines

  1. Google map to Dulce Vida (MJM) Apartments.. https://goo.gl/maps/vAkEERCEq6T2

    For latest rental prices, contact their Facebook page..
    Dulce Vida Facebook Page.. https://www.facebook.com/dumagueteapartment/
    Access Reekay's Bachelor Course.. www.patreon.com/reekay

  2. at 18,000 for a 2-Bedroom, it looks like a terrific value. Pool, internet, security, cooler temperatures, and no roosters!

  3. Nice one 👍🏼😊😊 And How long have you Been in the Philippines? 😊 And What kind of work you do there? ☺️

  4. I liked the first unit you showed up until I saw the bathroom. It's impossible to shower in that bathroom without getting the floor extremely wet.

  5. What was the price range of the renters per month I know it may very from him when he recorded a video to now days

  6. Valencia looks really nice…putting it on my list…Thanks Reekay…Did i hear you say it is cooler there in Valencia?

  7. a really nice place..love the cooler temprature and its quite! a great location with pool, wifi, huge waterreservoir, at night a security guard and no rooster! valencia a place to be!😎

  8. Thanks Reekay for your reply on a nice and quite place it seem so relaxed and rest-full , it had me sold when the young girl said no Roosters .

  9. Hi Henry, as always thanks for the vid, this looks like a really nice place and when you take into consideration it is already furnished, it would be a good option financially for a long term if someone was concerned about buying, with all the potential pitfalls as you mentioned in a previous vid, really helpful info for anyone considering a stay, as always nice work.

  10. what's the monthly rental- I checked out the website and no Info was given there either- additional info could be obtained only by contacting the management company- that sets off red flags for me

  11. Thanks very much Reekay for sharing this awesome video what a lovely place I have just been on holidays to the Philippines for 2 months and went to my girlfriends family who live in Valencia but I did not see this place much appreciated, love seeing where you travel ,

  12. Wow really nice place pool is a definite plus. One thing really good for me said some was Wheelchair accessible.Even if not wheelchair accessible still looks easy for one to get around with mobility issues. Think i just found my place when i come over. . Thanks for sharing.

  13. hi Ricky I'm off topic hear.
    but has the immigration department still have foreigners
    in lock up ( to extort money from them ) or has MR DUTERTE
    cleaned it all up . OR is it business as usual for corrupt immigration department in Philippines

  14. Wonder how booked they are for most of the year. If a person had some money, sounds like a good way to make some great passive income to build a compound like this instead of a traditional stacked apartment.

  15. Nice place. The wheelchair access is a must for me. So hard to find in the Philippines as most of the doors are very narrow.

  16. Hyline and I went to Valencia a few times looking for apartments.
    We never saw this place, nice. No chickens,lol.

  17. Could you tell me approximately how long it would take to drive to Worlds Gym near Silliman University in Dumaguete?

  18. Can you tell me to what extent cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. are an inescapable fact-of-life in the interior of one's dwelling? I realize it's inescapable outside, but is it inside as well? This area, Valencia, appears exceptionally pleasant if one seeks clean, cooler air and quiet.

  19. Hey reekay Chris here hey I love your videos. How much was the monthly rent on the two bedroom apartments in Valencia

  20. I was in Las Vegas when I saw this video November of 2017. I had been living in Sibulan/Siquijor/Duma/ for about 2 and half years then but headed back to Vegas for a some time to get re-situated again. Little did I know I would be living here and moving NEXT DOOR TO YOUR FRIEND TONY who has become a friend as well. Ut's a great place.

  21. thanks for the great info, reekay … i use a wheelchair, so it's good to know this … love all your videos … hope you continue to make them … you are providing a great service

  22. Beware Guys! Though the place looks all fine on the surface; The wifi there is AWFUL, and has been so forever. The management doesn't care, thanks to this video and a waiting list of new expats. "If you don't like it, leave", they say to all their renters. (Typical Filipino business acumen) The area is the brownout capital of Dumaguete, technically in Liptong Bacong, not Valencia, it gets blackouts all the time, LOTS. They refuse to buy a generator. The management (USA Matt the owner and his daughter Lia the so-called manager) is trying to squeeze every centavo out of the place and refuses to put anything into it. The pool was for awhile giving tenants ear infections. The night guard is a joke. The gate is broken often. When something breaks they are very reluctant to fix or replace it. It looks great….on the surface. I'd look elsewhere.

  23. Wow, I Just visited there, it's even nicer now. The trees are More mature and the grounds are well kept. They renovated the pool and the apartments. It's away from any main roads so it's very quiet and peaceful.
    I went to see it at night, and its very cool and beutifully lit.
    So far It's the nicest place that I have seen in Valencia or the Dumagete area for the price. The two bedrooms are 22k, and the studios are 18k.
    Valencia highway is being 4 lane'd, so it's not a long drive to supermarkets and downtown Dumagete. You will definitely need a motorbike or car. I didn't see any trikes for hire near the place.

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