Duration Home Interior Paint – Sherwin-Williams

Duration Home Interior Paint – Sherwin-Williams

Bathrooms and kitchens can spell trouble for traditional interior house paints. Premature exposure to water spray or damp
humid conditions can undermine conventional coatings and allow the moisture to penetrate
the substrate and negatively impact the coating. Which is why Duration Home Interior Acrylic
Latex features our exclusive Moisture Resistant technology. Of course, Duration Home is already familiar
to you – and its ‘paint and primer in one’ formula makes it a favorite with contractors. Its patented cross-linking technology is engineered
to resist stains – making it easy to wipe away most stains with water and mild soap. So despite repeated washing, Duration Home’s
durable finish keeps colors looking fresh, with no color rub-off to mar its appearance. Not only does Duration Home resist stains
– advanced stain blocking technology actually works to seal in existing stains. And it contains anti-microbial agents that
inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint’s surface, for a longer lasting, fresh
appearance. And now, with our exclusive Moisture Resistant
Technology, Duration Home has excellent moisture resistance, combined with fast dry times. That means most surfaces can be returned to
service in as little as two hours without compromising Duration Home’s durability
– even in moist environments like bathrooms. Duration Home is available in the full range
of Sherwin-Williams colors and sheens… including matte, satin, semi-gloss – and our advanced
flat finish, offering the durability and burnish resistance of glossier sheens. Duration Home with Moisture Resistant Technology–
combines beauty, durability, and excellent defense against moisture where homeowners
need it most.

2 thoughts on “Duration Home Interior Paint – Sherwin-Williams

  1. I’ve been a Benjamin Moore user for over 40 years. I tried this paint today.
    It has my vote.

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