Dynamic in Studio – Google Web Designer

Dynamic in Studio – Google Web Designer

KENT: My name is Kent, and
I’m the creative specialist on the Google Web Designer Team. I’d like to demonstrate
the dynamic ad workflow in Studio
using Google Web Designer. You’re going to have to have
a few things set up first. And the first thing I
have is a product feed. I’ve got six products here. For each item, I have a
different name, a price, and a URL to an image. Then in Studio,
I’m going to have to have a few things set up– my account, an advertiser, a
profile, which links to that feed I just showed,
and a campaign. With everything set up, I’m
ready to go into Google Web Designer. And let’s take a
look at File, New. Give it a name,
and just make sure that we are in Display & Video 360. Just to make it
easier to see, I’m going to give the background
a light gray color. And I’m going to
choose my Text Tool. Draw it a box, and type
in some sample text. I want to give this a
name I can find later. I want this to be the
name of my product. So I’m going to
call this name-txt. With it selected, I want to
open up my dynamic panel, Plus icon, then
we’re going to choose a schema, which is custom. Now, I’ll have to
log into my account. Once I’m in, I’ll have
to fill in my credentials for account, advertiser
and profile. Once I’m logged in, I’m
going to see a screen where I can choose the item I
need, in this case my name-txt. I want to change
the text content. And I’m going to choose the
name from my spreadsheet. So now, each item appears here everything from my spreadsheet. I’m going to choose Name and OK. I can check this works
already by Command-Return. And I’ll see this text has
been replaced with actual data from my feed. So everything’s looking good. Now, I need to set
up an event before I can push this into Studio. So I’m going to go to the
events panel and Plus, page1. I want a Mouse click,
Google Ad, Exit ad, gwd-ad for Metrics ID, I’m
just going to put exit. And my URL is the full
URL to your website. In this case, I’m going
to use Google.com. Now, I’m ready to publish. Studio
now again, you’re going to have to log in to
your preexisting account. Once you’re logged in, you
can make a new creative right in GWD. Just give it a
name and hit Enter. It’s successfully
created, and Publish. When that finishes, I can switch
over to Studio, Creatives tab, and I’m going to search for
that new name I just made, which I see. It’s right here. One little bit of
housekeeping is I’m going to have to
upload a backup image. Right here. So that’s uploaded. It’s already set as a backup. That’s going to
allow me to move on. Preview and now,
I see a preview of my ad pulling in
some dynamic data. Now, at this point,
it’s pretty easy to go back and forth
between GWD and Studio, make changes, and see them here. So suppose we want to
add an image, next. Here’s how we can do that. I’m going to choose the Tag
tool with the image modifier. Draw a shape. And in the Properties
panel, I want to change this to Resize instead of Stretch. The name is OK. gwd-image-1. Now, let’s make it dynamic. Dynamic panel, Plus, and
let’s choose that item. Now we want to
change the source. And I’m going to look
for my image URL. Let’s preview again. Command-Return. And I’m seeing we’re
getting dynamic data from my name and my image. And if we want to see this in
Studio, now it’s already setup. So this is pre-populated. This is telling me we’ve
uploaded that backup image already. And I’m just going
to say Publish. Now, when that’s complete, I
go back to Studio and Refresh. And I’ll see that my
ad has been updated. The next thing I
might want to do is send a preview link
to a colleague or client. And I can do that by going
to the Dynamic Content tab. Search for my advertiser. Now, I’m going to look for my
profile in the preview step. My Creative is already checked. We’re going to launch,
update, and I’ll see a preview of my dynamic ad. I can share this with someone
by clicking the Share icon. We’re going to make it public,
so anyone with the link can view. Update. Let’s copy this URL
to my clipboard. I’m sending this link in
an email to my client. When they click on
it, they’re going to see exactly what we just saw. And this is dynamic. Every time it
loads, it’s pulling in another row from my feed. That’s it. Thanks a lot for watching.

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  1. preview at GWD showing image 0, but when you view in studio is show image 4, when you generate the preview link for client it show image 0 again? so can I assume there is some issue with loading correct feed in studio? I have the same problem when I preview in studio, the loaded feed data is mess up and display empty and wrong info in dynamic ads.

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