Easiest Christmas Window Box Idea Ever!

Easiest Christmas Window Box Idea Ever!

I have got an easy way to decorate your window
boxes for the holidays. I’m Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates, so stay tuned. For the
holidays my husband puts light up around the windows. And, every winter, I plant little
Cypress trees in our window boxes, so they don’t look totally empty. But, sometimes when
I go to decorate for the holidays in the window boxes, I can’t see it from the street. So,
I came up with a pretty easy way to add height when adding greenery and decorations to your
window box. I found these hooks at the craft store. So, I put it in the middle of my window
box. And, I don’t use real greenery, I actually like to use these swags. They have a hook
at the top. So, what I am going to do, is I slide that hook onto that hook. And, I take
the other one, and slide it on like so, and look how that gives that height. The last
thing I am going to do, is I made a bow, of course. I am going to tie it right onto that
hook, and fluff it up. And then, I have got some shatter proof ornaments, and I am going
to hook them on also. I use floral wire to pull them all together and I twist it around
the back. Then I am gonna kind of twist it like that. And that is it! Well, it doesn’t
get much easier than that! I love how the hook lifted the entire arrangement, along
the bow and the ornaments, so you can see it from the street. Be sure to subscribe to
my channel for more videos. And, I hope you have a really happy holiday! Be sure to subscribe
to my channel. People are gonna be driving by just taking pictures, no, that’s not good.

15 thoughts on “Easiest Christmas Window Box Idea Ever!

  1. Hi Jennifer, that is such a great idea,simple but so effective. I have never thought of decorating my windows outside, might try it next year, I am done with decorating this year lol

  2. Hi Jennifer…I just came over from Nisha's channel to check you out. I do some decorating also on my channel so I just didn't know…hmmm…and then I saw on your outro your two adorable dachshunds and I knew I would be hooked. We have an adorable long haired doxie – she's only 10 lbs – will be 14 on Christmas Eve and is very ill. We're making her the center of our universe because we know she may not be with us too much longer. Her name is Bagel. So, I'm editing right now but plan on catching up on your videos. Great luck with your channel. xoxo patti 🙂 (rock star mom)

  3. Happy Holidays! A suggestion: Please consider doing a video on seasonal tablescaping. All your videos are creative, beautiful and you and the dogs are just delightful to watch.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi sweetie beautiful and very nice and great job gorgeous and thank you so much for sharing your experience and great job God bless you my friend

  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing your video. I also use many clever tricks for fall and winter window boxes, I like this one as well. I was wondering about the the cypress you plant. Do you keep them there all year or do you remove them and plant them in the yard? Thanks, and thanks for sharing.

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