Easing functions (Step start/end) – Google Web Designer

Easing functions (Step start/end) – Google Web Designer

NATALIE: Hi. This is Natalie from the
Google Web Designer team. And I’d like to tell you about
two new easing functions that are now available in the
timeline, Step-end and Step- start. Other easing functions,
like Ease and Linear, create a smooth transition
between key frames. In this animation, you can see
that the box’s opacity changes smoothly and continuously from
zero to one between every pair of key frames. The Step-end and
Step-start functions allow you to create a
hard transition instead, to make it look like
the animation jumps from one keyframe to the next. To use the step functions,
right-click a key frame span and select
the Easing option to bring up the Easing dialog. Then select Step-start or
Step-end from the list. The step functions
can be useful, for example, when you
need to show or hide an element at certain times. In our updated animation,
the Step-end function is used to make the box’s
opacity cut from zero to one as each key frame is
reached instead of smoothly fading between them. In Quick mode, you can edit the
easing between two thumbnails by clicking the Easing
icon between them. Then just select Step-Start
or Step-End from the carousel. That’s it. Thanks for watching.

8 thoughts on “Easing functions (Step start/end) – Google Web Designer

  1. Cuánto tiempo debe pasar para que GWD se actualice en mi computadora??? ó Qué proceso debo hacer para actualizarlo de inmediato a la versión 17???

  2. I was initially excited by Google Web Designer. But I then discovered that it only opens HTML files which have been created in GWD. That's disappointing. I sometimes take over web projects which have been done by other. I need to be able to edit the existing files. Without that ability in GWD, it has too big of a limitation for me.

  3. Hi Dear Sir/Madam, I want to learn web designing course. Please tell me how can I start? I am new in this field. Thank you

  4. What are you talking about? These can be achieved with other programs. What are the special features of Google Web Designer. Wasting Googles time and others

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