Easy Paper Flower Vase Making | Recycled Craft Idea | Best Out of Waste Flower Pot

Easy Paper Flower Vase Making | Recycled Craft Idea | Best Out of Waste Flower Pot

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich Easy DIY Paper Flower Vase & Flowers Making using Best out of waste material like Broom Sticks and Papers This recycled craft is a creative DIY Home Decor that anyone can make! Things You Need… Green Crepe Paper, Scissors, Thread, Pencil, Color paper, Craft Wire, Glue, Cotton buds, Thermocol (Styrofoam) balls, Scale. Broom Sticks, Dried Leaves, Cardboard pot Take a piece of green crepe paper and make a small bud shape by folding it inside. Now fix the craft wire in this bud using a thread. Take a white paper and make a leaf shape as shown. We need multiple such leaf like patterns. Cut out a yellow color paper strip measuring 20cm x 2cm dimensions Cut the strip into small pieces on one side as shown. Take the bud and strip and stick the bud on the strip so that the bud will fix inside it. You will get a flower shape as shown. Now take the first petal and paste it on the bud as shown. Similarly, take the 2nd petal and wrap it on the first one by overlapping it halfway as shown. Now paste all the petals in an overlapping manner to get the complete flower. Now take a cotton bud and make a small curve at the top of the petals by rolling the cotton bud. The upper portion of the flower is ready. Now take a small piece of crepe paper and apply the craft glue on it. Now wrap the green crepe paper around the bottom of the flower as shown. We need multiple such flower arrangements of different colors. Now to make the flower vase, we require a circular cardboard and a pot open from the top and bottom. Apply glue on the circular cardboard. Paste this cardboard on the base of the pot. Take a Styrofoam sheet, cut it into small pieces and place it inside the pot. Now take a blue color pot and mark the dimensions similar to the pot. Wrap the blue color paper around the pot Take broom sticks and the dried leaves and paste it inside the pot as shown. Now take a broom stick and twist the craft wire of the flower around it for the flower to stay firm. Fix the flower in the thermocol pieces and decorate the vase as shown. Take the dried leaves and decorate the bunch with it as shown. Take the thermocol balls and paste it at the tip of the broom. Take some dried leaves and crumble it. Put the dried leaves inside the pot. Your beautiful DIY paper flower bunch home decor is now ready. Hope you have enjoyed watching our craft. Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Simple and nice work…explanation and video is very clear..easy to understand.. Thank you..waiting for other videos..

  2. For those (crafters in the US and Canada, etc) who did not understand the meaning of Thermocol Balls (since this term is well known in India and Asian countries), it is a material similar to what known in the US as "StyroFoam" – the material that is used in the packaging of electronic items.

  3. This is a Best out of waste craft made using broom sticks and paper. If you liked it then please hit the thumbs up icon and share it with your friends. Cheers! 🙂😊🙂😊

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