eCommerce Print On Demand For Beginners | How to Find $10k Designs (HACKS)

eCommerce Print On Demand For Beginners | How to Find $10k Designs (HACKS)

What is up ninjas! Would you believe me
if I told you that this single t-shirt could make you one Medianet dollars? Well
I probably wouldn’t believe me either But we are going to go over today print
on demand and how to use it to make an Additional ten thousand dollars a month
for your Shopify store and we’re gonna Go over my favorite little Amazon hack
where we use Amazon’s unbelievable Amount of data to find the best-selling
t-shirt designs before you even ever Make your very first shirt guy so state
oh yeah what does that mean just today We are going to talk about print on
demand but specifically how you can use Print on demand to make an extra ten
thousand dollars a month from your home In your underwear
chillin as complementary income to your Other Shopify store how we’re gonna do
this guys is with an app called T launch And we’re gonna go into how to find
t-shirts that are already selling like Crazy and how to actually recreate those
designs using you know your own Creativity to sell shirts that you know
are going to work before you know Wasting your time finding a designer and
things like that and so one of the Initial things that I actually want to
talk about is using Amazon to find Shirts that are selling like crazy
because Amazon is one of the biggest products you know sales databases on
earth they have some of the most important you know detailed data on what
is selling what’s not and we are going to use a little hack that I figured out
to see what the top-selling brands and more specifically what the top-selling
t-shirt designs are so we can you know go about recreating those in our own
kind of way obviously we’re not gonna copy anyone but we are going to you know
base our designs off things that are already selling it’s what everyone does
it is just what works right we’re not gonna go make our own little cute design
of like some pink like flamingo with a goldfish riding on its back because no
one’s gonna buy that right it’s unique maybe you like it but that’s not what
matters what we want to do is sell t-shirts that are going to make us
profit and one of the cool ways that we do that guys is by using what Amazon hat
is called merch by Amazon it’s basically their t-shirt print-on-demand service
we’re not gonna actually talk about that in this video if you
guys want to learn more about that and we can talk about that in a future video
but we are going to use what every single shirt that Amazon sells has to
have in its description against them to find all of the best selling shirts on
Amazon through their filters and so every em every shirt that is sold on
Amazon you know the ones that sell nothing the ones that sell a million
dollars worth all have to have this specific I’m saying in it right and if
you guys want you know my cheat sheet that I have you know I’ve kind of
organized all of this together you know there’s a ton of stuff here if you do
want this cheat sheet leave a comment down below that says print-on-demand and
if we get five hundred comments that say print-on-demand down below just those
three little words then I will release the cheat sheet it’s gonna be in the
Shopify ninja’s a Facebook group so if you haven’t guys join the Shopify the
ninjas Facebook group it’s seriously the biggest most passionate community
anywhere on Shopify and you know there’s so many people helping each other every
single day from brand new to you know experts doing you know eight figures
every single year on Shopify so it’s one of the best places that you can learn so
if you haven’t make sure you join that little link right there I’m to join at
the Shopify ninjas Facebook group and that is where the print-on-demand cheat
sheet is going to be if you do if we do get five hundred comments on this video
that say print-on-demand so this is the saying right here I will have it linked
down in the description just you guys don’t have to retype it so if you press
enter here on Amazon we’re gonna see some cool stuff and so what we see is
you know shirts here but we don’t know you know what this really means it says
sort by relevance but you know we don’t know necessarily if these are actually
the top brands or the top sellers but there is a trick to figure it out so if
we show results only for clothing shoe shoes and jewelry here what we see that
we can do is if we scroll down and you know though all the brands are listed
here but a fun little hack that I figured out is if you go to see more
brands here right so we entered that saying right here we closed we clicked
on clothing shoes and jewelry as the brand and then we came down to where it
says brand and we’re gonna first see more now all of a sudden we are viewing
the top brands right and so when we view the top brands we can take a look at
these and these are the top brands by sales categorized by Amazon this is real
proven data it’s not just randomly sorted by relevance this is actual data
from the source and so take a look at a couple of these right I
like to choose the ones that have you know a few more designs this one has 37
designs you know birthday t-shirt it’s always so
pretty well Earth Day you know funny birthday gift
shirts let’s take a look at some of the other ones anti-trump t-shirt it’s
always so like absolutely hot teo hotcakes regardless of how you feel
about him right so here we go so you know autism is a huge you know thing
that’s that’s affecting a lot of families nowadays and so you know autism
awareness shirts are obviously selling like crazy on Amazon because they’re
being categorized as one of the top brands on Amazon Society says I’m
autistic God says I’m perfect autism awareness right autism always unique
totally intelligence sometimes mysterious right the acronyms spelling
out the word which is great so that’s you know a perfect example of shirts
right vintage 2015 so this would be you know 13 year olds birthday 18 year old
birthday you know these shirts seem like they
wouldn’t sell very well but I have personal experience selling these like
for 60th birthdays 50th birthday is 40th birthdays you know for men for women
specifically making these shirts right a lot of people have this miss Nomar and
this kind of you know incorrect idea I know it’s all it’s kind of intuitive but
you know people want to make generalized shirts that everyone would want to buy
but that’s not what works to sell t-shirts you have to have incredibly
specific shirts right you want to sell a shirt that is for somebody who is 60
years old that’s a woman that lives in the United States and you know that’s
Republican or Democrat or whatever the more specific it is the more it’s going
to sell you have to get polarized with your sales tactics and that’s you know
what we go over exactly in this cheat sheet that I have you know we have a
bunch of different resources of where to you know find the most the best t-shirts
and all types of stuff so if you guys want the cheat sheet I did already make
it up for you guys if we get 500 comments to say print-on-demand
I will release it in the Shopify ninja’s Facebook group it’ll be in the
description of the Facebook group and in the pin post of the Facebook group as
well so join it and you’re gonna learn a bunch anyway so it’ll be fun and so here
we go another it’s Muller time that’s great so yeah so I mean and this is a
great example right so people are taking advantage of
Euler being in the news a ton you know twit litter which is great you know this
is a hilarious t-shirt I guarantee you that that t-shirt would sell like
absolute crazy on on Facebook if people aren’t already just absolutely blowing
this up you know it’s it’s well done and things like that and you know the beauty
of Shopify is and it sounds a little bit more strict as far as copyrights and
things like that people can fake them and but you know with Shopify it’s much
more disconnected you know you can use as long as you’re not selling like
Disney stuff for example if you’re if you’re selling you know designs that
you’re finding and you think are you know good designs you want to change
them up a little bit right you don’t want to just make this exact same design
but you know you can you can recreate design from from scratch maybe you can
add a couple words make it like say the Twitter or or have it be like in color
or have like a you know a circle instead of a square and like you’re redesigning
it from scratch so it’s not you know taking someone else’s design because you
know even if you could do that and get away with it it’s still wrong recreate
it yourself but just because you know you’re borrowing ideas if you recreate
it yourself that’s fun right again don’t you don’t want to sell like Nike stuff
or Disney stuff or or that you know the huge conglomerate brands like that but
things that are you know just like simple little designs that you could you
know add your own creativity to definitely work I’m sorry about our
president in a bunch of different languages I have actually um I know some
people who sold this exact t-shirt and made a ton of money I think it said not
my president in a bunch of different languages like sign language and things
like that and they were making like five grand a day I’m selling these on their
on their stores which is you know $150,000 revenue a month but still you
know 150,000 revenue a month is pretty pretty awesome and before we continue I
just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of my Shopify students I think
too often you know the other people who are kind of teaching Shopify and things
like that will show you these like crazy
screenshots words like I don’t you know I made a million dollars this month it
and it’s very hard to conceptualize I think you know whether or not they’re
telling the truth I like to highlight my students who are
just getting started right so Sasha just the other day you know he was just
saying that after being online for five days he had his first sale
right your course has helped me so much so to the members of the great black
belt ninja family I think the very first sale is the hardest I’m very proud that
I reached my goal because my family didn’t believe in it anymore I’m looking
forward to many further sales and he’s doing this from Germany so I wanted to
give a shout out to you Sasha I see you working extremely hard I’d say if you’re
watching this video I love you I love all my students but you know I see you
working so hard and so I just want to give you a little shout out and give you
some love and then Boyan right here I think I
Kelly crossed out that at the end I can’t be happier my new store created
two days ago so overwhelmed and he had his first order guys and the first order
is always the hardest these guys has since their very first order right
within a couple days of getting started on their store have made hundreds and
hundreds of more dollars with their stores and that’s just the way it goes
guys and so I just wanted to give a quick little shout out to a couple of my
students and before we go on so I don’t mean to embarrass you guys but I love
you and so you know if you’re thinking yourself yeah that’s great but I’m not a
graphic designer how do I make this shirt right how do I actually create
this design right because the beauty of print-on-demand
is they handle everything for you really all you need is the design itself right
and so where do you actually go about getting that design there’s two places
that I use up work and fiber and all use to do is go to fiber fiv er are calm and
just enter t-shirt design and what you’re gonna see here is if it
automatically sorts by relevance I like to do buy best selling and then look
through a couple of these right like I would look through here I’m not gonna
choose this one cuz they only have one review I like a hundred plus so I look
at these three and I’ll actually like look at the pictures that they’re
showing right and see if I actually you know like the t-shirts they’re designing
you know like I think this one’s all right these seem kind of basic knockos
and this one you know these ones sell like crazy I don’t personally like these
shirt designs but I’ve just you know know from experience that these are the
type of shirt shirt designs that sell like crazy with the text you know with
the main central image with like the differentiated version of sex whether
the black background here you know the big color differentials and so this is
definitely the guy who I would choose or girl has studio so you know I would
either place the order here or I would contact them and say you know can we do
a bundle phone or design multiple t-shirts remember everything is
negotiable on fibre and so you wanna you know make sure that you find the right
people or if you’re just getting started right
and you have three t-shirt designs have each one of these people you know here
here and here design one of the t-shirts each and then
whichever one you think comes out best use them in the future right always be
iterating and always trying to be you know making kind of the best possible
decision that you can and so then once you actually have you know the t-shirt
in mind once you’ve kind of found it you know from either Amazon looking at
the top brands or you know if I release the cheat sheet there’s a ton of other
packs and secret ways to find the best selling t-shirts from around the
internet so if you want that if you want the cheat sheet you know join our
Facebook group it will be there once we have 500 comments on this video that say
print-on-demand so leave a comment leave a like if you like this I’m putting out
a bunch of free concept for you guys because I love you but show some love
back and tells me that I’m making the right type of content by leaving
comments and leaving likes guys so once we have you know the t-shirt design that
we want in mind that we found done research on we know it’s selling then
what we do is actually head into our Shopify store and here we are in my in
my tutorial store and we’re gonna go to the app store all we did here was click
on apps and then visit Shopify app store and then we’re gonna actually type in T
launch and so we’re gonna get this app here super easy all you do is just get
press get app install it and then once it’s installed we can just go over to
the actual app itself you can watch the video if you want to see what’s new at
it but I’m just going to go to new products and we are going to go ahead
and add the products so the main ones that I have to use if you want them made
in USA one these ones generally tend to be a little bit higher quality but I’m
just gonna choose the canvas men’s t-shirt here it’s $11 each versus 14 so
if you know if you sell it for like 1995 you’re gonna make a little bit more with
this design so you click it and you come down to the bottom and just just so you
guys can see obviously you know they have toddler shirts they have long
sleeves they have sweats or if they have all types of stuff they’ve unisex tank
tops all types of stuff that you can you know test out in your store because some
things work better than others but we’re gonna talk about the t-shirts here we’re
gonna do black you know you want to make sure that the what you choose actually
makes sense with the design you do and so we’re gonna choose a file right here
and we’re gonna choose the ninja logo and I already had uploaded this one but
you can see that it is appearing right here we can do full print 3/4 print half
print you can do if you want something on the left
or the right side of the chest distance from the caller you can do normal double
triple if you want a little bit lower I generally like to have it a little bit
lower so it looks just nicer in my opinion if you can’t get the actual file
to upload it’s probably because it’s not 2,400 pixels wide on the actual artwork
itself and so just if you can’t do that just Google search you know image
resizer and there’s a bunch of you know free
ones and just resize your artwork to be at least 20 400 pixels wide with no
negative space right so a transparent background or just tell your Fiverr
designer before you actually they finalize it that you need it to be at
least 20 400 pixels wide with a transparent background um that way when
you actually go to upload it it is as simple as that and so you know to
finalize this and to actually have them you know be able to process orders for
you and things like that you have to create a tee launch account you know
give them payment information because you need to pay to have the t-shirt
designed after you get a sale right and so that is everything how you actually
get set up with teespring if you guys want me to go much much
deeper into print-on-demand you know show some actual t-shirts that I sell on
my own site you know go into just more of the kind of ins and outs to creating
a product listing you know how to advertise on Facebook for t-shirts how
to you know use some secrets and just things that I figured out you know
selling hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of t-shirts over
the years using print-on-demand then again just comment down below
print-on-demand those three keywords and if we get 500 or more comments I’m gonna
release the cheat sheet in the Shopify and then just Facebook group which is
again right here at this little link so join it it’s gonna help you guys you
know it’s one of the biggest most passionate amazing communities in the
world for Shopify sellers for print-on-demand sellers and for
everything like that guys so the last thing that I want to do again is give a
quick little shout-out to our daily $100 PayPal winner where we send $100
straight to your PayPal if you guys want to enter to win for the next video all
you have to do is three simple things click a little subscribe button turn on
the notification bells leave a like on this video and leave us your best
comment guys and whoever has the most unique funniest most amazing comment
we’re gonna send 100 straight to your PayPal it s as simple as
that guy’s oh did I also mention that if you do subscribe click the notification
bell leave a like leave a comment you’re immediately entered to win our $1,000
weekly giveaway we’re gonna give away a brand spanking new copy of the Shopify
and ninja master class completely for free guys so I hope you enjoyed this
video on print-on-demand if you want me to make a you know much
more detailed in-depth version of this video where I show real parts that I
sell and how to advertise them then you know to do comment print-on-demand down
below guys so I hope you enjoyed this one and we’ll see you all in the next

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