Eleanor Ambos Interiors: An unlikely New York design tycoon

Eleanor Ambos Interiors: An unlikely New York design tycoon

Oh! I can see, I can see the picture of my eye
quite good. Actually if one comes very near it’s easier
to see. I see an eye, very clever. When I see a group following the leader I
immediately turn away. I do not trust a group I trust only… well, you can even call it the soul. This is… shit! Shit! What does it say? What does it say? What does it look like it says? No one- Oh, L-O-V-I-N. Somebody who doesn’t know how to spell. What are you doing? I’m trying to erase it with a stone but it
resists me so I give up. Eleanor, please state your name, where you
live, and your occupation. Eleanor Ambos, uh… Philmont… and occupation.. crazy. Those that you’ve interviewed, how many people
have used the word crazy to describe her? I mean we all know shes crazy, she admits
her herself but I’m just curious. She didn’t feel comfortable having a typical
role in society so shes, in some ways, invented her own worlds. She doesn’t have a family, right? She’s single, shes just- this is it. This is her life. And there she is, with let’s say, $50,000,000
worth of real estate. As she often says– she likes to play house. But shes built quite an empire out on playing house. It’s amazing how I got as far as I did, where
I would be almost considered successful. I always knew how to upholster things, or
sow things, I always knew that. And so I did everything myself. I started to learn how to refinish furniture. She had this wonderful business of renting
furniture to her diplomat clients. She bought furniture, she fixed it up, someone
would rent it, and then they’d move away and the furniture would get returned and the she’d
re-rent it to somebody else. I never wanted to have a business in my life
and all of a sudden a few years later I started with client and ended up with 60 clients! I said “oh my god this is like a business”. This is one of the reasons why she bought
the building, because she needed a warehouse to store all of her furniture. I only needed a big empty space, cheap preferably,
to store lots of furniture in it. See these arches, these were things that were
found in the street. But then when I found this building that was
completely decrepit and in shambles and and ready to destroyed, and I saved it. I decided, well, this is finally a worthwhile thing
to do in life. Everybody should live in a French chateau
or the local equivalent of which could be a space age apartment in Manhattan. I check every morning if this black spot in
my eye gets bigger. The ceilings very nice here, I know it you
see, I know it from before. I find it fascinating if I could cure this
thing in my eye. I was totally immortal for the longest period
of life. I’m basically a Spring person, I only like
beginnings, I don’t like endings. E. Now I don’t see- I only see half light
and half dark but I don’t know what it says. -So now guess on this one? Last time it was twenty over 150. Today it’s twenty over two hundred. -So it’s like, I know it’s getting- It’s not
getting better, I know that. Metropolitan building? Ooh, ok, so I really love this one because
it’s Rachel Weisz… and not only is the dress beautiful but the lighting and these are all
of our mirrors and columns. And these are more third floor, these are
guys- I don’t remember quite which magazine was this. You have heard that beauty is in the eyes
of the beholder, right? We all know that. But the more interesting and this metaphor
stepped up one step- I get to see the beauty in different eyes of different beholders and
it’s always new and amazing, and so it’s must be true because on the same canvas, different
creatures paint different paintings of their own vision and I find it really wonderful. -The car charger? Right here. Here’s the car charger part. Do you also want your magnifier
that hangs around your neck? -Armando, perfect. Perfecto.
-Perfecto. Armando, absolutamente perfecto. Call Walter. -I don’t see White Coffee in your address book.
-White… -Should I look for businesses by that name? -Call WALTER. Call Walter. -I’m checking your current location. -Oh god, I know where I am you’ll never
find out. Call Walter Garcia. [Whistling] Every structure we build
will slowly get destroyed and what you can do is you can preserve it by effort, energy,
thought, love. Well just like here, you see the weather is
fighting against this, it’s the weather and the vegetation that will destroy this if it
doesn’t get help. Just look at how these things are constructed-
they’re constructed with knowledge, patience, love, interest, regardless that they were
places of work. Do you see a fountain here? Oh shit. Yes it’s here- look. This fountain should be in the garden. Do you have any idea how all of this could
be collected by me with my limited recourses. I’m crazy! See, when I come here I realize how nuts I am. This is too emotionally taxing to be here. You can come back, I give you the key you
do whatever you want. I’ve never met anyone that has so many passions
and ideas and some of them never get realized because she is often overwhelmed. I mean shes not able to do as much as she
used to. What do the eyes do- they make you see in a physical
way. So, and why do you want to see, well because
you need to see, you need to be able to cross the street by yourself. I could probably talk a half an hour on
a million examples of why that would be desirable. Makes me you know, angry. I don’t if I would say desperate.I can take
it in stride. -Okay blink your eye, blink. This particular thing which I have is called
macular degeneration. It’s more frequent in aging eyes. -What time is good for you? -What? -What time is good for you? -Doesn’t matter. I’m trying not to think of that because I
think probably such sorts would make one cry. And so seeing- the physical sense of seeing-
very interesting thing to have. But it’s not the only thing there is
in life, there are probably more interesting and there are probably even more interesting things. [Whistling] I like… surprise, blue, the blue sky. Citronic tea. Invention. Invention is really the best. [Whistling] [Laughs] -Bravo!

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  1. fascinating but u really should have had subtitles when she talks cause some of the stuff is totally lost because she is too far away from the mike or because of her accent so a lot of things she had to say i actually missed. Sadly.

  2. Does anyone know what camera was used for this short? It's amazing the colors everything is amazing.

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