Elgato Key Light – The Best Lights for Streamers?

Elgato Key Light – The Best Lights for Streamers?

– What’s up guys? Welcome back once again to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel. Today, we have a super exciting video, I guess you kind of know
about it since you’ve clicked on the title and you’ve
seen the thumbnail. But Elgato have released
their brand new product today, called the Elgato Key Light. It’s going to be a lighting
setup for streamers, YouTubers, any kind of creative person that is doing something at their computer and needs proper lighting. And we’re going to be
diving deep into what the product’s all about, how to set it up, and what it will do for
your stream in this video. Now when it comes to
streamers and lighting, I think most people fall
into one of three categories. Firstly, they have no lighting at all. Now this is just bad use of your camera. Your camera performs
better with more light. All cameras, webcams, they all perform better with more light, so the people aren’t
lighting their cameras at all are really going to have a
massive performance improvement if they start to light themselves with a light source of some sort. The second kind is the people that are using huge softboxes and traditional photography
lighting to light themselves. Now, these things typically
take up a lot of room, they produce a lot of heat, they’re not very efficient, and they really require your
desk to be pulled out away from the wall so that you can
fit these large light stands as well as the large light domes to be able to light yourself. I’ve said light three times in a row there for different meanings. And the third group of
people are the people who have moved to an LED setup similar to what I’ve been using
over the last six months. These are like LED panels, they’re much smaller, they still require your
desk to be pulled away, ’cause you still need to
somehow mount them probably from the floor from a
light stand of some sort and they’re also super fiddly, you need to get round the
back of the light panel to be able to control the brightness or the color temperature. So, what the Key Light from Elgato is is it’s an LED panel made up of 80 LEDs, outputting up to 2,500 lumens, completely controllable
from your computer, either PC or MAC. So, you can control the brightness, you can control the color temperature. And one of the really
cool things is if you have a Stream Deck or a Stream Deck Mini, you can control all of those things from the Stream Deck itself, as well. There’s a nice soft defusion to the light because of the front panel
that they’ve mounted on it and it’s also fully adjustable
using the metal desk mount. So, it doesn’t need a
tripod to sit on the floor and your desk to be brought out, you simply mount it to your
desk so you can push your desk all the way back against the wall. So, it’s interesting to think about who this Key Light is aimed at. And obviously, Elgato built
quite a few different products for streamers and content creators alike, and I think this really fits
in with that target market. So, Twitch streamers or YouTube streamers, people that are streaming their gameplay, or podcasts, or any kind of show, they’re live streaming
themselves at their computer, need good lighting, this is definitely the
kind of product for you. But, also people that are
creating content for YouTube, things like makeup tutorials
or tech reviews maybe, where you need a really
well-lit space whilst at your computer. I think that’s the target
market that Elgato are after. So, inside the box you get a
nice big instruction manual or just a single page manual
of how to set up the Key Light, as well as, the three pieces of kit, which is the Key Light itself, the pole mount which is
telescopic to be able to set it at any height, as well as, a six-foot, or 180 centimeter, universal AC adapter to
be able to power the unit. So, these are super simple
to mount to your desk, very, very similar to a
VESA mount for a monitor, or a boom arm mount for a microphone. So, if you’ve done either of those before, it’s exactly the same. All you really need to
do is set the clamp size to the thickness of your desk, position it where you want the light to be and then attach the light to the top of the telescopic pole
just with a little screw and then you can position
the light exactly as you want in terms of tilt and
which direction it faces and you can adjust the height of the light by tightening and loosening
the telescopic pole. It is capable of a brightness
of up to 2,500 lumens. Of course, this is adjustable. As well as, a color range of
between 2,900 and 7,000 Kelvin. Again, this is going to be
adjustable through the software or through your Stream Deck. The dimensions come in at
350 mil by 250 millimeters with a thickness of just 30 millimeters. The pole mount, as I mentioned, is telescopic, allowing you to set it to
whatever height you would like so that it is mounted above your monitors. The minimum is 55 centimeters up to a maximum of 125 centimeters, which is 22 inches to 49
inches for imperial units. Now, the Key Lights
themselves are designed to be software controlled
so that you don’t need to go round the back of
the device to be able to change things like color temperature, or brightness, or even
to turn them on and off. So, the idea behind that
is that you need to pair the light first with
your Wi-Fi connection. And you can do that by using PC, Windows PC, macOS, as well as, phones. So, Android and iOS you
can also set up the lights to connect to the Wi-Fi
connection using them. The software itself that
you actually use to control the lights once it’s all set up is called Elgato Control Center. And that can just be downloaded
from the Elgato website. And all of the setup
and pairing instructions are included on that big sheet that comes with the Elgato Key Light. Now that I have finished
setting up the lights, I have one above my camera here, raised quite high on my left hand side, and one a little bit lower
down on my right hand side. I’ve got them all set
up with the software, so they’re working as intended, and I wanted to show you
exactly what controlling them with the software looks like. So, if you look down
here in the bottom right, we have Elgato Control Center running and we can control each
light’s color temperature and brightness individually. So, these lights by the
way, they get crazy bright. I can’t ever imagine running them at 100%. My camera right now is running at 200 ISO, which is really quite low. But if I change that up to
something standard like 400, you can see I’m already
starting to get blown out and these lights are running at 50% max. I’m going to show you
what a 100% looks like. I’m going to be completely blown out. So, that’s 100% of just one of the lights and you can see, I mean, I wouldn’t want to
play games with the light on that bright anywhere, I think it would be too distracting. Back at 50%, and even then I need to drop
my ISO right down to 200 to be a better looking image really. You can also control the color
temperatures of the lights so they go all the way from 4700 Kelvin, which is what it’s set at for default, up to 7,000 which is a
very, very blue light. I should really be doing
both of these together so you can see how the
light actually affects it. And then if we go all
the way to the warmest, which is 2900 Kelvin, you can see you get a
much more orange light. Again, the default is 4700. And another thing I thought
I’d mention is you can, rather than having to play around with these controls separately, you can actually lock the lights together. So if you come up here and
click Link Accessory Controls, then the lights will forever
be linked in color temperature or in brightness, so you can control them
both as you wish to. I’m just going to separate them again because I like to have this main one, my Key Light, to be a bit brighter than this one which is called the fill light. Even though they’re both
technically Elgato Key Lights. Another thing worth mentioning
is a few months ago I did a video on how you can add LUTs, or cinematic filters, to your webcam overlay
in OBS or Streamlabs OBS, and a well-lit webcam
makes a huge difference for those LUTs. So, click up in the top corner
if you would like to learn how to add a cinematic
filter to your webcam to, you know, change some of the colors and just make things look
a lot more professional. But you’re definitely going
to get a massive benefit now that you are lit properly, too. So, you know how easy it is now to control these lights from the software, but what happens if you
want to integrate this with a Stream Deck or a Stream Deck Mini, if you’ve purchases any
of those in the past? Well, the latest update to
the Stream Deck allows you to do that, as well. So, if you’ve got the latest version, you can always check for updates, but you open up the Stream Deck software and you should see that you have this new section for Control Center. You can turn lights on and off, change the brightness, and
change the color temperature. So, why don’t we just do each of those just quickly to show you. So, you drag it on to where
you want in your Stream Deck. This is on and off. You select the light that you would like to control with that, and it really is as simple as that. Now, if I hit the button
on my Stream Deck, you can see that that light turns off. Hit it again, it turns back on again. Now, the brightness and
color temperature controls for the Stream Deck, they just let you to
set certain brightness and certain color temperatures. So, you can’t do anything
cool like holding it down to decrease the brightness
or something like that. I really hope that Elgato add
that kind of functionality in ’cause I can see it being really useful. But, you could just set a few
different types of brightness, or maybe a few different hotkeys. Or maybe put all of
these inside of a folder if you’d like to, for maybe three different
steps of brightness, or three different color temperatures, and then each time you press
that button on your Stream Deck you’re going to get that brightness
or that color temperature. One last thing that I would
love to see Elgato implement is the ability to turn off and
turn on both of these lights with one key press. I’ve suggested this as feedback and because it’s just a software thing, it’s the kind of thing I
can imagine them putting into a future update. Now, the final thing that we’re going to be talking about is price. These Elgato Key Lights, they come in at $200,
or £180, for the kit. And while that is on the expensive side, I think they’re taking a similar approach to what Elgato have done
with their green screens. You can certainly purchase
cheaper green screens and cheaper LED sets on sites like Amazon, but the convenience, the feature set, the ease of use, all of these things add
up and I really do think that these are a worthwhile
purchase for a streamer that has a little bit of money
to spend in their budget. Because you get that
completely wireless control, you never need to go around
the back of your lights to change the, you know, to turn them on and off, or to change the brightness or to change the color temperature. Completely controlled from your computer or from your Stream
Deck, if you have them. That’s just so convenient. As well as, the ability to
push them right up against the wall as you can
clamp them to your desk and your desk can be against your wall. You don’t need to invest in light stands, you don’t need to have this horrible desk in the middle of your room type thing. It’s just, I think, the convenience there is
well worth the extra price that you would be paying
over a cheaper Amazon set. I also think that the actual
light panels themselves are a lot higher quality than the ones that you find on Amazon. They get crazy bright, I honestly can’t imagine
anybody running these at 100%. Even if you only had one, I think it would be enough to
really brightly light yourself and for any webcam or camera to be able to pick you up very, very nicely. The ability to be able to
control that color temperature, as well, can really suit your environment. You know, if you have different bulbs in the rest of your house, you can match that color temperature which you can’t always do with the light kits available on Amazon. If you would like any more information on these Key Lights from Elgato, I have a couple of links down
in the description below. The first of which is
to the Elgato website where you can read more of the tech specs and more of the other
products that Elgato offer. And the second is a link to Amazon, it’s a global link so no
matter where you’re from, if you click that it will take you to your local Amazon store
where you can check the price and purchase if you would like to. That link is an affiliate
link which gives me a small commission if you do
end up purchasing the lights at no extra cost to you. So, I really appreciate that if you are looking to pick them up. Finally, if you have learned
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you in the next video. Peace. (upbeat music)

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