Ellen Keeps Up with Kourtney Kardashian

Ellen Keeps Up with Kourtney Kardashian

– I love that.
That’s fantastic. – Thank you. Kylie got it for me
for Christmas. – Isn’t that lovely? – And my mom,
who’s here with me, hiding out in the back… – I meant to say hi to her,
but what about her? – You can say bye after.
Or hi. – Yeah, I’ll say hi and bye.
– Hi, bye. – And your mom what? – She just told me
that she picked it out. I thought Kylie picked it out. Now I was like, is it even cool? – What did you give her
for Christmas? – I got her–actually
it was, like, a photograph of Kendall from
her first-ever runway. And I was like, “Kendall, you’re gonna die unwrapping
the present that I got.” – Did she love it?
– She did. – Yeah, I saw her
over the holidays. – I heard. I feel like you see my
family members more than I do. – Yeah, well,
I didn’t know that we were gonna
run into each other, but she was there and–
– In St. Barts. – Yeah, saw her and Harry,
and they’re a cute couple. Right?
– I don’t know. You know, I’ve– you know more than I do.
– Really? – I’m telling you.
– They’re a cute couple. Yeah.
– Good. – Have you not met him? – I have not. – He’s very sweet. He’s–he’s good-looking. – He is good-looking.
– Yeah, he’s a good-looking guy. What is your app and
what do you share on your app? – So, my app–all of our apps
are pretty much lifestyle apps, and I think, you know, we each
get to share our passions. And I love interior design, so– and I know you do, too,
and I just saw your book, and it’s amazing. And so, you know, I share
a lot about interior design, I share a lot about mom stuff because all my friends will
ask me questions. You know, like, where did
you get Mason’s night light? Like,
when I Instagrammed a photo. – Mm-hmm.
– It’s like, the stars that
go all over the ceiling, like a star projector. So, just, like, any little tips that people always ask me about.
– Mm-hmm. – Or even through social media, like,
I’ll notice certain questions that I get asked about a lot.
– Mm-hmm. – So it’s really cool
to just share, like, about our life
and, you know, lifestyle, and to have one place that,
you know, people can go to
to get all information about us. But I would say mine’s the
most curated out of all of them. – And do you give advice on–
like, how do you have– You have three children
under the age of– how old is your oldest? – Six.
– You have– I have a puppy
and I cannot keep up. I don’t know how you have three
children under the age of six. And you’re doing it by yourself. – Yes, and, like, I do–
I was scared to do my app, because I’m like,
when am I gonna have the time? And I said I really don’t
want to take on any projects unless I really am passionate
about them… – Mm-hmm.
– And will give it my all. And so, I work on my app, like, at night
when the kids go to bed, and even if it’s, like,
30 minutes and just, like, work on it.
– Mm-hmm. – But I love doing it, so…
– Yeah. Well, that’s great.
All right. We’re gonna–does Justin Bieber
help with the kids at all, or… – Um, no, only– – That’s the rumor.
I know y’all are just friends, right,
or are you really dating him? – Yes, we’re friends.
– You’re friends? – Yes.
– But why are you smiling that way? [laughter] – We’re friends.
– You’re smiling as if that maybe it’s beyond friends. – I’ve been smiling
this whole time since I’ve been sitting here. – No, no, not like that. That was a whole
different thing. It just changed from smiling to,
like, a whole other– – Okay.
– Okay, look, now you’re drinking water.
– Yeah. – I know– [laughter] All right.
We’ll take a break and talk more about things
that make you uncomfortable. It’s been a crazy year
with everything. With Caitlyn and then
with Lamar overdosing. And, you know, Khloe was here, and we talked to her then. And we just talked
during the break that we should FaceTime Khloe and talk about
how Lamar is doing. – Yeah, yeah.
– ‘Cause it’s better. So, I think we have–
– Let’s FaceTime her. – Let’s FaceTime Khloe. – Um…
– Where–you have to do something.
– I have my phone. And Lamar is doing great,
by the way. He was over over the weekend.
[phone trilling] Kho-Kho.
– Hi. [cheers and applause] – Is Kourt so nervous? – No, she was just telling us about her and Justin Bieber
and their relationship. [laughter] She went so far into detail,
I was really surprised. – I heard you know more
about that than I would. – Yeah.
– Yeah, you were there. – Yeah.
– On your Instagram. – Uh-huh.
– Yeah. – What?
– When you said friends. – Oh, yeah, yeah.
– “Just friends, everyone.” – Yeah, so, Khloe,
we were talking about Lamar. First of all,
you look fantastic. You look gorgeous. – This is how
she looks always FaceTiming. – All the time? – Guys, look,
this is my selfie light on, and this is it off. Boring. Gorgeous. – Yes.
– Wow. [applause] – Why is my selfie light
not on my phone right now? – Yeah, why is it–
– ‘Cause you’re a loser, apparently.
– I know. – Yeah.
– Serious loser. – So let’s talk about
how Lamar is doing. Kourtney says great. – He’s good.
He’s really good. I actually just told him
I had to go FaceTime you guys. – So he’s–is he more aware? Because he hadn’t been out
and now I guess he’s been to the house,
and he’s walking around and talking
and remembering things? – Yeah, no,
he’s doing really good. His long-term memory is great. His short-term memory isn’t
so good. But I mean,
if I met someone earlier today, I probably wouldn’t remember,
either. – Yeah.
– So, I mean, that’s understandable. But he’s great. He’s hung out with
Kourt’s and Kim’s kids. He loves family time. So he’s been doing really good. I think it makes him feel good
to be around everyone, too, and to just be in, like,
a happy environment over, obviously, where he was. – Well–
– And I think also, like, we’ve explained to him, like,
the situation, and, like, we were told,
you know, he had, like,
four hours to live, so, it’s like a miracle, really.
– Yeah. – And it’s crazy.
Every day he’ll ask me, like, “So, what happened to me?”
Like, today, specifically, he was like, “So how many tubes
did I have in me again?” And I’m like, “I don’t know
what’s too serious to tell you.” But I’m honest.
I’m like, “Well, just a lot.” I don’t–I didn’t count,
I don’t know. But it’s good that
he wants to know these answers, because before he did it,
he didn’t want to know– he wasn’t ready to know. So it’s great that
he’s at the point that he’s ready to know
everything that happened. – Yeah, it sure is.
Well, that’s great to hear. I’m glad–and I’m glad that
you were there for us to call you.
And great talking to you. And we love Kourtney.
– And we got to go.

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