Emergency Lighting Candlelier Lantern

Emergency Lighting Candlelier Lantern

hey everybody mr. Andrews are here this is my candle ear with 9 our candles video now the candle ear is this great device here that has 39 our candles inside and it does a few different things first we’re going to try and light these you can see each of these cylinders pushes up the kit there’s a spring inside that pushes the candle up as it burns down which is I think is a great idea okay so you just pop that in there like that and what this does is it creates light okay it’s basically a lantern for nine hours it also produces some heat and you can heat up hot water so when the power is out you could have you know a cup of noodles or tea or whatever and they also make a small one okay that you could definitely do a little cup of tea this you can heat up a smaller pot of water here these nine our candles each of these come in three packs they don’t smell as bad as some other candles so I do like these you can also get this candle ear kit to hold the whole thing you can put your candles up front here it’s a really great thing you always want another way to heat up hot water and provide light for when the power is out like comment subscribe to my channel and go to mr. ng zara.com thank you you you

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  1. I have one of those, but i can't find any other candles for it. Do you know of a place were i can get them?

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