[ENG] 72m SUPERYACHT TANKOA “SOLO” – ONE OFF Yacht Construction and Interiors – The Boat Show

[ENG] 72m SUPERYACHT TANKOA “SOLO” – ONE OFF Yacht Construction and Interiors – The Boat Show

(intense music) (relaxing music) – Hello, and welcome to The Boat Show. Today, we’re in Genoa, Italy, on a very hot and sticky
day at the Tankoa Shipyard for the launch of it’s latest
super yacht, 72 meter Solo, designed inside and out
by Francesco Paszkowski. For the next few weeks, following the launch from
the dry dock behind me, the yacht will stay here tied
up the dock for finishing, but will be ready for
her international debut at the Monaco Yacht Show
at the end of September. Solo is Tankoa’s third launch to date, following on from 69 meters
Suerte and 50 meter Vertige. But it’s an interesting project in so far as this yacht started as an existing hull and superstructure. In fact, Solo was a sister ship to Suerte, and building started over a decade ago when the shipyard was founded. But sadly, they ran into difficulties with a financial crisis in 2008. The shipyard approached Michel Karsenti, an experienced yachting consultant and now sales director at the ship yard. He suggested redesigning
the exterior profiles and the layouts to bring
them more up to date, and the plan worked. Both yachts sold. Solo in 2016, incidentally,
to the same owner, but not at the same time. – The original boat that
was designed by Francesco was designed 10 years ago
at the inception of Tankoa with the market expectations
of 10 years ago. The crisis happened by the time the market get back on track. The design was kind of outdated, and we had to put it
back to a certain level where it could be sold
and appealing to clients, and that’s what we did. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] It was first designed to a length of 65 meters, but with a potential
development to 70 or 75 meters, so it was very straight-forward
to add the five meters aft. Although we changed the lines
by adding at lot more curves to the original design which
was based on vertical surfaces, and a more North European look. – And we don’t wanna be too extreme. We see some extreme boats that are spectacular
when they’re launched, and two years later, they
look weird on the water. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] On Solo, we
worked a lot on the sides, especially the upper part
to give more emphasis to the superstructure and the windows. also, to increase their surface area for better visibility when
you’re inside the yacht. Then, there’s the sun deck
where we made more use of the area around the smoke stack, and we worked on the aft
area to create a pool at the owners request as a
sort of in-the-water sofa. Another important thing we
did was add glass inserts into the bulwarks in a
much more marked manner than on Suerte. A further request from the owner was to have a pool for his
private use in front of, what had been the wheelhouse
in the first design, but is now the owner’s suite, with a door on each side to
access the private hot tub, as well as two relaxation areas with sofas hidden behind the bulwarks, so he’s in his own private niche. These are the major areas we touched on. – It’s the end of September, and we’re at the Monaco Yacht
Show less than two months after the launch of
Tankoa’s 72 meter, Solo. Following intensive sea trials, the yachts making her
international debut here, and we’re very lucky today to be able to talk to Margherita
Casprini who together with Francesco Paszkowski
designed the interior of Solo. (soothing techno music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] On this project, we led the owner by the hand, with Francesco dealing
mainly with the exteriors, and me for the final choice of interior furniture and materials. So the end product is really
the result of teamwork. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] There was
a significant contribution from the owner which is always welcome because when you have an
owner who gives you guidelines on what he wants for the
interior in terms of the layout, the color palette and
the choice of materials, the journey becomes a lot less difficult. – He is a hyperactive entrepreneur, fairly-young in his very
early 50s, workaholic. He loves the entrepreneur spirit. He loves the creation. He loves to bring ideas and new ideas. He doesn’t have time to use the boat. Sure, he loves to be on the boat, but mainly he wants to
see finished product after having worked on the
project for 2, 3, 4 years. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] His first request was that he wanted a dark boat, and I mean black, not dark brown, but at the same time, it had
to be cozy and welcoming. (upbeat techno music) So there are three principle woods. Two are oak treated in a
very natural way and darkened to arrive at shades very close to black, but to different degrees. So one is slightly lighter than the other. We were also careful to
retain a natural, tactile feel to the woodwork. The third wood is Macassar ebony which we treated in such a way as to make the normally-brown veining gray to better match the black tones, and which we then gave 100% gloss-finish, so it’s very shiny. To this, we added the textiles
and fabrics that are cozier, not only with regard to the colors which are softer, but still quite cool, but also in terms of their
visual impact and to the touch. The marbles were also very
important in the design process, and we have an antique noir, which is an opaque black
with white veining. We have a cappuccino marble with streaks that go from shades of
brown and gray to butter. And then we have onyx, partly back-lit, which is very precious and
contrasts with the black. The comfiest parts of the
boat, namely the cabins, have been treated with more softness. So, whereas in the
daytime, convivial areas, the trim has a metallic finish, we turned to soft fabric
finishes in the cabins. The boat is designed and
destined for charter, and the layout reveals this vocation, as there are spaces specifically designed to accommodate charter guests. Such as finding the taste
not only of a single person, but of a wider target group, certainly isn’t all that simple. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] So the number
of cabins, the crew services, the hotel facilities, and the galley must be
perfectly implemented because the restaurant
service has to run constantly, three times a day. And the crew must be able to function on board more efficiently because they’re moving around all day, so you have to study how the stairs work, how they get from bow to stern. All these functions take priority over design considerations, so you could say, functionality takes
precedence over imagination. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] Another primary
material is natural leather which in this case is ivory in color, stitched and worked to create a movement all along the edges, that creates the effect
of being both more solid, and more sinuous and the same time. This gentleman was
created by Dario Tironi, a young, Italian artist,
who creates these figures using every day pieces of scrap plastic. But he manages to give
them a realistic shape and substance that I find
curious and interesting, above all because the bright
colors contrast so well with the absence of color
in the rest of the yacht. The bronzes in the two
lobbies, on the other hand, are the work of Matteo Pugliese, another young, Italian artist. And the last, major artist is Hugo Riva, whose angel sculpture is
positioned at the entrance of the boat to welcome the guests. – Let’s just recap some of
those main specifications. She’s 72 meters overall with
a maximum beam of 11.6 meters. One thousand, six hundred gross tons, which is a measurement
of her interior volume. And a top-speed of 17.5 knots. At max-speed, she has a range
of 3,000 nautical miles, but that increases to an
incredible 7,000 nautical miles, that’s the equivalent of
crossing the Atlantic twice, at an economical speed of ten knots. – Tankoa is this kind of alternative where we deliver North European quality, very high specification, a
perfectly engineered product. We’re above the price of
most other Italian shipyards, but we’re still a lot
less than Northern Europe. So if you think about Solo for instance, and the standard specification, we have things like
technically paperless bridge, Boëning integrated bridge, soot burners for the generators. That means that you open the beach club, you open the terraces, you’re at anchor with the venturi effect,
the air flows naturally into the beach club. You will have no soot.
You will have no smell, and that’s important, and we have catalytic carbon
filters for the main engines. We have four fins with two
independent hydraulic groups, so if you lose one, you still
have two fins functioning because again, when the boat leaves, basically, we want a happy client. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] The
shipyard made every effort, so that we could end up with
a very different product compared to those we are
used to seeing in Italian, and even North European Yacht building. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] If there
had not been the same level of commitment and the
fun we had along the way, this adventure would’ve
been a lot more difficult. – We are new in terms of brand, but not new in yacht construction. It’s in our DNA for a long, long time. (speaking in foreign language) – [Translator] The success of a shipyard is created by people. When you have the right team behind you, you see the difference in
the product immediately, and if you have any conflict, you see that in the product too. – I spent my life
traveling around the world, seated with clients. I understand what they want,
and what they don’t want. It takes years and years and years to get a client seated with us, to get a client to commit to build a boat. It takes one wrong move to
lose that client forever. – Having seen something of
Solo, both inside and out, and having spoken with the designers, you might be excused for thinking that the yacht is perfect in every way and ready for delivery to her owner. Well, with most shipyards,
that would be the case, but not with Tankoa. Because in this case, they’re competing with
yards in Northern Europe, via Holland and Germany
in terms of quality, and almost perfect is not enough, so immediately after the show, the yacht will return
to the shipyard in Genoa to undergo the final
fine-tuning to make sure that the yacht really is perfect in time for delivery to her owner. (intense music)

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