[ENG]Shoes room self-interior / 무신사 촬영 전 셀프 신발룸 인테리어하기! 갖고 있는 신발 소개❤️

[ENG]Shoes room self-interior / 무신사 촬영 전 셀프 신발룸 인테리어하기! 갖고 있는 신발 소개❤️

Today I am using my phone camera on selfie mode to record this video. The quality might not be that great just to give you guys a heads up. Anyway, if you guys look here there is a lot of packages that I just received. These three are shoe boxes I ordered about 15 shoe boxes but it was very very expensive. But after contemplating a lot, I decided to buy it. Before I start doing any work, I will show you guys the “before” (Before AKA a trash closet.) This too, is what it looks like after I did some organizing. And over here are some heels and boots and I have a shoe box that I was using over here but it’s too weak so I ordered a new one These guys These guys are ones that I’ve recently taken to the dry cleaners and are now clean. When I moved here there used to be no light in here but I asked them to put some lighting in so they did. (Timelapse of organizing shoe closet) Let’s go!! (Making the new floor tiles) (Putting the Shoe rack together) (Putting in the Shoe Boxes) (First round of organizing done!!) I had this many shoes?? (Decorating the closet!) (The never-ending organization of shoes…) And finally my shoe closet organization is complete!! Isn’t it cool?? Over here, to be honest these posters there’s a meaning to them even though it’s a meaning that only I know, anyways, this guy has “Los Angeles” written on it and also says surf club on it. I really like LA, I really like LA and I really want to try surfing but its one of the things I’ve never gotten to do so this sort’ve represents like my “wish list” and reminds me that one day I will try surfing. And this “Hawaii” one is because I’ve never gotten to go to Hawaii before but I really want to go so it represents me going to Hawaii one day and surfing! These are on my “wish lists” And over here, honestly these images are this one holds the title of/means “dancing water” I feel like a lot of you guys will know. And on top here, these are all of Paris. These ones here I’ve also never been to Paris And so because I want to be able to go to Paris one day this too is sort’ve a wall that represents all the countries/places I would like to visit someday. That is the concept of these posters. And over here although the two on top are still empty because I don’t know which ones to put in there so I haven’t put anything in there yet, but over here are all my shoes. And most of the shoes that I cherish are Nike because I really like Jordans. I have some backboards here And these are Chicago’s. Oreo (?) And this guy came out when Spiderman came out as a limited edition they sent me these from Nike. And these too are Jordan 3 series shoes. And these too I think I bought this one with my own money and I think I was sent these. And this one I received as a gift from someone. And these are some 11’s that I really like. These two are both a series that I really like but I’ve worn this guy a lot because this was the first pair of Jordans that I bought. I bought this at the resell price in Myeongdong when I knew nothing about shoes I was crazy and bought these for 260,000won… And these are shoes I bought in Canada for 100,000won and they are both from the same line. And I think these were cheaper because they were either Girls size or kids size. This guy is my Yeezy 700s I got this as a gift too, I received a lot of gifts. And this one too I received from Nike not too long ago Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 5 This one right now is probably a shoe that a lot of people want to buy right now but mine is already dirty like this because as soon as I wore it I did a marathon so all the spikes on the bottom fell off so it’s a bit of a shame but there’s nothing I can do about it now. And so like this you guys have seen me make/transform my closet! And it took me a lot longer than I imagined, I thought I could make this in about 3 hours? But it took me nearly 4-5 hours. I’m actually going to be showing you guys my closet on Musinsa TV Show Me The Closet (This was the day before) This is something that I was planning to do since the day I moved in but after delaying it and delaying it and delaying it now I’ve finally gotten around to it because I literally have to for work tomorrow. (True side of Mina Myoung) The day before I film. I’ve made it! *Applause* I’m so tired But now that I see it like this, I’m happy/proud. And I have to still in this situation clean my house. Thank you for watching everyone, please watch Musinsa TV’s Show Me The Closet!! Bye bye!! (In the middle of filming Show Me The Closet) I’m filming for Musinsa TV right now but the producer has a hole in his sock!!! You turned that around right? You’re gonna upload this on Youtube later on right? Yes I’m thinking about doing so~ Ah yes~ After we upload ours. Yes yes of course, after you guys upload it first. I know at least that much don’t worry! (Pro Youtuber Mina Myoung) Should I go? 1, 2, 3! Q: After you moved, we heard you organized a lot. How much and how did you organize? I organized until 4am yesterday. But up until then, it was really a giant mess and I still haven’t really organized to the amount that I want to like I have to still change some furniture and stuff but I didn’t have any time to so I just sort’ve made it work with what I have now. I don’t really like it personally but it did end up taking a lot of time even picking these out took a lot of time like around 3 weeks? Yeah I think it took a bit of time… Yes, hello I am 1million’s choreographer, Mina Myoung!

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  1. 신발이 증말증말 많네용…!!!하루하루 골라신는 재미가있을것같,,,💃🏻👞미나쌤(?)유튜브 번창하쎄용…!!✨

  2. I watched the MusinsaTV and thought the shoe closet was pretty amazing… then I see the "before"! 🤣🤣 ( so great to see you're human too. )

  3. Wow there are a lot of shoes <3 but Mina I saw that you had more shoes than the shoes you show us in the video like Air Forçe,Adidas…Where are them?Love youuu

  4. OMG!!! 😍😍😍 I always notice your shoes dress accessories and everything!! Watching your shoes collection!!Amazing!!😘😍 Love you Mina…ur die hard fan😊

  5. watching mina organize sneakers for us 😭😭😭 right in the feels 저희랑 촬영하려고 이렇게 예쁘게 정리하셨다니 감동의 롬곡…

  6. 🤗Wow! Mina, thanks for such an interesting video, I watched it with pleasure!
    It would be great if you shot a video where you talk about their advantages / disadvantages! The video would be very helpful😊
    Hello from Russia!😋

  7. Mina love you soo mucuh!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Minaaa I'm a new fan,I knew you from 1 Million dance studio,and I just found youre account…btw love you're style in shoes plus clothes,I love how the room is now!❤💞

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