Ep 10 Building My Dream Home – New House Tour, Design Ideas, Tips!

Ep 10 Building My Dream Home – New House Tour, Design Ideas, Tips!

Hey guys! The time is here and the house is
done. I’d like to show you around come on in. As we come in we are in this beautiful
foyer area. We’re greeted with a lot of natural light and you can see the big timber
trusses right above us. I really like this whole open concept because there’s so much beautiful stuff in this house, that you can actually appreciate it from pretty much anywhere. One of the first things that you see right when you walk in are the double barn doors. It looks absolutely beautiful. We have this really massive header above there that has a really
nice arch top, just the craftsmanship is extraordinary, right when you walk in, right above us we
have this big 12″x12″ beam. In fact when you look throughout the whole great room area
you can see that 12″x12″ spanning the whole perimeter, and that’s what those timber trusses come down on. So right as you walk in, we have this dining room area. So one side of
the dining room is a butler’s pantry. What I like about the butler’s pantry is it has
these eight- foot-tall double swing doors. They go either direction – really massive hinges on here. Those hinges I think just look very appropriate with the house. It’s the style
and a lot of these details that I really appreciate and it even matches the door hardware that you see on all the cabinetry throughout the home. And as we head into the kitchen we can see a continuation of the same exact style, the same door style as well as wood species. But
on the island I decided to go with an accent. What I also did with the island that’s a little
bit different is that a flush toe kick. It gives it more of a furniture appearance. Now
in the toe kick on the perimeter here, I’ve got a recess toe kick and that allowed me
to do the under-cabinet lighting. In fact you’ll see under cabinet lighting also on
the wall cabinets and above those wall cabinets. This is one of the meal staging areas in the
kitchen. It’s nice, it’s out of the hot zone, so you don’t have a lot of action over here.
This helps prepare for dinner and then what you also see over here is a second kitchen
sink. Someone can be cutting up veggies over here and another one can be prepping over
here. I really like this Wolf induction oven here; what I really like about the induction
top is that very easy for me to clean. And also let’s say you’re boiling water, you can
boil water twice as fast, you can cook everything very evenly. And there’s also plenty of room
on both sides of the countertop here to set any hot dishes or any of your prep food. Speaking
of countertops, the solid surface top, look how thick that is there and this nice radius
on the top. This top over here is a quartz slab and it looks absolutely massive. One
of things I also like is I’ve got a dishwasher over here and then this faucet is a special
faucet. If I have dirty hands or let’s say I’m washing dishes, I can easily turn it
on and off with just any touch to the faucet. This sink over here has the same exact faucet,
what it also has is a hot and cold water spigot. So what I can do is actually make my morning
tea and it comes out with boiling hot water. Some extra consideration that we had when
designing the sink base is we actually put a fully functional drawer below. A lot of
people would have a dummy drawer here, one that is not operable. In this case I was able
to actually use the same amount of space and get more functionality. We did the same thing
on the island here too, so we’ve got that sink base, notice the soft close on that drawer
as well as on the doors here too. Speaking of this island, need to see how much functional
storage there is in here, both of these they look like decorative end panels don’t they,
but I can have spices here. I can also remove this the shelf here and I can actually have
a bunch of trays. Also over here, by these island stools, I figured this would be a perfect
place to keep a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t access much. And then over here is the microwave
drawer. I get a lot of questions about this. All you do is press a button and it opens
up it makes it really easy to take a heavy dish and set it in there or to of course lift
out the hot dish. I like entertaining and having people over for holidays and such,
and usually I’ll need the crockpot, by the way that was an extra deep drawer there really
easy to store this away. Now when I have this all set up it’s going to be important to keep
it running, that’s why it’s nice to actually have an outlet right in the island and I also
have plenty of room here for setting out other dishes. Now even if I’m not entertaining,
how nice for me to be able to plug in my blender, which I use daily right here and I have cords
dangling over the countertop. Now the other appliance I get a lot of questions about is
this professional series Sub-Zero refrigerator. What I really liked about it is that it is
extra tall. And I wanted that height throughout the whole kitchen. We have 4 big windows up
here the ceiling gets as tall as 22 feet. We also have this incredible range hood over
here. This range hood is something special that Golden Eagle does. It takes actually
a lot of extra engineering to make sure we’re supporting all this weight because here is
a 4 by a 5 hewn band board up here and actually matches the rest of the wood styling throughout
the house and that stone up there is the same stone that you see on the fireplace. But before
we head over there, I just want to point out the extra height we did in these cabinets.
We actually have glass up there, it has a rough industrial finish. I think those industrial
elements throughout the kitchen as well as the whole home tie in really well and you’ll
easily see them in the light fixtures. So actually, the glass finish on this light fixture
is very similar to the glass finish in the cabinetry itself. This huge fireplace is just
the center of the home. I really like this stone style, I think it gives me a rugged
timber theme but what I really like the most is this incredible wood burning fireplace,
it’s 45 inches wide here. This thing can heat the entire home. It’ll heat up to 2300
square feet and it is something that will last me a lifetime, that’s for sure. I really
like the little details here in the round radius on the hearth here as well as the stone
up here on the mantle looked really neat. This is where I’m spending most of my time
so I want to make sure felt comfortable and a big part of feeling comfortable is having
a really nice lighting. This here accents up the ceiling highlighting those incredible
timber trusses. As you’ve probably figured out by now I really get into lighting and
the way of space feels. So for me to just be able to sit down have my fireplace right
there, T.V. ahead of me, incredible view, really nice ambient lighting but there’s still
a lot more to show you so let’s head on over to the master suite. As we enter the master
suite you can see there’s a big 8-foot-tall door that’s actually a common theme throughout
this whole center section because the walls are 10 feet tall that not only allows for
us to have that 12-inch band board but also really massive trim around the doors. I love
the way the master suite turned out and one of my favorite things is the incredible view,
just look at all these windows. These craftsman style grids have wood on the interior and
a maintenance free aluminum cladding on the exterior, you’ll notice that these windows
seem extra tall. Well that’s because these are 9-foot walls in here that allowed us to
go with taller windows. I also have a sloped soffit line which allowed me to go taller
with the header heights in here. What that really allows for is I can be laying in bed
and easily see the stars at night, that happens pretty often. But I also have so much natural
light coming in through these windows it just peers off this vaulted ceiling and you can
see how that loft space is so well lit. Now remember, this was originally just going to
be a tall wall going up there and then I saw a great opportunity to open this area up.
I really like how it turned out. In fact, I’m going to sneak up there right away and
just show you how neat it looks. It’s just incredible how this all turned out. You can
see the four beams that are following the ceiling tying into the big bridge beam up
here. This also is a custom railing made out of rebar, there’s a big space up here I
could do a lot of things, but I think I’ll primarily use it as a quiet reading spot.
We’re actually coming down into the master closet area and there is a really neat closet
organizer system in here. You’ll notice this cabinetry here it actually matches what
we see in the master bath. This here is a rustic hickory. I think it looks absolutely
beautiful, look at the way this solid surface top just angles across. We’ve got really nice
integrated bowls here and this solid surface is very easy to clean, especially with these
wall mounted faucets. What always catches my attention when I walk in is these industrial
looking lights. I really like how they reflect in this large mirror. But you’ll notice
that I kind of have a unique trim around here. I actually asked Golden Eagle to send me out
some extra material and I made sure to stain at this dark finish. That way it not not only
matched my faucets, but it gave it more of the bold accent that I was looking for. This
walk in the shower turned out really well. I really like it there is basically nothing
to step over when you get in here it’s up perfect transition from the rest of the floor.
I also really like this glass wall it goes all the way from floor to ceiling it allows
me to really appreciate the rest of the tile in here. You’ll notice that there are two
rain heads in here and they each have their own temperature controls. So not only will
each person have their own temperature setting but there’s also a niche for each person to
keep their own stuff in there. This window is waterproof and has obscured glass in here
for privacy. I can’t imagine if I wouldn’t have had this waterproof window in here. This
is something that our designed team absolutely encourage because this space allows for the
natural light to not only flow into the shower highlighting all this beautiful tile but it
also goes with this glass wall and closed off the rest of the master bath. If you have
the space, I highly recommend a powder room. Not only do you get your own private toilet
but also a nice sink area that we can wash your hands before you exit. By the way, I
just love the space saving features of these pocket doors. I really like having this door
between the walk-in closet and the laundry. It is just incredibly convenient, it’s easy
for me to pop in and out. Another really nice thing is that someone still sleeping in the
master suite you can kind of get out of this area without disturbing anyone. Look at all
this countertop area makes it really nice for folding. I even have a insert on the countertop
here. Now of course you can add your regular laundry tub for soaking items in here and
when you’re doing that you can leave just over the top and still be folding stuff. A
home like this lends itself to unique spaces, there’s actually a plant shelf right above
us. Some people might call that mini loft, but basically I can see having Christmas decorations
up there. This is that large header that I had mentioned it’s right on the other side
of the foyer area which has the barn doors. What’s nice about these double barn doors
are when you close them both together it actually gives you privacy in this laundry area. I
really like the functional use of that and it also looks really good when it’s not in
use, by the way all these cabinets up here, really nice for a laundry room area. Now right
when you walk in outside of the garage, there’s this mud room area. Actually have custom cabinetry
here designed through Golden Eagle. We’ve got hooks on here and then for the stuff that’s
not necessarily in season, that can be stored in here and this has closet organizer’s like
what you saw in the master suite. It was important to me to have a space dedicated to the dogs,
that way they could easily come and go as they wish through the doggie door. I also
have cabinetry in here, it allows for me to store their toys and their food is here too.
This whole space is tiled off makes for a really nice continuation from the dog room
into the mud room and then into the laundry. All of this is connected right into the garage.
Really I’m happy with how big it feels in here. Now this is a heated garage and it’s
something that I can actually control through an app on my phone. So I control the in floor
heat. It’s all connected to a boiler and that’s why you see a drain here, right in the middle.
We installed a water source directly in the garage, this will allow me to wash off my
truck in the middle of winter. You’ll also notice that we have drywall in the wall here.
The drywall as well as the timbers throughout the whole garage just made a lot of sense
being that this is a heated space, I need it insulated anyway. The garage doors are
super insulated as well as the walls and the ceiling even this space out here is great
for entertaining. Now you’re probably wondering where do I keep all of my stuff? Well my garage
it is probably going to stay is as organized as you see it right now because I have the
flexibility of utilizing a storage truss right above me here. This room up here is actually
just as large as the garage below. The storage truss is fantastic for things that I wouldn’t
access regularly like Christmas decorations. Now the staircase from the garage into the
basement this is incredibly convenient especially because it’s extra wide and extra tall. I
can move large items down or up the stairs easily and there’s also a special feature
on that dead bolt on there on that door: I can actually unlock it remotely through my
smart phone. It’s incredibly convenient if I ever have a service person coming over to
visit I can give them remote access to that space without them having full access to the
rest of the house. In fact I have those same deadbolts on all of my exterior doors. What’s
nice about that is I can be out of town, I can be away from home and if I am unsure whether
I locked the door or not, I can just check on my phone and then I could lock it remotely
The same thing is applicable with the garage doors too, so I could open or close those
through my phone. Something you’ll see here is there is no step from the garage into the
house, it’s incredibly convenient whether you’re bringing groceries or if you have someone
over who’s in a wheelchair but for me I think of my grandparents. They come to visit me
pretty regularly and it’s nice for them to not have to think about you know the difficulty
of getting upstairs. So this is really a great decision I’m glad I did it. Speaking of my
grandparents, you probably remember when I was showing them my floorplan my grandpa had
suggested to me that it was important to consider well what if you’ve been out grocery shopping
and you want to get home to go to the bathroom and gotta come inside on your groceries and
have a bathroom nearby, you don’t want to run across the house. So this was more of
my grandpa’s vision. And he’s been doing this his whole life, all of us have, it was
really need to be able to take his advice and implement that into my dream home. You
already saw the stair from the garage into the basement. Now this here is the primary
one, this is the one that separates the kitchen and the great room area. It’s extra tall,
42 inches tall here a double top rail, which is more of a craftsman style. And I really
like the channel that goes around these newel posts here just looks extra special you’ll
even notice of these are actually timber stairs and they have wooden pegs that connect into
the stringers below them. Even look at this railing, this metal piping it just ties into
the rest of the industrial look throughout the house, this hewn finish used throughout
the whole home it looks really rough and rugged, more of a reclaimed nature. What I like about
it is that it’s actually smooth by the time it gets sanded down and the sealer goes on
there it’s so smooth that not even a microfiber towel will caught on it. And it’s like that
throughout the whole home whether you’re looking at these timbers or even the trim
here. Now we’re on the other side of the house and this is the guest bathroom. I just
love the way the Herringbone turned out in here. This tile pattern looks absolutely gorgeous
I think it’s a great for a smaller space like this kind of draws the eye and it lengthens
out the room. In the master bathroom we had that window in the shower area I did the same
thing in here it just makes the space feel a lot larger. I really like the way it looks
too and having this barn door style glass door it allows for that light to naturally
come through. Now for the observant person, what I really appreciate about this bathroom
are the rafters on the ceiling. Those are actually structural and they support the kids
lofts in the bedrooms. Let’s go over there and take a look at those. This up here are
those beams that continued through and it’s supporting that kid’s loft up there. It’s
really neat, we’ve got this custom latter going up to here. It’s really neat being up
here this loft area is meant to be for kids that’s why there is a door actually connecting
to the other side. Now both doors would need to be unlocked of course for someone to pass
through but I can just see this be an extra play space or somewhere where someone could
have a sleep over and one of their friends could actually stay up here. Now it’s also
built with the same integrity as we had in the master area. The railing is powder coated
and custom made to be strong and fit perfectly to the space. It’s actually mounted directly
to the floor system. I also of course appreciate these custom timbers with these fluted ends
down here, beautiful looks decorative. And then this here is 2 by 6 decking. This decking
on top here that I’m sitting on is actually the ceiling finish in the bathroom below.
Just like all the other closets in the house, the guest bedrooms have cabinetry inside of
them. What I like about this is it keeps everything in one place. Also I really appreciate that
I don’t have to go buy dressers or make the bedroom any larger to accommodate those dressers.
Before we head outside I’d like to touch on a few of the primary finishes in the house.
The drywall, it is the heavy skip trowel. I think that gives more of an Old World style
and you see a lot of that in my tile selection as well. The flooring, that’s a rustic hickory
and on the ceiling we have more of a reclaimed pine looks absolutely gorgeous and I think
it accents those timbers really well. Let’s head out outside, there’s a lot to show you
out there and I think it’s just as good as the inside. And then outside I want to feel
like an extension of the inside of the home. That’s why I’ve continued with the craftsman
motif. You can see that these light fixtures here, there are also a lot of craftsman elements
on the outside I’d like to show you. The 1st thing that I usually notice is the hand hewn
finish on the outside here. Now this is a big 12 inch vertical corner, I looks really
strong and masculine, it looks like it actually holds up the whole house. And then below that
I’ve extended the cultured stone around the whole perimeter of the house it is actually
the same height throughout. So it’s not only on the foundation but I also raised it up
an extra foot above the decking here. Now this here, this here this is more of a hand-hewn
finish but it’s a very special product. This is called Our 12-inch double hewn and it’s
something created t Golden eagle, my dad actually came up with it. What it has is this double
round on the top and bottom and then a flat on the face. It’s also a unique characteristic
that we went with 10 inch wide trim on the sides of the windows and 12 inches on the
top. Remember when I was in the master bedroom and I pointed out that I can have larger windows
because of my slope soffit that I’m using? Well, this is that slope soffit right here
and you can see that allowed the header heights to go up taller than usual. In fact all the
roof lines are very unique we went out from 3 feet to 4 feet at it’s highest point up
here in the gable. I really like the look of the cedar sawn shakes up in the gable it
contrasts with the log that you see on this walls as well. The stone that you see on the
fireplace chase here. When you look at all of my exterior doors my soffit, and my fascia,
you’ll see that it also matches the same color as this maintenance free railing that we have
here. It was important to me to create an outdoor space that could accommodate having
a lot of people over. I can see where I can have a morning breakfast here or just have
food sitting up there while I have guests over. The Parmeters are really into having
camp fires so it was important me to be able to accommodate 10 to 15 people at one time
that’s why I have these nice Adirondack chairs here. You can even see I was able to incorporate
the landscaping and the boulders into the ceiling around the fireplace area too. In
fact we actually brought in 80 boulders to the jobsite here and that’s how I was able
to bring in more of the mountain setting to the Wisconsin North Woods. This was a very
flat piece of property but as you can see I was able to raise the house out of the ground
which allowed for me to have a lot of beautiful stone on the foundation and tier the boulders
to incorporate some very unique landscaping. Speaking of boulders I just need to show you
what we did with the dog door here, it looks really needs and the dog comes up 3 boulders
to get into the dog room. A really fun elements in the house. Another neat thing is what we
did on the back side of the garage here. This certainly does not look like an ordinary garage
it is full of incredible detail. We have a metal roof up there with 2 by 6 decking below
it and it’s all supported by these rafters with beautiful fluted ends on them. I really
like having the windows here it’s a continuation of the home and then the accent that you see
up there is 1 by 12 board-on-board. It has the hand hewn finish, I think it offers really
good contrast to the horizontal log below. I’ll be finishing off the basement in the
future and I want to maintain the possibility of adding bedrooms down here. That’s why I
decided to put in these large windows they are the same exact size as the windows that
you see up there and all of these have egress window wells. What’s really nice about that
is they let in a lot of natural light and it’s easy to get in and out of them. This
wall is just absolutely beautiful. I really like I broke it up with stone logs and cedar
singles. And then to top it all off I’ve got that beautiful queen arc truss up there. And
we also have that same truss above the garage here. We extended the rake over to be 4 feet
deep that way it protects the truss and also offers more of an accent. You can see this
beautiful metal roof area it’s supported by these rafters again just like what we saw
on the other side of the garage. You know I really appreciate all that detail and I
just had to do it on the main feature of the home which is the covered porch. This covered
porch actually extends the whole length of the front of the house here, we’ve got really
beefy spindles here, the double top rail is really nice double arch brackets, but not
only arched on the inside but also this side too. We’ve got the same rafter supporting
this whole roof to some it’s completely structural and I really like that I’m able to walk up
to my front door, admire this double hewn half log and then also the beautiful front
door. It’s 8 feet tall, 3 and a half feet wide this is forged metal hardware on this
even the doorbell, it’s an incredible feature, it just looks absolutely beautiful. Something
as simple and small as that those are the little decisions that you’re making when you’re
design your own dream home. It’s this kind of attention to detail that really makes it
a Golden Eagle Log and Timber home. They have thought of everything. And they’re one stop
shopping experience made it really easy for me to pick out the home of my dreams. This
is certainly something I’d recommend to anyone. I hope you learned a lot following along on
the construction. If you have any questions about the floor plan or want to see what it
looks like there is a link in the description below. This was a terrific experience I’d
certainly do it again and thanks for joining me and following along. Hey guys, thanks again
for following along and watching all ten episodes. If you’re thinking of building a new home
and want all of the details done just right, then give me or one of our sales advisers
a call. Not only do we do log and timber homes, but we also do conventional custom homes as
well. We have built over 5,000 homes in the US and Canada since my grandparents founded
our company, in 1966. Be sure to subscribe, as we continue to feature new homes, tips,
and ideas.

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