Ep 3 Building My Dream Home – Interior Kitchen & Bath Spaces

Ep 3 Building My Dream Home – Interior Kitchen & Bath Spaces

Narrator: They say creative thinking
inspires ideas. That the smallest details can make the biggest
difference. The design is not just what it looks and feels like, but how it works. On this episode of “Building My Dream Home”,
we’ll follow Zach as he puts the final touches on the interior of his home. Zach: With my floor plan nearly
complete, I’m now ready to focus on the interior details. Today, I’ll be heading over to my showroom
to pick out my kitchen cabinetry, my bathroom vanities, the faucets
as well as the interior doors. All of this will be done with the help of
one of our interior design experts, Derrick Schultz Derrick: The nice thing about building
a new home is you have the ability to start with a clean slate. And we’re going to be able to incorporate
many different accessories into your cabinets. Things that are extremely popular right now
are large, two drawer base cabinets for storing pots and pans, plate storage. Also incorporating roll-out trays. There would be trays inside that you could
pull out that are full extension so they’re going to come all the entire depth of the
cabinet. And then also when you close them, they have
the ability to be soft close as well. So, anything that you would store on there,
whether it be mixing bowls, things of that nature when you slam it shut, it’s not like
they’re going to rattle or shake. And then cutlery dividers, storage for your
utensils near your range top are definitely something that we can look at incorporating
as well. Zach: One of the key features I’d
like to include in the kitchen layout is incorporating a beautiful range hood. And I’m thinking of wrapping that with some
stone around there. Stone that would also match the fireplace
chase on the other side of the home. [00:01:37] Derrick: Well, first of all, tying
your fireplace and your stone up together is going to be beautiful way for those two
areas to complement each other. That’s something that we can really make stand out, can be a ‘wow’ factor. Zach: It’s important to me to
keep clean lines. I think that’s defining with the timber style
that I’m going for with my house, but I do want to make sure to incorporate natural wood in these cabinets,
not necessarily a painted finish on everything. I do like the idea of that island accenting
the rest of this cabinetry. And I also want to make sure to incorporate lighting
underneath the wall cabinets. I think that will light up that surface area
real nicely. Derrick: Pulling in a rustic theme
into your timber frame home, I think would be a good option. So, I think we should take a look at the rustic
woods that we have available. That would be a good place for us to start. And then, once we have the perimeter cabinets
figured out, let’s take a look at your island and we’ll figure out something that complements the rest of the
kitchen. Through Golden Eagle, we have 26 different
wood species that come standard. As well as any other wood species that you
can imagine. What’s most popular for our customers is going to be the rustic wood species but we
also have the more standard, traditional wood species as well that don’t show the knots. One thing that you have to take into consideration is a rustic wood species refers
to the natural characteristics of the wood. So, any of the knot structure or grain pattern
within the door. Derrick: We also have the ability
to distress your doors, which is manmade characteristics such as dings and dents or worn edges. So those are all things we’re going to have to take into consideration for
each room in your home. Narrator: After choosing the cabinets,
they move on to selecting the interior doors. Zach: Until today, I’d never even
considered that my interior doors would actually match my kitchen cabinetry. To have the same color stain, wood species
and markings on those doors, that’s something
that I think will be a nice continuation throughout the home. It should tie everything in very nicely. [00:03:30] Derrick: This cabinet here shows
us a tiered cutlery divider. So, you’ve got two different levels of areas
where you can store spatulas or whether it be knives and forks, things of that nature. This would be good near a prep area as well. Another option that we’re going to have for
our base corner cabinets storage will be the Super Susan cabinet. These rotating trays being that they’re resting
on these fixed items allow you to store more weight on them than you would in the standard
Lazy Susan cabinet. Alright Zach, so now this display here shows
us some other different features and options that we have available to incorporate into
your kitchen. One of them being the soft close doors that we discussed earlier. It is going to be standard for your kitchen,
also soft close, solid wood dovetail construction drawers, full extension soft close standard. This display also shows us a different installation
method for your kitchen sink. This has an apron sink versus your more traditional
drop-in or undermount sink. Also plate racks and open storage that can
be nice focal points and features if you’re interested in any of these items as well. Zach: Being able to utilize the
showroom to actually open up the displays allowed me to envision myself in my kitchen. I’m able to actually make a conscious decision, a very well educated decision on
what will work well for me, how do I like to use my kitchen? [00:04:47] Narrator: Zach and Derrick now
discuss the kitchen island, the bathroom vanities, countertop and sink options as well as the
faucets. [00:04:54] Derrick: Now, a couple things to
take into consideration above and beyond just the style of the faucets, is the fact that
all of these are contractor grade faucets. There’s ceramic valves in the fittings and
things of that nature. These are not the same faucets that you can
purchase at a box store. For the most part all of the finishes are interchangeable based on the
styles. So, for example, if you really fell in love
with this Dryden series faucet, we can get it in Venetian bronze for you instead of the champagne bronze that it’s
currently shown in. [00:05:22] Narrator: With Zach’s plan to heat
the floor in his master bathroom and utilize a barrier free shower entry, Derrick shows
Zach another clever idea to further customize the space. Derrick: Similar to the options
that we had in your flooring, having those heated, we also have that same option available
for your shelving in your home. The advantages to heating your shelving would
be to give yourself warm towels when you jump out of the shower to wrap yourself in, once
you step out. Narrator: Next, they discuss the
laundry room and ways to improve the functionality of it. [00:05:52] Derrick: So, one thing that I looked
at when reviewing your laundry area is that we had two different work areas. And what I mean by that is you had two different countertops sections. One of them for your sink, and then another
one for possibly your folding area. One thing you may consider is increasing the
heights of your cabinets to allow for one continuous countertop to
run over the top of your washer and dryer. Zach: It’s easy to recognize that
you should have great cabinetry design in your kitchens and in your bathrooms, but I
think it’s sometimes overlooked what you can really do in a laundry room area. And changes that Derrick made with increasing
the base cabinet, allowing me to have a countertop from wall to wall, I mean, that is going to transform that space. And it’s that attention to detail that I think
is going to make this home feel just even more custom for me. Narrator: With Zach’s wish list
complete, Derrick has everything he needs to design the custom interior of Zach’s dreams. [00:06:46] Derrick: So many people don’t truly
understand what a house is going to look like when it’s on a floor plan. Until they have the opportunity to come in
and us show them the 3D renderings of their home
and see the cabinets up on the walls that type of thing, it really helps the customers
take ownership of their house. It’s amazing listening to what their experience is like
and how much they enjoy it. Zach: Derrick has sent me over
the 3D renderings for all the cabinetry design that we did the other day and I can finally
visualize myself in the space. I can actually see it, having everything in color
here, actually being able to see these images, it really helps paint the full picture. All we have left is to pick out the exterior finishes for the home. Narrator: Join us on the next episode
as Zach picks out the exterior accents of his home including the windows, stone, stain
colors, log and timber options and more.

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