EP 9 Building My Dream Home – Finishing Touches, Kitchen Ideas, Tile Flooring, Reclaimed Wood Trim

EP 9 Building My Dream Home – Finishing Touches, Kitchen Ideas, Tile Flooring, Reclaimed Wood Trim

Narrator: Construction on Zach’s dream home
is nearing completion and the last thing to do is add the finishing touches, beginning
with the tile. Zach: Here we are in bathroom number two,
this is a little bit of a smaller space, so I wanted to make sure to have a nice accent
in here. That’s why I chose a herringbone pattern. It also offers a really nice balance with
all the drywall in this room. Narrator: In the shower they use a traditional
running bond pattern for the tile. They install larger sized tile for the bigger
rooms in the home, including the laundry, mudroom drop zone and master bath and closet. Next, they prepare the walk-in shower for
tile. Zach: One of the big features of the master
bathroom is this big walk-in shower. Now, what I like about it is that there’s
nothing to step over when you get into it. So, to do this, we’ve actually dropped the
floor. Then we’ve got this system in place where
it pitches a quarter of an inch for every foot. Narrator: Meanwhile, the crew begins installing
the pre-finished hand scraped hickory wood floors. Golden Eagle designed the hearthstone to sit
neatly above the wood flooring to ensure a more finished, clean fit. With the flooring complete, they finish installing
the trim and baseboards. Zach: I really like the look of the worn edge
on this trim. It gives it more of a rustic and reclaimed
look. Looks like that’s what has been weathered
for many years and it has a little bit more of an oversized nature, you really get a sense
for that when you look at the baseboard here. It’s approximately about eight inches tall
and even the baseboard makes a statement. Narrator: Next, they begin building the custom
staircase. Golden Eagle has many options for the stairs
and Zach chose square treads and rails to match the rest of the home. With the staircase complete, they build the
custom double-top railing system. The next day, a shipment of cabinets and vanities
arrive on site. Golden Eagle not only supplies cabinets for
the kitchen and bath, but also closet and mudroom cabinetry. The crew uses Golden Eagle’s detailed renderings
and plans for easy installation. Zach: We’re at the point in the kitchen where
all we need are the countertops, the tile backsplash and finishing the range hood. So, what we have here is we’ve actually engineered
this in a way where it will be able to hold all the stone going all the way up. It should make a really good accent in this
kitchen area. Narrator: Next, they installed the Corian
kitchen countertops. They use a seam setter to draw the countertop
slabs together. Once finished, the seams are virtually invisible. Meanwhile they install the stone on the range
hood. Zach: One of the finishing touches is the
countertops. These here have a thick edge profile I think
that’s very fitting for this style of home. Tomorrow we’ll be able to finish off with
a tile backsplash that will cover this whole area and continue throughout the perimeter
of the kitchen. Narrator: The countertops feature a built
in raised cove for the tile to sit on top of. This prevents any water from getting behind
the tile and countertop. The next day, the appliances are delivered. Golden Eagle’s design department worked
closely with the appliance supplier to ensure a perfect fit not only for the kitchen, but
also the laundry appliances. Outside, the stone work is almost finished
as they complete the fireplace chase and foundation finish. With the house complete, the focus shifts
to the yard as the hardscaping begins. Dan: We have a lot of natural, native materials. We try and bring in large boulders, trying
to make it look as natural as we can. Really just making it look like this home
fit the space like we’ve built a home on top of all these boulders and in the midst of
all these plants. And so, the theme would be like natural, inviting
and then ultimately distinctive, just like the home. So, we started out in the front, we have a
unique area right by the door, we decided to make that a French drain. So, it’s actually utilized, all the water
goes and collects there and drains out in the ground. We couldn’t really put the plants there
because of this so we start with this large black specimen boulder that Zach literally
walked over the pile and picked out and we put up there and stood it up and made it more
like a monument. I think that kind of set the tone for, ‘look
at this boulder and then just wait for the other 85, going around this house.’ And as much as we can try and make it look
like nature. Narrator: Join us on the final episode as
we give you a complete walk through of the home. Subscribe now to follow along.

100 thoughts on “EP 9 Building My Dream Home – Finishing Touches, Kitchen Ideas, Tile Flooring, Reclaimed Wood Trim

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  6. 3:12 – Those beautiful ramps with screws used in plain sight.. isn't it just… wrong? Why not use Mortise-and-Tenon? Was it to trim down on cost? (faster install, time constrain, etc.) Was it on purpose?
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  7. This cannot be a dream house there is no secret second basement, hidden doors or secret emergency escape underground tunnel .

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