36 thoughts on “Escape the Gulag – Prison Architect Escape Mode #1

  1. gulag is Siberia, evreyone who have been sent there where sent in deep of Siberia in goal to survive in wild, no walls, just wild

  2. You should always click on END FIGHT whenever possible. Spend your points, attack something/someone & repeat.

  3. @AstroPlayer can you share a link to this prison? if its from the workshop, or if its yours, I would like to play that

  4. you know what would be cool if you made yourself full red OP got like 4 guys made them all orange one red and than recruited every other prisoner and made a full army

  5. My favorite way to escape is to set things on fire and go through the doors that the FD comes in through

  6. astro, i'm the same with dogs and them in games lol, atm I got 3, one of them is a leonberger who I love to bits, couldn't kill a dog in game, If I did, I would feel soooo bad hahaha

  7. Dude there virtual dogs this gig boring because you kept dying from the dog so they aren’t bad real dogs jeez.

  8. You shouldn’t spend a rep point if just the main guy is punished. If that happens, you should control a different person.

  9. not attacking dogs is an unneded handicap tbh, you cant escape if you just let the dogs attack you… just consider it self defence… like tbh, you make it seem like if a dog attacked your kids you would just let it do it…. dogs can be killed if they threaten yours or anothers life

  10. 12:10
    oh look a guard is pursuing Astro
    Astro: So far no one seems to notice the metal detectors going off every time I walk through them
    Dramatic irony intensifies

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