hey what’s going on guys Jake here from team epiphany and we are back with another awesome video and today guys I woke up this morning and you know what I did local what I had baked because I love bacon but after I had my baking guys sat down and I was thinking about the dankest ideas i could do and then him what it we take the lighter video idea and apply it to other cool stuff so that I thought guys this is what we need to do we need to buy three thousand taps if you guys have seen our videos before you know what a cap isn’t if you’ve been a child you know what a cap is so we bought three thousand cap that’s well that’s right so we brought all these and we’re going to open up every single one of them and make a mounting of explosive caps i actually have no idea what’s going to happen we’re going to load them all up and then like them on fire and hopefully we get a pretty insane explosion it’s gonna be like the fourth of july in my backyard and hopefully no one dies now you’re probably wondering take i have a question what is inside a cap looking what makes a capital pool the boom stuff is very true inside of each one of these caps there’s some premium boom boom in case you’ve never seen the cap before take it out of the box it actually says on the back do not light on fire so already we’re going against the kind cap company people i don’t actually have a cap gun but i do have this gun but locked and loaded like this already logged pull up pull the thing like this back now it’s cocked ok and you get ready and on 3 i’m gonna shoot Logan know jake long it’ll take don’t do that i’ll show you all right oh wow to my ears around completely focused simply jake would I have some bad news everyone Logan is dead he died from the wounds so we had to replace the camera we got your camera and fill the organs in a better place now actually not because he’s gonna miss this video it’s gonna be pretty freaking little okay you’re missing out buddy so that let me know how the caps work we’re going to do a test because your team epiphany this is for science We Are Scientists you thought this was a joke but no we are safe now okay this is officially no longer just a shitty jackass video this is science so we are ready I’ve got my science classes on I’ve got my protective coat that says I am look hello oh Jesus it’s Jesus Christ yeah no no I know Logan died what’s that no no we can we can do that no no for sure my god ladies and gentlemen Jesus Christ just called me and he said he said you’re Jake my boy Jesus will bring back Logan if this video gets fifty thousand lights we need to bring logan back to life so if you guys want Logan back in the videos if you guys want him to be resurrected from the boys actually dead over there but if you guys wanted to be resurrected we need 50,000 likes I think we can do it we do it from a boy to bring it back so before we open up every single one of these packs and dump 3000 caps into a bowl and bring it outside to light on fire we’re going to do a small test we did one of these with the lighter video we almost lost my life but that’s ok so what I have yours are safety bolt AKO metal cylinder and we’re going to take I guess two of these caps here don’t exactly know what’s gonna happen so I’ll stack about you know we’ll do 3 i’m feeling good today we’re going to stack them up like this probably don’t need to do much more sense for using a blowtorch but to make sure these babies do light on fire i’m going to use my hashtag simple later fluid take sponsor so we’re just gonna give these a little Dell cerritos there it’s a lot like cooking bacon or french fries you now that we’re done that I’m going to turn on the blowtorch there we go she’s ready to go here we got 10 yeah whoa oh whoa oh oh my god oh right all this is too cool yo this this is gonna be is saying hit 3000 caps guys this is gonna be absolutely crazy it’s still going this is going to go to tomorrow okay so definitely not as loud as when you actually smack but you get some pretty insane haha oops I think they really burst sup look at that all right now so now we’re going to empty 3,000 of these caps all here into this bowl get them already and we go outside and set up the biggest cap explosion ever let’s do this so we just finished filling up 3000 caps into this bowl they are a hopeful ready we took them all out of the package and now we’re going to go outside set them up probably do something like gasoline or something you know we gotta get the the fire going to go home bowl look at all these guys this is 3000 cat holy shit that’s a lot of calves alright guys so we’re outside now and we have all three thousand caps set up inside the fireplace now I’ve got a friend here his name is mr. gasoline everyone say hi to mr. gasoline in the chat so we’re going to fill the bottom of the bowl with gasoline and then we’re going to run the hell inside and then we’re gonna go up to the observatory and hopefully have some crazy cat show I think we’re ready to do this oh and by the way guys you better like the video because Logan still dead Logan for you buddy Oscar you know oh oh oh good oh my god there’s like so many of them guys so it’s basically okay and it is exploding all over it like the fourth of July of clothes is that the whole bottle with the robot no oh my god guys I don’t even know what happened this is absolutely insane business is crazy you can see the plane reflecting off me it is exploding there’s things going to show everywhere with what so much probably flew all good this is not good compared to the lighter video I got a little smoke problem like maybe police smoke rolling oh alright guys so we finally think of it we had two down snow on it because the baby got really lit got a little too late to Beyonce I was like ninety percent sure the firefighters my coming in fact they still might come but we live 3,000 caps on fire plus the help of gasoline I know you guys are probably wondering what the aftermath unless i’m gonna try and remove some of the snow here what happened there is east solid layer of plastic it’s just solid luck plastic so i’m assuming that all the plastic melted with all like that gunpowder whatever’s in there hopped away and then now it’s just a some good piece of plastic or what is left over if you guys thought this was insane and you guys want us to do more you guys want to keep going bigger then make sure to smash that like button down below if you guys want to resurrect Logan from the grave let’s get 50,000 likes on this video thank you guys still very much his hands and jake from 250 and i’ll see you guys next time enough awesome video

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