Experiment: Lighting off 450 Smoke Bombs

Experiment: Lighting off 450 Smoke Bombs

Wooow That actually have worked. What’s up guys welcome back to the shop. for another pyro project. For this video I went down to the dollar store And I clean them out of these little tiny smoke balls they come out around this time of year And I actually counted all these we have 75 pack of 6 balls each. That’s a total of 450 mini Smoke bombs that we can consoladate into 4 giant smoke bombs and thats the purpose of this project today Here’s the basic idea. I went and picked up four different cups here because we have four different colors We’ve got yellow white blue and purple Now if you take one of these little smoke bombs and look inside We’re going to find is there’s a layer of paper on the top once you pull that apart you can see there’s a seam line That connects two halves of a cardboard sphere if you give it a little pop with your thumb You can split the whole thing open and find a little smoke pellet. That’s inside So our job at this point is to simply crack all 450 smoke bombs open pull the pellets out and group them by their respective colors all right cool. Let’s get cracking Instrumental Music There we go. There’s the last package. They’re all out it would be fun almost to light this off We’ve got a mountain of smoke bomb and that by itself could be a pretty epic time but in the interest of saving space We’re in the cracking things down to extract all those pellets and organize them into their respective colors Instrumental Music All right here. We are guys we have shelled 450 smoke bombs and put them into the different containers one thing that I notice is they’re really really heavy on the white Next up is blue then we have yellow then we have purple. What was really interesting about this patch I don’t know where these came from we ended up with two green totally random. So now that we’ve got these things full I’m really tempted just to go outside and light them off the one question I have is should we wrap them up in aluminum Foil to make them jet out one hole or should we just let the whole thing burned and see how that reacts Now these are paper cups so I think at least what I’m going to do is put a couple of wraps of aluminum foil around The side help reinforce them then let’s go outside Let’s light the yellow one off first and depending on how it reacts we can make a few adjustments in there Instrumental Music All right, we’ve got the aluminum Foil on our cup so it’s time to head outside and try two different experiments the first one We’re going to light off one of these smoke bombs as is and see how it performs Then we’re going to light up one of our souped-up versions and see how they compare So we got four of the regular dollar-store smoke bombs. We’re going to light them up and see how they react here we go Here we go Instrumental Music Yeah, so that was kind of pathetic Yeah, that’s kind of anticlimactic, but pretty much what you expect from Dollar store smoke bombs They only burn for about five seconds And they’re so light and flimsy they roll around the wind So let’s see how they compare to our homemade version where we’ve got a hundred of them in a cup Now the question really is when we light one of these off is it going to ignite the whole batch? Or is it just going to go out by itself and fizzle down and die I guess there’s really only one way to find out so we’re going ahead and light up now all right Let’s play it up moment of truth Whoa, that’s hot thank it’s hot in a hurry new doggy Wow, wow wow? okay, so Look down here. You can see all the charred remnants of what should have been smoked And it does totally charred went off all at once now 300 – the cup lit on fire – good thing We put the aluminum foil around and that helped give it some integrity well, the one thing I noticed there was no Yellow smoke it just went up in this huge cloud big puff of like I don’t even know what a lot of flames, and then just drifted away Instrumental Music Lighting up remember that’s a lot of fire. What surprised me about that reaction Is there really wasn’t much smoke at all it just kind of went up in flames So where did all the coloring go I see traces of it on the brick and on the road itself? But there was a lot of coloring in there, and now it’s completely gone. It’s very odd My guess is the reaction was too hot and everything just burned up So there was no chance to the smoke to just gently walked away I’m not very confident these other ones are going to work for we’re going to light them off But just to be sure I think the next one we’re going to dump out in a pile there spread a little more evenly Next up, we got the purple all right here. We go if this works any better I’m going to start at the side to see if we get a slower burn and keep that makes a difference Instrumental Music Wow that gets hot in a hurry interesting interesting This is interesting okay. Let’s talk about this, so that’s our second batch We lit it off and ignite so quickly the only smoke that I see is like a grayish smoke that evaporates I don’t see any color whatsoever and all the dye is just left over here is like charred remnants That’s really pretty see that’s what we were expecting something of that nature so what I’m noticing here guys I’m seeing a pattern here that if this burns, too hot And I think collectively all of these are too hot then instead of releasing the dye it scorches it And it doesn’t release any color at all so we pretty much know what to expect at this point But just for fun to wrap this whole thing in aluminum Foil at the risk of it exploding just to see how it reacts in the confined environment All right here. We go big one is Lit whoa We did Look up there. We got a cloud of smoke trailing away I thought I saw a little bit of color out of there not very much though That was interesting so it actually blew a hole through the top of the aluminum foil here There’s still little bits of random pieces going up there and a lot of fire. I don’t actually Know what that is. That’s the cup on the inside. That’s burning But that just exploded out the top it through if you look at this loma on that you can actually see the fuses you can see like bits of Smoke bomb flying out the top everywhere is a very dramatic reaction It’s kind of hard to tell if this worked or not because these were actually the white smoke bombs They did definitely see a big cloud of white go off. I can’t really tell if this worked or not so just for fun We’re going to wrap up the last one. This is a full cup of blue and see what it does There’s probably about 125 blue smoke bombs in here however. I’m not very optimistic. It’s going to work I think it’s just going to explode and is going to release black and white smoke However, you never know if you try. So here we go. Let’s do it once it’s lit. There’s no turning back Oh, nice. I got a little bit of blue there, whoa. Oh that That actually half worked I mean for about a foot and a half off of that thing I can actually see Thick blue smoke it actually went very very quickly like four or five seconds it was completely gone and it spit out all this blue dye all over the road and then it kind of went up into a Whitish smoke which is actually insane Very dramatic reaction it spit a blue dye everywhere It’s all over the sidewalk all over the road it’s going to be a little bit of a mess to clean up, but that was pretty cool Don’t know if it’s worth spending the money to make a giant smoke bomb But that was a pretty cool reaction so thinking back on the experiments that we just tried here today We really tried five different experiment We took smoke bombs from the dollar store and lit them off and found they burn between three to six seconds with a very wimpy plume of smoke So we shelled those smoke bombs suck all the yellow ones in the container and list them off all at once what we found was a little bit unexpected Rather than a giant cloud of yellow smoke there was absolutely no colored smoke at all at least assuming that white smoke doesn’t really count What I think happened instead was so much heat was released that it charged the dye and prevent any colored smoke from being released at All so for our second experiment we spread all the purple smoke bombs out on a couple of bricks to see if by increasing the surface area would help slow the Burn and the Idea might have worked but they were still in such close proximity That the whole thing went up in a ball of fire with no visible color for the third experiment We tried wrapping a cup full of white smoke bomb in aluminum Foil a few times to see how they would burn confined and when we lit them off We did actually see a big cloud of white smoke take off now since it was white smoke bombs We couldn’t tell whether or not it had anything to do with the process so for our fourth experiment We wrapped the blue ones up in a similar manner there still was an enormous amount of pressure that built up and exploded But what surprised me was we actually saw an explosion of color as well at least for the first foot to foot and a half Above the container So there you have it guys if you ever had a burning desire to know what would happen if you took hundreds of smoke bombs And burn them all together now you know thanks for joining us for this experiment I’ll be looking for you the next one. Talk to you them Yeah, these aren’t insulated gloves. These are wrong gloves for the job. Yeah, I play with fire. You expect to get burned Random happen Hey guys, there is an event called CVx live that. I’m going to be at august 3rd through 5th stage presentations meet and greets There’s even a special superfan experience where we can hang out one-on-one So click the link in the description and I’ll be looking for you at the PDF live

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  1. you need to remove the fuses – except 1, pack the powder in aluminum foil, making an exhaust pipe/hole (of the foil) at the top and then igniting the fuse

  2. i think they might get too much exposure to oxygen and the fuses are more reactive than the actual smoke pellet, which together cause the more violent reaction

  3. You should try limiting the oxygen, the smoke bombs were getting too much oxygen resulting in a hot fire. If you could find away to seal off most of the oxygen you might get a thick smoke output.

  4. I think the problem was that the shirt you’re wearing is too tight and it’s cutting off the oxygen

  5. yuh look so muscular in this video ♥ also i really adore your videos i just wish i could think of some thing to have yuh guys do some thing that has not happened yet and i wanna see if it is possible but i am quite clueless i am sorry >.<; but any ways keep making videos Grant! ♥ you and your crew are awsome youtubing crew! ♥

  6. For future info you can take a raw potato, cut a piece off, then put that on the burn with the wet side against the skin to help the burn heal faster and help relieve the pain. I use potato peels to do it so that I can use the rest of the potato for cooking but it does not matter what part you use so long as you place the part of the potato that was on the inside against the burn and you need to keep that on there for a few hrs. I usually just leave it on overnight but I make sure to have it wrapped in something to keep the potato in place and then I remove it in the morning. I figure with ho often you all play with fire this info might come in handy.

  7. I don't know if anyone said this. But I think part of the problem is. That they need to smolder. And the fuses are creating way to much fast burning heat. I know someone said that. But I think the key is controlling how much air they get. Me and my daughter did a video with the little snake pellets. Worked ok. Was worried at first it would do something crazy. But just made a big tree looking thing 😂

  8. you should've tied the pellets together then when you couldn't tie any more individuals together tie the clusters together and so on til you didn't have any more smoke pellets..

  9. what if you powdered the smoke pellets and packed the powder into a large container like a tp tube and then lit it off

  10. I think something you could do is take an extra fuse if possible, line all them up on it, attach them, and light that off… no clue though

  11. Try grouping them together, but leave them in their original wrapping. That's seems like it would work ! ? Anyway, thanks for your research !!

  12. I'm having a hard time watching these now. I feel like he isn't gone, like he's right there on the other side of the camera; right now!

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