Extreme Bedroom Makeover || Rented House Makeover Ideas || DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Extreme Bedroom Makeover || Rented House Makeover Ideas || DIY Room Decoration Ideas

Hello friends welcome back to my channel this is Soumi and seeing today’s video title you have already understood that this video is about my bedroom makeover which was pending for long and you all have requested for this. hope you will like this video today and this is not only a room makeover video . In this video I have also shared some DIY ideas which I have used for the room makeover Hope these ideas will help you to makeover your room or bedroom. So let’s start today’s video but before starting I want to tell everybody that if you are new to my channel do subscribe and if you like this video please press the like button. So without further delay let’s start. Firstly, I want to let you know that the apartment in which I live in is a rented apartment.So all the decorations that I have done is inexpensive and rental friendly the main thought of this decorations is to make it a bit more colourful. My room was very dull and a very boring one and since this is a rented apartment I cannot colour the walls. So the props that I have used our all colourful. The first thing that I have changed in this room is the curtains. The curtains were plain white ones a basic thing of room decoration is that if the colour of the wall is light then the curtains should be dark if the colour of the wall is light then the curtains should be dark However in my case the thing was just opposite both the walls and the curtains where all light in colour. I have bought this basic yet colourful curtains from B&M and today Sourav is helping me to put this curtains up. both de Purple colour and the Velvet texture is what I like the most. After putting up the curtains the room looked a lot changed and after that what I realised is that I need to decorate the walls beside the bed. At first I had told you that the decorations that I will show today are all in expensive ones. So I have decorated one side of the wall with this white disposable paper plates. So let me show you the DIY which I made out of these. Firstly I have drawn a few floral designs on this plates using pencil.Today I am going to do some floral designs and some extract brush marks Since these are paper plate I have used acrylic paints, if you use watercolour then there are chances of this plates getting damaged. you can use thermocol plates as well in that case also you will have to use acrylic paints. Which will make this beautiful. You can make designs of your like and use colours of your choice to draw on these plates You can find many such ideas in Pinterest. In my opinion using paper plates or any disposable plates to decorate the wall is a very inexpensive yet beautiful idea. If you like the idea then you can easily decorate any wall of your room using this. I have drawn a total of 5 plates and I will put them up in the wall using these tac tapes. You can also use glue dots in this case both of them are easily removable. In my opinion using two-way Cello tape is not a good idea since it will leave a mark on your wall. Just beneath these beautiful wall art vacant side table will not look appropriate so I have decorated it in a very basic manner. I have placed a white runner put a lampshade and a beautiful natural plant in a tray to give a soothing effect. so you can see how beautifully I have decorated one side of my bedroom Now let’s move on to the other side of the bed. I felt that since this is a bedroom makeover so there should be a personal touch to it I had a few photographs from my wedding which I have used to make a beautiful wall hanging DIY. This is one of my favourite DIY which I have done till date. This is a very easy yet attractive DIY So let’s start. To make this wall hanging I would need a wooden ruler some jute rope, few of my wedding photographs and an artificial trailing plant Firstly, what I would do is colour that wooden roller then tie a few jute ropes I have place three such ropes and now now I will place the photographs with tac tapes. Putting up photographs in frames are very common so I thought to make something unique. This is a very low budget makeover and the bedside wall is not very large so I have made the small arrangement with 4 photos Next what I will do is tie this trailing plant over the roller which will highlight the roller and will give away beautiful look. So that’s it I have made this beautiful wall hanging I will now place it with help of a command Hook. Do let me know how you liked this DIY wall hanging idea this has a personal touch yet a unique idea. For the bed-side table I have planned a simple idea I have put in a fairy light inside a vase and have put in some bird shaped stirrer and have added a cute soft toy beside it. I was feeling very happy after decorating walls of my bedroom. It came out exactly the way I thought. It should be colourful and have a cosy feeling Now let’s come to the wall just opposite of the bed it is a very large wall and totally vacant. which is not at all looking good Now I will show you how I decorated it. For this decoration I have taken a narrow shelf This shelf basically needs to be put in with help of screws but since I live in a rented apartment I cannot make holes in the wall. So I will hang these today with help of command strips. How to use a command strip or hook can be easily found in YouTube videos so I am not sharing this in details These strips are hooks are very useful and do not damage the wall in any way. So I have pleased it’s command strips in the shelf and now I will take the measurement of the wall and place this shelf. now it’s time to decorate the shelf I have taken a small and cute bucket which I have already shown in my videos then I will place a trailing plant inside it and now I will add a small showpiece and a few colourful candles. since I like fairy light very much I will put a battery operated fairy light in this bucket Now this in itself looks very pretty but I felt that there is something missing and the missing thing is some colour. To add the colour I have done a DIY. I have drawn a canvas using orange ,yellow and red gradient texture which is looking awesome over it I will put a motivational quote I have used printed cut out for this quote you can easily write it. The quote that I have written today is The best is yet to come I always believe that sky is the limit when achievement is concerned So this quote with inspire me to work harder to reach the goal So you can easily see how I have done makeover to my bedroom I hope you will like today’s video. It is not always that room makeovers should be expensive All you need is the idea. I tried to share these ideas with you today. Home is the place where you will stay so decorations should be according to your choice and taste So, if you like today’s video please press the like button and if you are watching my channel for the first time do subscribe . We’ll meet you again till then bye

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