EZRA Architects Singapore

EZRA Architects Singapore

I founded EZRA Architects in 2005, so we are about 9 years old and we’ve been using ArchiCAD for maybe 8 years, since version 10. We are a multi-disciplinary company. We do work from master planning to architectural landscape, interior
design. The reason why we do a wide scope of project is because we believe in integration. The building has to talk to
the environment, the interior has to talk to the
environment and everything we want it to be integrated and ArchiCAD actually
provides us with that platform – not only is the entire design process integrated from the modeling to documentation. Especially the teamwork that ArchiCAD has. This allows us to have integration within the design team itself, especially in projects in China where it
is big in size. It allows everyone and
every team member within a team to have a very good idea about what’s exactly happening in every part of the project. To talk about integration I need to get a bit philosophical because I for one, I believe in the Creator.
I believe that this whole entire universe is created by a person or God if you like, an alien if you like. Take the human body, for example. All the
organs and our senses, how everything’s
integrated into the human body – very specifically designed, I would say. We are a company of about 30 people in strength.
Everybody who joins our office has to learn ArchiCAD first. It takes maybe one, two days just looking at the videos. The actual
learning actually comes when, you know, hands-on on a project itself. It was chosen because, well, personally I’m a very
three-dimensional person. When I was in school, I modelled things
myself and to be able to see a three-dimensional model within the
computer is something that I think a physical model can’t give you. We are Mac users. ArchiCAD is one of the very rare, few software that actually works on a
Mac and of course we did some research on
the other software. Well, Revit wasn’t around at that time and
things worth considering were Vectorworks and Microstation, but in the end, ArchiCAD was chosen. It was also at
a time when our building construction authority in Singapore
was giving support for us to purchase the software, so these are the few reasons why we chose ArchiCAD in the end. And no regrets at all. The China project that we were talking about is in Yunnan in China. The site is very big – 200 thousand square meters It’s mixed-use. Basically two parts:
one part is the residential, the other part is, what we call international art town, which has
various types of buildings ranging from concert halls to inns
where artists would actually stay for weeks, to a hotel to art galleries and even a church. That project is very
challenging. We believe that the BIM model
that we have created is probably one of the biggest BIM
models we can find to date. This site is actually on a
very mountainous site. So we need to actually model
the entire terrain. And we need to figure out how the road actually moves on this mountain, in accordance with the local regulations and every building actually has a different position on different heights on the mountain. We have a team of 7 and of course you have to work with other consultants. The issue is because there are so many
building types and it’s so big and how the model and
documentation actually synch – synchronizes so that there’s no
mistakes and all that when we hand the drawings over to the local
design institutes in China. I can’t think of any other
software that can do something like this. The government is pushing very hard. I guess they understand that in
the future and that’s the way to go in doing things, but the thing is that there are a lot of practices in Singapore,
especially engineers, who are still not so much in tune to BIM. That’s because I think everyone is too used to the old way of doing things. I think it has to start first with everyone having an
open mind and change of mind set. Then we can talk
about open BIM, open collaboration with different parties, different people: engineers, architects, clients, contractors and I think in the future, hopefully, the sooner the better, that everyone starts to
recognize this.

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