Fairy Lights, Micro LED Lights

Fairy Lights, Micro LED Lights

Hi, I’m Sarah with Lights for All Occasions,
and I’d like to tell you about a great product; the
benefits and the versatility of our micro LED wire
lights or fairy lights. Let me show you what these fairy lights look
like. They come in a variety of different lengths,
but they’re all on a very thin wire. This is an
uninsulated wire with LED bulbs that are about the size
of a grain of rice. So they are so versatile, you can
use them in a lot of different things. They come in lots
of different colors, and they all come with a
battery pack. This one uses three AA batteries. You can
also get fairy lights that have these lithium cell batteries,
so there are a variety of sizes as well, and you just
need to take that into consideration when you’re using
them for centerpieces or costumes to figure that out
how to disguise the battery pack. As you can see, there are a few varieties
of colors. This is a cool light, there’s also a warm,
yellow light, and the difference between the two,
I usually think of Christmas. So, with the cool lights,
I think more icicles, I think more blues and greys.
You can pair that up to kind of give a cool look to
your décor. The warm lights, I picture with more traditional
Christmas colors, like red’s and green’s and gold’s, and that also adds a lot of warmth and depth
to your decorating. It also comes in fun colors, like
pink. You can use these in costumes, so I picture
this one underneath a fairy costume or wrapped around
a fairy wand, and you can use it to add all kinds
of fun elements to your Halloween costume with lighting. You can also use these on Christmas reefs;
it’s really popular to have lighted Christmas wreaths, and I don’t know about you, but for me it’s
hard to find one that doesn’t have a long cord that
people will see as they walk up to my front door.
With fairy lights, you can choose whatever reef you like,
and then just add a battery operated light to
your reef to add that special lighting element to your decorations. Fairy lights can also add a great feature
of lighting to your wedding. You can string these underneath
a a table cloth so that there’s a really beautiful
glow coming down from the table as the guests walk
in to the reception. You can also add these to a
centerpiece, to a flower arrangement, and a really great
feature about these fairy lights is that they are
water submersible. You can put them inside a vase filled with
water. The battery pack is not water proof, but the lights
are. So you can add a really great lighting element
to that centerpiece. Water or no water, they’re
a really great versatile piece of lighting. You can look for these products and other
products on our website. Get creative, think outside
the box, and remember to add that extra special touch
of lighting to your next event.

11 thoughts on “Fairy Lights, Micro LED Lights

  1. Living in the northeast where Winter temps are cold, I can't use battery operated lights on my exterior front door wreath.     I don't use electric string lights on the wreath because I don't like the cord being visible.       The fairy lights are pretty and I have use for them indoors.    Just wish there were non-electric lights for a wreath that would withstand a cold climate.    

  2. How many fairies die in the making of each strand? I can't find the answer in any of the literature or your website which is highly disturbing.

  3. Important question: will these lights be seen underneath a cape? Like if I sow a cape and do a double sided cape (with one color on one side and another color on the other side) and I put the LED lights in the middle of the fabric then sow the fabric closed so the LED lights are inside the cape, would they still be noticeable?

  4. Hi does this lose out on terms of brightness as compared to larger LED bulbs? Does standard Christmas lights that are quite big I mean.

  5. Hi, how do you set the timer to come on at a certain time? We want to make sure that they work for a party. Thanks.

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