Fairy Tale Christmas Romantic Christmas decorating Ideas 2018 Decorate My Tree DIY Gold Decorations

Fairy Tale Christmas Romantic Christmas decorating Ideas 2018 Decorate My Tree DIY Gold Decorations

(regal orchestral music) (“Dance of the Sugar Plum
Fairy” by Tchaikovsky) – [Almond] Hey you guys,
I hope you’re enjoying my Christmas tour so far. I intentionally didn’t do a voice over so that you could actually enjoy all the wonderful holiday decor eye candy. If you are new to my channel, be sure to subscribe now, I would love for you to be a part of the Almond Summers family. Hit the notification bell right next to it so that you can be notified every time I upload a video. Okay you guys, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what
it looks like at night. (“Silent Night” jazz melody) Sometimes you just can’t
feel for holiday decor unless you see it with
the lights off at night. It’s so beautiful you guys, it is super, super, super beautiful. I love it a lot. Check out the mantel, you
can see the mantel lights. Although, I am gonna add a lot
more mantel lights on here. Look at the sparkles of
the Swarovski crystals. Isn’t it beautiful you guys? Very beautiful. I purchased this wreath
on Etsy, by the way. I think the mantel that
I built came out nicely, what do you guys think? This was my first time
ever decorating a mantel, and I was really, really scared you guys. But I am beyond thrilled
by how it came together. I’m so feeling my little diamonds, aren’t they cute you guys? I love it, love it, love it. I bought those a few years ago. And look at my little angel, cupid angels. Those are so adorable. I purchased those on Amazon. Come on, focus. And these finials I
purchased from Hobby Lobby. They are cute, I actually
added some white paint to them because they were gray. And the greenery as well
as the roses and ribbon I purchased from Michael’s. And then there’s my tree. My tree you guys. I was actually going
for a fairy tale effect. I wanted something romantic and beautiful and all about love. Even though I’m single,
but yeah. (giggles) It took me forever to do this tree. I mean from the Christmas tree wrap, I did it multiple times, to the painting of the ornaments to get the right exact color, as well as the tree topper. ‘Cause I didn’t want a star,
I didn’t want an angel, I just wanted something unique. So it took forever to do this tree, and then it just didn’t
work out several times and I had to keep doing
it over and over again. I was really reaching
and looking for something that was creative and different. So I came up with this
Christmas tree wrap thing ’cause I had not seen it
on the internet anywhere. Everyone was using the same thing, so I was like let me just try to just wrap a Christmas tree on my own. And my Christmas tree is big and ribbons are just too small for a fat tree you guys, they just are. So I searched all over the internet for you know something to wrap it with, and so I ended up making it on my own because I couldn’t find anything. And like I said, I
didn’t see it on Google, I didn’t see it on Pinterest, and I didn’t see it on YouTube, so yeah. You guys, if you do try this do definitely tag me
because I’d love to see if you do try anything like
this for next year, for 2019. Because the majority
of the people, I think, are going to be watching
it in 2019 anyway, because my video is so late right now. How adorable are these cute lanterns I’ve hung on the ceiling? I purchased these from Michael’s and the candles inside
I got from Big Lots. So cute though. On my coffee table I have
this LED candle from Big Lots, and this gorgeous, gorgeous,
gorgeous pitcher that’s silver. I purchased that one from Amazon. It’s so cute with the roses. And next to it the acrylic nutcrackers. Almost forgot about my sofa. There’s the Twas the Night
Before Christmas pillow as well as the merry Christmas
and the heart-shaped pillow. The heart-shaped pillow I
purchased from Pier One. On my end table I have this
sleigh full of goodies. So like if you have that unexpected guest that comes to your house for Christmas you’ll have something to give them. Always keep something living and edible in your living room. Like these chocolates
I got from Walgreens. They’re very cute and they come in these little individual boxes with bows. So cute, you guys, a must
have for your guests. And then I didn’t show you guys these little nutcracker guy too. I went nutcracker crazy. (laughs) The clear nutcrackers as well, I got those from Michael’s. These reindeer I got from, I
purchased these from Lowe’s. Lowe’s, yeah came through,
hardware store. (giggles) Lowe’s, and Mariah Carey right here with this album and stuff. I got that from Amazon. I think that’s it. And the nutcrackers, oh,
these I had from last year. I just spray painted them gold and painted them white
and changed the color, so that’s basically it with that. So, yeah, that’s it you guys. I will do my best to leave
as many products as I found throughout my fun decorating
experience for you guys underneath this video
inside the description area. If you guys would an undecorate with me, more detailed version of how
I put this tree together, just leave a comment down
below and let me know. ‘Cause that seems like something that I think you guys might be interested in. Because it’s much easier
to tell you how I did it after I did than it is while I’m doing it, because I have no idea what
I’m doing when I create it. It’s just whatever comes
to my head at the time. So it just makes sense
to do it after the video. So is here some other
angles of the Christmas tree and a close of view of the top. Which you can’t really see because the sun just wants to come in and out, but I’m trying really hard to zoom in. I’m kind of short and it’s
an eight foot tree, so. Enjoy.
(“Silent Night” jazz melody) I do hope you’ve enjoyed
watching my Christmas tour. I enjoyed putting it
together for you guys. It did take me a little
bit longer than normal but I’m super excited
the way it turned out. Keep the conversation going by leaving your comments and questions, because I know I’m gonna
get a lot of questions about this video, in the
comment section below, and don’t forget to share
this video with your friends. I would truly love that. Rate this video by giving it a thumbs up, and I will see you guys in my next video, thanks so much for watching, bye.

100 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Christmas Romantic Christmas decorating Ideas 2018 Decorate My Tree DIY Gold Decorations

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    I'm Laila, I write from Italy and I know or subscribed to your channel, I also follow your store on Amazon.

    I was enchanted by your setup for Christmas, I love Christmas too …

    I looked in the links in the infobox to see if I had inserted the links to buy the baroque decorations that you scattered on the tree to hold the drapes and that you positioned as a tree topper, I have an ancient family dining room with the same decorations and I would love to find them so I can buy them, tell me you can help me … I hope they don't cost a lot.
    Can you tell me what materials are made?

    I remain anxiously waiting and I thank you very much in advance.

    A hug from Italy


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