Fall Decorate And Clean With Me 2019 || Myka Stauffer

Fall Decorate And Clean With Me 2019 || Myka Stauffer

hey guys welcome to my channel today we’re gonna do a decorate and play with me but we’re gonna kind of tidy up the spaces get rid of some of the old decorations that I had out for the summer and bring some of the fall pieces back I’m really excited I can’t believe fall is right around the corner the Leafs are already starting to fall down and give me those to fall vibes so I’m excited to kind of decorate the space if you can see in the background I have some of my fall pieces that I cannot wait to show you where I got them what I’m gonna do with them and how I decorate but what’s even more amazing about this video it’s also collaboration with my sweet friend Amy darling she is one of the sweetest youtubers ever I love her and it’s a huge honor for me to be clubbing with her in today’s video I have watched her videos for such a long time and she gives me so much motivation she’s a southern mama of two little ones she lives in Georgia has the most amazing accent ever and you can tell she is just the sweetest person ever she motivates me to clean my home and by the way her house is drop-dead gorgeous decorated so beautifully I think you guys are going to love this video if you do not know my Amyas you’ve never been to her Channel please after this video go check her out subscribe to her channel and let her know that I sent you she deserves far more subscribers than she has right now she definitely deserves like a million she’s amazing and I know you guys are gonna love her just as much as I do without further ado let’s clean up this room and start decorating alright let’s do this so first of all I want to show you all of the decorations that I am working with I went out and purchased lots of new fall decor this year as well as I have some old pieces that I used last year that I’m going to be combining but as I decorate and as I walk you through some of the decorations that I’m going to be doing I’ll share with you where I got all the pieces in case you like any of these ideas and maybe you want to recreate some of the spaces for my decoration approach I typically like things to be very simple very minimal but still to have that like a refreshing cozy look I don’t know if that makes any sense but that’s – what I try to go for I am planning on decorating for Halloween as well but I did put out a few small pieces that’ll make it really easy when I go ahead and make that transition so for now I’m just gonna pick up the living room and get it ready for decorating baby kick my shoes maybe [Music] let me know in the comments below your all-time favorite holiday to decorate for I think mine actually happens to be fall I know that may sound really odd but it just gets me really excited for the months to come [Music] and then I’m just gonna sweep up all of the Leafs and debris from the plants that have fallen onto the floor when it comes to decorating it is one of my favorite things to do I don’t know how good I am at it but it just makes me really really happy it reminds me of my mom I remember when the holidays and the seasons would come around she would clean up the house and she would get so excited decorating and I just remember her moving things around just in the right spots so I just feel like I’m like living in her shoes when I do this it just gets me so excited [Music] [Music] so to begin the fall decorations I am going to change up all the pillows on the couch I am a huge pillow lover I love pillows more than anything ever if you come to my house you won’t even be able to sit on the couch because they always have more pillows than couch cushions and if I ever go into somebody’s house usually the very first thing that I’m gonna look at is your pillows I don’t know what it is but I love cute pillows so I actually got some really cool patterns I got this leopard pillow that is kind of creamy colored at HomeGoods I also got the white one at HomeGoods it’s Calvin Klein and then the fuzzy one that you see right there that one is from Pottery Barn and then the trick or treat yourself is from Pottery Barn as well and the last two pillows are from home goods then I just added this fuzzy throw that I got from our house I really like it I love the touch that it gives I feel like it just kind of makes any space feel cozy I use that piece throughout the house for multiple different seasons and I really like the way that it feels as far as this big throw that I just put onto the couch I grabbed that one from Pottery Barn and I love the colors it’s very warm it’s very clean but it also has like a little bit of a modern and edgy feel to it and I really like [Music] so for the mantle I want to keep this space very simple originally I thought you know what I’m gonna get a bunch of garland I’m gonna do something fancy that’s hanging from the mantle and then when I went and hung everything up it just wasn’t me so I wanted to do something very simple and incredibly basic for the bottom of the fireplace I have these two really cute pumpkins and I picked up from Pottery Barn and I just thought they were really cute very simple they tie in great with the pillows not too much color but it just really kind of pulled everything together as far as the mantle then I’m gonna add some books I am an absolute book lover if you come to my house you will always find my nose buried into a book I can never get away from them so I think it was very suiting to add them to my decor so I picked an orange one and a yellow one and two really cute pumpkins from Pottery Barn and a little bit of greenery to kind of hide in the back then for the other side I am going to get a pumpkin from home goods and one of the most amazing candles ever I picked this one up at Big Lots it is pumpkin pancake and it smells so amazing like it makes your house smell like you’ve been baking all day long but the world’s best treats ever it is so divine and then I had to take a mini nursing break for our new baby onyx he is eight weeks old and I am always welcoming the baby snuggles and all the cuddles [Music] so next I am moving on to our little bar area this isn’t our living room and I don’t really use it for a whole liquor I really just use this area to store my candles but I thought it’d be kind of fun to decorate this and go all out in this little space good everyone has been me but you got me playing it big time you’re feeding me lies everyone has been bugging me to sever the ties the one thing I need to do in our house is get new fall photos I love taking fall family pictures I grab this a really cute pumpkin towel from Pier one I love Buffalo check I know that sometimes it can be overplayed or so last season but for me it’s something that I still just love [Music] and then I got a candleholder from Pottery Barn and I got that little white pumpkin from Pier one a lot of the decor in this little bar area actually came from Pier one I was amazed with their selection I haven’t been in the store for so long but I’ve been driving past pure one every time I go to the grocery store and I was like you know what I am gonna go in there and kind of see what they have and I was really really impressed so I picked up that little fall flower piece at Pier one as well as the white candles that you see right there for the drink tray I picked that one up at Target in the Joanna Gaines section and that was a little bit more pricey I want to say it was $30 but I thought I was really cute and I knew that I could use it for more than one season and then I picked up these copper cups at Pier one for the birds skeleton I actually got that at a Halloween store I love the way that this bar area turned out it looks absolutely beautiful it gives me warm and cozy vibes for fall but it’s not too much it’s not tacky it’s not over-the-top it still looks very classy and sophisticated and I love that [Music] next we’re moving on into the kitchen I just want to clean up this area just a little bit for the most part our downstairs space is clean on the regular and I know that may sound crazy or you’re like no way but this is the one area of the home that I try to keep relatively picked up if you move on to the upstairs that’s a totally different story but for downstairs I try to keep it cleaned up so I’m just going to wipe down the countertops and remove any of the summer decor that we have out [Music] she’s doing all the time are you so on our counter we have a bunch of crystals that I’ve been collecting I love rocks I’ve loved them since I was a little girl and every time I see a crystal that I like I convinced myself as to why I need to buy it so they are staying there permanently and then I got another one of those pumpkin pancake candles from Big Lots that I wanted out here so the whole house smells like pumpkin pancakes I’m also gonna be doing an all-day clean with me really really soon and there’s some of the decor items that I wasn’t able to get to in this video that I’m gonna be adding in my next clean with me so far outside sink I just added some soap from Pier 1 in a mini pumpkin from Pottery Barn and then that candle and the crystals super simple nothing crazy it’s just that little touch that makes it feel like fall [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] on the line through a phone in the night though I’m here by your side [Music] the clouds find out [Music] next we’re gonna move on to the countertop right beside the stove I got these two adorable pumpkins from home goods killer deal and this is the first time ever that I’ve seen a baby pink pumpkin and it had to go home with me I was like oh my gosh I love that and then I got a wooden little tray from Pottery Barn and themed cutest pumpkin mugs from home goods I also picked up that orange pumpkin from Pier one but I love the way that everything kind of goes together and I wanted the coffee mugs right here because every morning we have coffee or a cappuccino and I felt like that would be a perfect place to put it on the other side of the stove is where we keep our coffeemaker I still felt like this was a nice touch for fall and I loved all of that color it just really makes me happy [Music] and then I’m just gonna add some accent towels and want to ask you when you’re washing your hands or when you’re cleaning up a mess do you use your accent towels or they just for accent and show let me know in the comments below I would love to see how many people use them and how many people just allow them for decor I’m so excited to go over to Amy’s channel and kind of see how she decorated her place her home is gorgeous and I know she’s gonna do an amazing job because all of her decorating videos are amazing if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel and you like what you see definitely stick around and subscribe thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day and a fun time decorating if you end up having some really cute decoration ideas please tag me on IG because I would love to see how you decorate your home hope you guys have an amazing day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

100 thoughts on “Fall Decorate And Clean With Me 2019 || Myka Stauffer

  1. Ahhhh you’re amazing and I was about in tears listening to you introduce me! You’re so amazing and I can’t even believe I’m getting to collab with you! I’m so so grateful that we have been able to become friends!!! Still watching your video and I can’t wait to see the rest of this video and how you decorated for Fall!!!😘😘😘😘

  2. I see you have gas ranges stove. How do you clean those iron cast ranges? Btw you are very creative. You make it looks so easy. Thanks.

  3. Love your video as always! I can’t decorate for fall yet! It’s still 100 degrees in central California 😥🥵🥵🥵

  4. I definitely use my towels. It cuts down on how many paper towels I use each day. You have used lots of pumpkins, but fall leaves are another way to decorate for the end of September through November. Just a thought.

  5. I love this video and your nice fall decor!! As far as the towels go…..I usually keep decorative towels on the stove handle and I do not really use those but I keep one on my dishwasher handle and I do use that one because it's right beside my sink.

  6. Amy is a darling, I love her!! Her videos motivate me to on days when I don't feel like moving a muscle, she definitely deserves more subscribers 😍. I love love pretty pillows, collecting rocks and shopping at Pottery Barn as well!! You did an awesome job with your fall decor, love the warm tones you chose. Depends on the kitchen towel, mine are mostly for show lol!! Your little Onyx is so precious, God bless your family ❤

  7. I try to not use the accent towels. My family however always ends up using them and getting them all dirty! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. I've been following both of you for a while now ❤️ fall is my favorite season because it feels the best here in the South. We, at least in Mississippi, only get about a month of real fall and then it's on to Winter with a few summer days mixed in with freezing nights and sweaty days! I love fall the most. Then Spring. I could deal without the other two 😂

  9. Love, love, love this video! I'm on my 3rd time of watching! I headed over to Amy's channel too 😊 She's great! ❤ Happy Fall! 🍂🍁🍂🍁🎃🎆 xxxx

  10. I just use my accent towels for decor BUT the hubby uses them. LOL, I really love the autumn pieces that you have. The pink pumpkin would be a wonderful addition to our oldest granddaughter's room. She loves Pink>.

  11. I love all the pumpkins and candles, but I think I would be freaked out by the bird skeleton if I were a little kid.

  12. I love to add decorative pillows for fall, fall is my favorite to time decorate beside Christmas and Thanksgiving. My towels are for decor only. Ha ha 🍁🌻🧡🌾 🎃 great job. Everything looks so nice ! 🧡🍂

  13. I use my decor towels. Lol, if they get dirty and the stains won’t come out then I have a reason to buy new ones next year!

  14. If I had a phenomenal kitchen like that… I would be paranoid over a small coffee spill & people’s fingerprints….😂

  15. Love ur videos, cool decor. Your video has inspired me to go grab my decor from the basement and do my fall decor I got some cool stuff on sale from big lots last season, so yea decorating time. . I do use my table towels because they are hanging from my stove handle, but I wash them often and replace, I also have hand towels that I use more often. Great decor simple and cozy.

  16. Myka, any sent me. You both have very different homes but both are gorgeous. I try to keep my accent towels on my dishwasher, or at least have one usable and one accent. I live alone, but do have grandkids and I usually have the usable closest to the sink.

  17. I totally use all my accent towels, I don't use them for the oven but for hands/dishes etc sure because it would drive my family nuts to have something non functional hanging right there where you need it, besides if you use them then they get worn out and one can shop guilt free for new ones :0)

  18. Wow, amazing some great ideas, I like an autumn clean for my house , as we call it in Europe lol, love the pumpkins, Onyx is soooo cute!!!.

  19. I'm getting excited to decorate my home with fall decor🍁 no accent towels are just for show. I do however keep an old fall kitchen towel by the sink that is allowed to bd used.

  20. 🧡Hi, Amy sent me. I am enjoying your video and your fall decor. And I always use my towels, they are never just for decor.🍂

  21. Accent towels not used. I like to keep paper towels for drying hands. More hygienic. Love your decor and that new baby. You look great also.

  22. I use my decor towels, I just don't have enough space to hang towels that aren't used! But I always have a few in rotation so I can still wash them and keep with the theme.

  23. Beautiful video! I hang untouchables on the oven handle and I keep my drawer right by the sink stocked with rolled white kitchen towels for dishes, hands. I like to bleach clean the kitchen ones 😊

  24. I can't, for the LIFE of me, figure out why you people begin decorating your homes 1-2 months before the season is even here. What's up with that. Is is a 'view-count' thing? Is it a race of some sort? Why can't you just enjoy the rest of summer. I've seen people decorate their homes 1-2months ahead of time and then, when the season actually arrives, you all take it down and begin on the next season 2 months before it's even here!

  25. My husband loves to buy me accent towels on our trips to Amish Country in Ohio. Family knows "if towels are hanging ….Do not use! I have dark red towels (yes kitchen is red) Those are for hand drying and I keep a towel over the dish drainer and those are for dishes. I just can't do away with my dish drainer And I Have Tried!

  26. I want my hand towels to be for decor but when my HUSBAND cooks he ruins them by wiping his soiled hands all over them 😂😖. He argues “why have a towel you can’t use?” Because honey, it adds soft texture contrast to the hard kitchen surfaces, duh.

  27. I'm also a pillow hoarder, I just can't help myself. I love the pink pumpkin. You are looking amazing girl!!!
    Greetings from South Africa

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