FileMaker 17 Master-Detail Layout (portal, self-join)

9 thoughts on “FileMaker 17 Master-Detail Layout (portal, self-join)

  1. I just wish like Access does that FileMaker could natively perform Cross tabs.I sure I’m not alone in that one I’ll just perform finds send it to excel and perform pivot tables there

  2. I actually put my theory to a test and made a small test dB in FileMaker ,sent it to excel and added some records, then sent it to Access and those additional records were there. I then added some more in Access and sent it back to excel, then opened the saved excel file from one drive on the Mac and low and behold everything worked and was updated on all programs!
    It may sound like a lot of work but in reality it was very quick and by the time I got my procedure I wanted down it was remarkably faster than I thought…Hmmmm. I wonder “ do I hear make a script to do” Hmmm I wonder

  3. Funny thing is I bet hands down it’s a much faster way of being able to get my cross tab reports I’m after…sweet!!!

  4. Hi Marc
    Quick Question! Can I still add a portal the old way? Vis a vie through a related table that I create ?

  5. This works great and I love it but once I send the file to FileMaker Go, the portal is blank? Any suggestions or Go bug?

  6. 5:00 – Portal Features.
    It is brilliant but a shame we lose those portal features. My big bugbear with portals has always been the entry of new items appearing at the bottom of the list, it just isn't natural and new users will be looking elsewhere. I got around it with a copy of the portal above the other only showing one record, and that the empty fields waiting for user input by filtering with an 'IsEmpty ( field )'

    But I can't do that with this set-up as I can't filter the portal… it was almost there, so close but!

  7. I don’t usually trust Marcs with “c’s” but you won me over. Great video. So succinct and fluid. I will definitely look into your company. Your vid inspires confidence in your services . I’d love to find help developing my FM skills through classes or coaching.

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