hello and welcome to another studio vlog
today is makeup free office kinda day I got the orange tissue paper which was
here and I was playing around with how to package the products and stuff which
I actually was getting really frustrated with so I just roped my mum in and she
has come into my office and helped me out deciding how we’re going to package
it so I will insert that little clip now me and mum are sorting out how we’re
gonna package orders up because I’m employing mum as my little helper not
employing me at all I mean if it goes well and I’ve got the money for it please
order loads it’s paying for my mom’s life but yes we’re just sorting out this
what’s it called tissue paper and deciding where to put this as well
because I can put that wherever that’s something else I want to decide
look at how neat mum is I would not do it this neat here I like that you can’t
be that slow though every time we do it and yesterday I actually got my
guillotine little cutter machine thing and I cut up all the little note cards
that I was showing you in last week studio vlog so if you want to see those
note cards head over to last week’s video but yeah it’s been quite a
productive a few days now I am going to take some flat lay images once again so
I have pulled my chair out from under my desk and I’m gonna set up my light and
I’m gonna clip my camera to my desk and take some photos so I will film the
process as always and hopefully we get some good Instagram photos out of this
and fingers crossed you will have seen some of those already by the time this
video goes up so as you have just seen I have been
chopping up the tissue paper that I got because I realized that it’s gonna be so
much easier and it’ll speed up our packing process if I chopped it up so I
was using my new little guillotine very happy with that purchase already that
has saved me so much time and it was quite fiddly because it was hard not to
rip the tissue paper but I did it and you might have seen a little sneak peek
but look at the size of this pile of kind of whatever this stuff is that I’ve
just made so I had obviously like loads of bits of tissue paper leftover and I
thought I might as well use it for some more packaging so yeah it’s literally
like two drawers high full big pile and obviously when we packaged we could just
add I could handful of this in the bottom to make it look kind of cute so I
am gonna put this into a carrier bag which we had to rummage for because we
don’t have carrier bags anymore we have all like the reusable ones and yeah I’m
gonna put that in with my packaging stuff of course all of this stuff is
eco-friendly or biodegradable and tissue paper is actually biodegradable so that
is why I’ve gone with tissue paper because it looks cute and it doesn’t
harm the environment at the same time it is a couple of days later now and as
you can see I have purple hair but let’s just ignore that so I thought I would
show you what I’ve been up to these past few days and there just hasn’t been too
much to film and waiting on some more stamps for my packaging boxes you saw in
the last clip me stamp in a hundred boxes that took so long and I’ve got to
do that all over again because there’s another stamp I want to put on them but
it’s coming together I have officially set a release date for the shop so put
it in your calendars put it in your Diaries set an alarm Wednesday of 18th of September
at 5:00 p.m. is when the prints will get released for pre-order so the plan is I
think I mentioned this in the last studio vlog but the plan is to open it
for pre-orders for like a week or two to kind of gauge interest to figure out
which prints are the most popular and kind of understand how many I need to
order of each print I basically don’t want to be over ordering stock because I
don’t have the space to store it and also I don’t want to end up with like
extra stock that I can’t shift so yeah I’m gonna try and order as and when I
need it for space and environmental reasons but yeah that means that you
guys on Wednesday can order some prints if you would like, shipping is
available worldwide so if you aren’t just watching this from the UK you
can also order obviously it’ll just take a little bit longer for that to
ship and when you do order just bear in mind that the money will come out
straight away but the product itself won’t get shipped until the pre-orders
get released which will be in a couple of weeks so yes if you would like to
support me right from the start right from the get-go Wednesday the 18th at 5
p.m. is your time to shine I’m very excited and very nervous
I’m terrified and all the feelings but hopefully after some TLC and some hard
work it all it’ll work out but anyway on to the prints themselves I thought I
would show you a little bit of behind the scenes of my shop because I’ve had a
few people asking how I set it up I use etc et-cetera I thought I’d show
you now while there aren’t too many numbers on it and it’s not too confusing
so I am using Shopify this is what I see at the back end of the website so I’m
just clicked on the home page right now and on here when I obviously get some
sales it will show me today’s sales today things like loads of breakdowns if
you want to pause it and have a better look go for it but it kind of shows you
who views it whether it’s open et cetera et cetera at the minute my password is
on my website so you can’t get on it so it says my store isn’t open yet and
it also says Facebook and Google shopping aren’t connected for that same
reason so when I get an order I’ve done a few test orders which I’ll show you in
here when I get an order they’ll come in here so I have ordered things myself
twice and either refunded them or fulfilled them and this is where the
order will come up and is where I kind of ship things from so if I just click
on one of these this is what comes up obviously this order I refunded but it
shows you at the top here what was ordered so I ordered two versions of the
Girl power print it shows you where it’s stocked and how much it was any notes
from the customer obviously the customer at that time was me and obviously here
is the shipping and the tax which we don’t charge at the minute and the total
and if I scroll down it just has the address which I put in as you can see is
an Australian address just a random one to test whether the international thing
worked and then I can leave any comments for myself or send comments to the
customers etc etc this is the product page so at the moment I have six
products on here one of them I’m refining a little bit this one here the
have courage and be kind one will not be getting released on release day because
I can’t really get the design perfect just yet so watch the space but the
other ones will all be getting released on release day so I’ve got five no
four prints Gil power Leonora she believed and you do you and then the stationary
bundle from my last round of merch and once these stationary bundles are gone
I’m going to re-release a new little notepad idea which I have in the works
I’m very excited to share that with you and then when you click on these things
it gives you a description of whatever you write for the description so this is
the description for Gil power you can upload a photo you add it to the
categories that it fits and then further down it’s just kind of inventory stuff
and the weight of it various different bits of information that are very boring
and took forever to fill in and I can’t be bothered to talk through them then I
have customers on the left which I’m not going to click on because it’s got loads
of people’s email addresses on then analytics tells me who visits where they
visit how long the visit how many sales I make obviously in here right now it’s
pretty empty because all I have is a few people come in to sign up to the page
but hopefully this kind of gets filled up as I’m going my top two location
sources currently are the UK and the US mainly on desktop and where you kind of
found me from all that kind of behind the scenes stuff and you can go further
into that down here as well marketing I’ve not really ventured into yet I
can’t really go into this too much until I actually set my page live but this is
just basically any sponsored adverts or encouraging customers to come back once
they kind of abandon their check out or whatever I can’t really do anything
about that until we get going discounts is where I can set up kind of
codes and discount codes so currently I have a discount code set up for
anyone who signs up to the website I’m gonna cover it up on screen but if you
want to get this discount code here which you cannot see head over to the
website is just is linked in the description if you sign
up you will get 10% off your first order I can also set it up to do automatic
discounts so for example if you get five pound off after spending 30 pounds I’d
set that up in here that’s kind of the main things I have a few apps which help
me kind of connect things together so on here I’ve got my facebook marketing app
the cookie consent banner google shopping which is not working yet
because my stores closed kit which I’ve not tried it’s something to do with
marketing I will report back order printer is basically
software that lets me print out everyone’s orders in a nice pretty way
to include in their parcels and then zapier is like this automation system
that i use and then you can install various apps so it kind of integrates
with other systems as well which I really like and then on here is where
the website is so I can make my products available on the online store Instagram
or Facebook shop these two aren’t working until I press GO this one is so
I will show you a little preview so this will be all done and officially ready to
go on Wednesday but I can change the theme I can change any posts pages
navigations domains and preferences so I have this set up but the minute this
banner I’m going to change that’s something I’m going to do at the
beginning of next week so yeah that is the little preview of my new website I
hope you are as excited as I am for it all to release and those of you who
order within the kind of first chunk of people will all get those little note
cards that I was cutting up earlier in this vlog you’ll also get everything
wrapped in that little box with the cute packaging and everything that I have
been showing you so yeah I’m excited for it all to get started I’m very very
nervous and feel like I’m a little bit out of my own depth here but we can only
try I’ll never know unless I give it a go wow that rhymed yes that’s where I’m
gonna end this vlog and the next vlog will I guess be release day and kind of
the run-up to release day which is terrifying so well watch this space but
yeah thanks so much for watching the video I hope you have enjoyed it thanks
for all the love and support and I’ll see you soon
for another vlog bye

12 thoughts on “FINAL PRINT DESIGNS & A SNEAKY PEEK | Studio Vlog

  1. Hi Alice, love your work. I do laugh at your random Australian address is actually down the road from me. Small world we live in.

  2. I really love those vlogs and I think I am going to pre-order someghing from your shop 😊
    I am dreaming of creating an online shop too one day and doing graphic design🙈
    Sorry for my english, I am from germany😄

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